do you want to go for the win record for duos I'm talking mega mega trihard right no impulse plays wait what did you do [Music] oh my god if I did that to you you have be banned from fortnight birds Janie I'm gonna miss [Music] react to the first time I got raided by ninja ninja raided me with 130 thousand plus you worse dude they freaked out high guard 235 K subs then Jesus Christ for my last year was the same bro that's uh is courage streaming this was a good edits whopper [Music] what am I done why did I host this overweight streamer I could oppose any what I chose can't believe this [Applause] alright guys let's head over to encourage you stream lets raid this we had 1877 viewers and we were on the road to 5000 subs bro man girl I remember when I saw that number did it seem real I remember what I saw it's saying an injury to you with a hundred thirty-five thousand viewers it didn't seem real but he wasn't following me I remember thinking that this was not real bro 129,000 wow look at the old venue screen oh my god I remember being so nervous I was actually so scared during this because I didn't want to I didn't want to suck I really do the we even have that still as the fat ninja thing is still thing I mean we're winning this game right now for all these viewers in here okay oh yeah first stop ninja host again congratulations on your success pal we have to nervous I know teep was even like what the hell bro we had a hundred thousand people watching at this point and ninja for all we know a ninja could watch this game so play like a ninja would play okay play like every single I definitely didn't care about cursing back then huh bro I remember being the MLG office and like watching Tyler subconcious skyrocket maybe not be like wow Tyler gained 15,000 subsets 70,000 fewer subscribers I'm going in Taiwan I'm flying out at a trajectory of 78 degrees this went on for hours oh my god we guys will say this every second of every stream the skins in fortnight with twitch prime legit changed the game guys I'm not even kidding it changed the game guys my god I've got a chest my house I got a choice now what it look like look at how jittery my hands we got a jittery my hand was well build a wall jack why was it so laggy what the hell what would ninja do as I'm saying try to use this big shield dude I still do the same I still do the same throw-up thank you all for being here I'm winning this game right now for every single one of you but mainly ninja yo this was when this was when I went to my barber for the first time in Texas and he shaved my mustache down to like this the thinnest mustache ever bro see all this this was all trying to grow Bratz grow back in because he shaved my mustache down to like this thick my mustache was trying to legit grow back this single one of you but mainly ninja oh no TP got beamed I got a closet forgot your legit duo squatting back then bro I lied out lagged kurtz lag Jack you're lagging dude rogue thank you guys I'm gonna record this video let's send it to ninja on Twitter hey dude just a normal day question for you you know well you have all these people watching is it normal for you to feel like you're gonna throw up is it normal to feel like you're gonna get sick at the end of any game let me know okay have a good one dude thanks again I don't know where all these people came from it's weird I just oh I didn't want to throw up I think look at the front of quest there was an automatic line look at the front of Jack Oh got this one on forever talking Jacob dude seriously almost three years it's nuts thank you bro it's good to spill an impulse for NATO the TAC SMG holy things the beam huh we were on a 1:43 a 148 substrain back then is insane bro dude pump and purple TAC chat pump and purple TAC oh I remember I remember I clipped this I clipped this chat that I like snapped on this guy watch watch this watch on me that was a clip that was clipped worthy for me that was crazy for me bro this right here not even kidding music hey hey oh my god 8a yeah I'm shifty guy yeah she's idiot Pole oh my miss imposes so much row to the double shotgun the double shotguns back there nasty and I will heavy shot ease oh my god double heavies pop-pop-pop-pop Nico hi bro you're 23 limbs to mine I say and I forgot to avoid copyright I gotta cut out the Anna webcam shadows now my screens aren't working ninja what the hell did you just do to me I was legit out of breath bro I was I [Music] nailed this though I nailed this legit was out of breath I was legit under breath I raw oh I should just voice all i legit was out of breath of sweating wow what an experience that was what an experience that was to what eight what an emotional ride that was chat [Music]