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official trailer official trailer official trailer official trailer chat official trailer chat here it is the season 7 official trailers here bhag bhag bhag bhag crack shot dude what is going on dude I love this trailer it's like a little cartoon animation this animation is incredible what an incredible animation [Music] all the Christmas kids are coming back [Music] look at that weapon the weapon skins they've got your blades [Music] wait with me me me me me what's greasy house no no no no no no no no no they better not touch greasy homeys what no no no the kid touch greasy the kid touch greasy new season battle Passover you battle Passover you here we go here we go here we go the plane is guns bro look at the snow biome yo what's good what what new to the season seven battle pass our wraps wraps are hurtling up the battle pass and allow you to cosmetically customize weapons and vehicles in game support our favorite life stylish outfits presented many hundred tears and over a hundred rewards range from new outfits holy shit oh my god looking up at a hundred tears and over a hundred reward boom how badass is that skin bro what is this is a vapor all that skin that skin a sick bro this might be the best in the skinny or right now for just nine hundred and fifty B bucks hope you enjoy season seven and we'll see you in-game bro when you buy your battle pass let me know if you use me for support of creator code meet me I got a file some people back on Twitter man support a creator look courage JD oh there's Zenith oh there's links I love it oh my god oh my god this is so overwhelming oh my god this is overwhelming ready new skins how do i how do i edit the outfit and its style [Music] whoa look at the different color links chat oh my god this is a sassy Assam oat and I loved every second of it damn that is sick the glyphs it's a cube mic drop I think this is the best skins yet I'm not even kidding dude look at the F F of the chat express yourself the battlefield you could visit f key one to look at Ice King man oh my lord oh my god oh my god bro oh my gosh we're so close to each other the skins are so much bigger I hate what the hell did we are so close to this lobby it's so funny I love how beautiful and white everything looks dude I'm not gonna be able find a good look at all the spike go to Disney cabin West I might go to that cabin it is oh that's so sick oh I just choked wait go there the plate on the plate plate on the plate land on it dude a noise it oh I'm doing damage to people in the plane oh no in the river right here right oh this is greasy my greasy guy on the plane is sweet I just wasted all my ammo on the plane shoot the plane shoot the plane Palau you got people in my building throw alia for a few people I talked to another oh my god I got a guy on me four bullets boys I have four bullets jack okay please ma'am oh I'm out of ammo help oh my god wait apparently they're rebuilding a new building and tilt it again it's happening again that's incredible bro yo look at how cool nighttime looks man Wow the game looks incredible at night time like right like right now that looks so beautiful you wanna go this little village in here yeah Hamlet there are 3,000 people here we could land on these planes on me just say oh you just earned you're just going gosh dang oh my god well it's Kelly God the shoot'em Jack dive-bomb someone died bomb someone go double tap left for a dumper fail refused double tap left for a barrel roll what are you doing Jack what something is Oh see and there you're C&Z yeah you can swipe sit down how much help does this thing have I feel like I hit someone for like actually jumped yeah but you can skydive you know but I said that's okay I'm gonna go I'm gonna get your plane out of it oh yeah - Derick fly off the map oh god I really wish that hit you off the map what of the plane get on it get on his get on his the Beast oh he's gone dang it come back playing come back I literally hit him for like 80 I don't even know what for oh come on right here I have plenty of Matt's I'm ready for this I'm gonna rush right at this bro are they up top or where I'm gonna be right they're gonna be right on this bill right in front of us see I just pop this balloon that's actually a 41 head that's shot he was so far back there oh you know first shot accuracy on this thing that makes sense yeah yeah that's good though that's good yep I think of all the little things borrow they really do we'll get him go get him multiple dad vote that no baby oh my gosh what all the new discipline tell me quad tag he felt a fall damage to right on me right on me dead nice is there any mobility from here though I know we can zipline to here but can we go from here you can check once you get back up there come back I want to see what happens if we collide are you going down jump so weird I know I know it's so broken you can use go back hey I'm come back down to come back down okay does the sticker man yeah oh dude you can just change direction yes do 180 minute oh you know supply drop right there you definitely take fall damage yeah ye how do I do this you just skim the plane oh it just goes yeah it just goes yeah oh my god well there's the barrel roll that upside down Jesus Christ no no I'm using new thermal this thing is so good we really going in like this we're getting turreted or something you never getting earn it from top just knock Tim dude if we had that plane thermal quad quad crash we trying to fly up there down Oh Jack it's so weak we're gonna get down to the sky and die I'll fine I'll fly a flow hurry hurry hurry minimum why slow go I'll fly it slow Oh doc one I got one on me under me somewhere a new building in Tilton I didn't realize by oh yeah Northwest Hill North myself full team full team did the thermals so good now the new thermal scope is so so good bro yo turn around jacket look at this well yo look look East look at all the zip lines bro what do you mean oh my god that's how they added mobility yep dude we're getting and we're getting I just we got to push the side he's got hit aside ripped up one step on there oh this one cuz they're rotating down off the mountain towards the northwest they're close this might be a different team I just got one down here another one taught me the dollar from me made her fall down by me 33 shields 66 healed oh my god still until tilted yeah yeah he just ripped me dead nice dude the thermal is so good now man right here this fight over right here hey dude I'm just hitting them over and over to the side yeah weird am I out there came in from so close dude where is he yeah guy right down here at the flood Kelly I washed away 31 white chasing him this guy's weak got him roll the thermals incredible is there a down guy still no no well did you kill that guy the boulder both here yeah there's both here right here that's not with you by the way I'm not with you guys lunch launch launch down where I killed that guy okay nice guys in the zone right yep let's go baby first with a season seven oh dude the scope is insane to use the new the scope they are you need to use the new thermal broad 1000 you hope it's a sick lighter way 2400 damage Oh [Music]