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previously Thanks tickets tickets tickets tickets ticket stick it stick all right so listen okay tell me I didn't know you were the actual courage that's crazy hi who's the actual courage I just searched up what's up bro how you doing sorry my mic is bad that's okay you got your your mom's yeah my mom's laptop yeah yeah wait so what's up dang hold up so yeah your girlfriend's yelling at me bro are your sisters yelling at me oh don't throw on the mic here the courage guy okay understandable dude okay now I'm getting a huge flow of friendly not a huge flow yeah it's time wait this does your sister play for it I don't know um she played like two games on fifty to fifty when that was out she's got like 50 kills you know she was just on fire tell her if we win a game together I'll give her $100 uh hey Jaclyn he said if you want a game with him he'll give you $100 she has to go to work all right I guess you just can't help fake people you know he's thank you so yeah I want to win another duo dude yeah all right top tilted wait I I tried to fix a setting with my mic you tell me if it sounds better yeah is that better or worse you'll go bigger go big Greg go be great we're Lois no nice Prez me resin resin yep you're good you're good you're good you're hiding the stairwell make it know he's jumping yeah she'll like there just watch over me five me time is he's a pop who's gonna be up top he's gonna be up top nice it's got super we need help I can sense it I'm just running I'm I'm at Savannah State after sex try to get up to me became wildly like 30 I drilled I need help row any help - we'll come back up and we're coming fall for me just on this up someone yeah I saw I don't have any mats I could sew tag you want you can't jump it you eat it's up to you okay well I'll be the meat shoo he's right there we gotta go through you don't finish me please oh okay he's right above us although one super weak super super weak oh I'm not letting you die brother I'm not letting you die I mean it it impact on my life in a positive way and I'm gonna support you said very end okay we're brothers down in this life forever okay you've signed up for a lifetime friendship now okay laughs all right that works get to me get to me get to me I think they're all this amount L it's pretty good yeah yeah builds are finishing their up here for sure you had a land above them we can reach I can't I can get on there big fighter that's a huge fight once a gold trooper they're gonna be sweaty 24:44 he's nice I think I think that there's more here I think that there's more here a once drill both that when you're done come to me we're playing in come on I'll just take your own plane take your own plane yeah I'm gonna get every person I see heads up follow me up brother we're going in I see two people right in front of me right down to the right Oh coming through Thanks I hear that they're gonna run through our thing chill here for a second for a second oh it's so defo hiatus car fighting out there I got a lot of launchpad for us land on this building of me there's someone like all right bandages die row Bonita launch pads or no I see what they're fighting and going after it in a place no way [Applause] fuck you just died bro let's drop that liquor in this box in here hearing things are you kidding are you kidding me are you - are you kidding me fuck my windows up - just pops up what just happened my windows operators updates pops up tickets rosen ticket crouching ticket crouching sticker you got me you got me got tickets tickets tickets ticket nope I see where they go no I'm just rushing it what's going for it to fly come on okay I'm fired up that's what I am brother you're what that's a 30 mom in duo's bro yes again forty five percent accuracy I'm insane bro sub to the YouTube channel if you have not already also windows what the hell was that [Music]