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watch to the left of the left that's right you idiot on the roof what's up kid haha plane flying directly out of skull dive dive dive holy currently laying in bed right now about to go to sleep after another crazy day on the stream that I just want to quickly record this and say thank you so much guys for 1 million subscribers here on YouTube 20,000 of you guys watched live on my twitch channel when it happened which you'll see here in the video when we do hit it but thank you so much as always for tuning under the videos again if you're watching us right now and you're not sub to ask you quickly hit that subscribe button tournament own applications drop a like on the video whenever you watch it really does help the channel grow so so much and in the last 4 days each day we've gained 25,000 subscribers or more the craters are so strong right now thank you guys from the bottom of my heart enjoy the video God come on Marcel phbt wait I just said my look at myself oh my god how'd that bully just hit me are you kidding me this way jack you'll see you'll see you'll see get balled out good watch to the left to the left that's we right you idiot on the roof thank God I just said to the left of this fool right bro I'm in a million I'm popping champagne I'm sorry he has a season this is the one glider tag oh Jesus Christ is there get down get down it's a sweat over [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] seventy-five million subscribers 1 million holy shit ladies and gentlemen history has been made 1 million subscribers on YouTube I got the champagne here 1 million oh my god bro ladies and gentlemen we've hit the milestone 100,000 new subscribers in 5 days I told you Chad I'll work hard from day one you guys got my back soif ah I love you brother this is as much of achievement for me as it is for you [Music] yeah that's crazy that is crazy bro well it's not an overnight thing this is from May 31st 2013 hey everyone what is going on my name is courage everyone was excited to be doing a called has a dream sure many you guys want to do content creation I was 19 record us my parents basement though I started overnight things started off on the channel we were playing black ops 3 black ops 3 wagers chat black ops 3 Rangers asthma kicked off this channel 72 subs 72 twitch subs look 72 twitch stuff let's see this clutch play how'd I do here I probably snapped on this play huh I probably do something sick okay let's close this video for now there's a close I've been to the ball dude let's turn around oh that's the window the weather okay yeah I know apparently if you walk forth if you know does not freeze your whole screen let's build up to it right now let's do it it's an enemy whoa dude what is happening well you can look inside of it yo we just there's a being inside of it bro bro hold the ramp and like like and the ramp once you see through it hold the ramp right here there's nothing in it yes there is about where put a foot Marcel put a ramp like like you're gonna build up right here I am and then look inside of it roads yeah you're high bro look at my stream and react you can't see anything I'm not kidding there's a the Ice King is inside of this Marcel I don't believe you dude my whole screen is frozen I can't see anything I can't actually see anything oh my god we need to get down get that way to get down wow that was actually insane by you okay how about you it's known fly to Austin Texas between February 8th show of panic at the disco and we go and see or we can make it an insanely epic weekend we fly out here a 7th we go to Dillon Dillon show in Dallas ooh then we take the three-hour drive together Saturday to Austin we should rent like a Lambo okay well I have to get back to Dallas somehow but I would actually be totally down to rent a Lambo Wow what's red to Lambo to Lambeau pose I'm Marcel ed wait what you want me to snap yo me to snap right now and we vlog it oh my god I mean come on hookers so annoying people on Facebook my dad wrote ever since my kids we've got the house just feels like but cheer them up a little bit and I said I'll build you a guesthouse from the capital yeah in Sarina crumble don't even know that is not apologizing and she was like well that is the sweetest thing ever kudos to you young man yeah Eddie you raised a good man down shut up what she's gassing you ro annoying how was that annoying annoying I got for you oh my god so you're gonna really mess around and win this game Oh me casually I'm launchpad whoa someone's getting sassy dry behind this truck hold the paper visit back oops did I do that hold up pick this again skip this again you're gonna glider redeployed on yeah it's a sweat it's a sweat so want to be sweat he lives every waking moment his life wishing him to see who someone was typing up some further way oh you see him out there West 262 fish man he popped a balloon treat it nurse to die you die for that never pop it over there ever you wanna pop this balloon don't you ever hear oh Jesus Christ top-10 ECOC oh that's wait hold on we see dress something did I just hit that ball with the Dora the explora midway through that I strike delicioso you know it on his ass wait campfire he's in here knocked one oh my god fuck window front window alright go right up for right Oh No destroyed me bro what are you shield on her windshield again what are you white on her you silly other come on it's why you shoot at me bro not gonna miss when I got this gun what's your shield it's got a sniper out now put the shield what it's you white see why I don't miss with this thing I'm gliding after another job this place traps out everything okay listen I'm gonna snipe the wall then you sleep in three here we go go go - one hit him tag a tag attack enemies white I think eyes rested other guys Rifton grab that grappler we're scaling the mountain Marcel great go [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] what's up what's up Ted hit him with it hit him with it go back to your pain scrim dog what actually really like Pete screams yeah they're fun to watch I usually put on TV when I go to bed I choked my landing that didn't even make I choked the landing weight is water by Oh I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky please I think about it every night and day spread my wings and fly away fly away Summit's up and so know top it's a hot drop brother I got one absolutely Oumar Keita be more sake of a couple me take everything everything roof roof roof roof roof getting lasered plate bitches that's why no shields tag it e6 tag white let's go a Marcel easy enemy ac-130 keep it up keep it up enemy ac-130 above Oh Bose everybody ha ha that's what you get for shooting at me fuck you Bob skipper shooting at me what your butt gets for shooting at me don't you bots get what you get what you get when you [Music] know she'll to the wick nice night Marcel oh my god do you get that you are a god I need there Matt sitting there math stuff come for you oh wait so well we got to go we got to go far be it to go so far cart you wanna grab that make it right there myself we're over here hold on I can't choke this gas be upstream I can't choke this chat go choking don't be to work oh god yeah you know you know [Music] go you got let me go let me go Whittier get head [Music] Wow you wanna try okay everyone know we're just a launchpad not gonna make it out apples equals apples oh my god there's a team right here you're lying don't shoot Adam I don't want to start even ourselves forget the next zone come on baby go I'll grab me more Chinese food you're great in front of the staff they're right in front of us Blaine Blaine oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god thank God for plains and fortnight Battle Royale plane flying directly at us Oh dive dive dive oh I feel alive Marcel as my chance at redemption chat plain red X plus 44 white one for white twice knock one I'm his dad fifty shilling the place shuttle the plane 25:51 white I just hit the one white when you said forty eight I did 51 what it is so weak guy in the middle at the very very bottom is absolute you set it up I think a lot of fall damage there we go by a lot you mean died tag - heavy sigh professor Scheele tag the red links for 50 shield they're trying to launch pad shoot a down together nice kill this one that split three nine white three seven way the job really good job [Laughter] once that oh he killed my he killed my fault he full killed my guy oh he's laser me you got any left or no elated him I'll a turd him here they're fighting they're weak let's go be weak wanna dive on them yeah land on the wood land on the wood above we got to move it so he says hi hi hi hi you sit down everyone go are we nasty more so for nasty [Music]