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what is up guys it is jack AKA courage here right now it is christmas eve celebrated with family in the other room but i wanted to take a quick moment to come here and record this quick little intro for tomorrow's video aka the video you're watching right now merry Christmas to you and yours out there hope you guys have a happy and healthy holiday hope you get everything you want and can give some gifts to others and spread some joy as you know that's one big thing I like to do is keep things positive and you know just have fun have fun if you guys watched yesterday's video I commented it you might have seen it on my Twitter but Connor in the video mentions he wanted a Nintendo switch but what he didn't know is that I already had sent one to his dad for him to open which he has so he's really grateful that was a gift from a courageous you know I said I sent on over uh that couple games couple controllers everything sweet super super hyped today's video it's basically a rage montage with me doing scissors death run it would be the world of you guys see this right now you could drop a like on the video subscribe to me break 12,000 likes get it it airhorn I don't know but either right Merry Christmas to you and yours enjoy the video think as of this going up we're about to hit 800,000 subscribers so the road to 1 million is real there's been a long intro ok bye alright who's ready for death run oh dude is he real is it gonna be this easy bro is this real Jack did you really make this course this easy - what's is four jumps Ted what's this oh look at this scissors they'd be the big cousins Gary it's a scary laughing let me go way better than it did edited it default they have starting boy it's that easy amore what is that aren't I like already 12% done what's this one what a hole Jack Jack I swear Jack you and your stupid chillers bro that's sit sit boy that are you kidding hey wait for real it jumps impossible yeah ye but like Jack how can you make a course that easy bro how is of course how could of course be that easy four hours and 21 minutes it's time to be I can do that four minutes the records four minutes and 21 seconds that guy on crack was the guy on cracked every drug does them you've literally never seen you've never seen someone that good at that thing you've literally never seen some of this good at this course ha ha this is Stephanie the hardest level this has to be the hardest level dude there's no way this has to be the hardest level did what does that jump what does that jump what does that jump dude what is that job dude it's not possible gonna be me it's gonna be me in 20 minutes when I beat this course please what was that boy why did he do that how hard is this jump okay so is it a jump back or a walk back crouch oh my god [Music] yes yes yes yes dick I'm cruising through this bro I'm cruising through this rope this stupid course scissors give you a challenge what is this wait no refer what is this oh this is just stupid why am I doing this this course is so stupid okay yeah look at me and put a little ledge here because I'm an idiot some freaking ah what is that that it's me sue I guarantee you jack like like like when he wants to get sexually aroused looks at videos of traps going off and for tonight that freakin we're out just stop dying forehead Oh scissors is here now great oh hey Jack good to see you you idiot stupid dude what do you mean baked the traps the other ones go off what do you mean wait movie like a shoe what I guess ooh wait what about you from there that's a jump up oh yeah jack ayo can we get an elf or sister the checks about to do this shit right here watch this bro [Music] I was all famous hole s hould s hell that's too bad just hold it just hold s this is it [Laughter] why why I want the two gifted subs and while the two hundred to get two subs how do you do this jump like that let's go let's go denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne this course is so freakin stupid and easy was this one oh the trap skill you have to avoid dye the traps thanks safe what was that I won he's gonna land in that little basket oh yes this is a fucking weirdo sorry part of my friends oh come on I ain't beating this and I'll even play for anymore that's cool clay weird flex oh you son of a is it this is it this is it oh baby oh baby baby yah yah yah yah yah yah yah sorry I won't do that again oh are you telling me you've already beaten half the thing in 30 minutes okay I actually can't believe the people that said that this course was hard so literally the easiest thing I've ever done we see level 5 sure this is real challenging Oh God Oh jingle bells jingle bell sorry that's fried something I was trying something no much eating much eating I wasn't cheating I seriously wasn't cheating oh there's a little lip you're right you're right there is a little lip no no there's a little lip if the little lip is a little lip [Music] Wow you calm myself down I can calm myself down with Marty kisses Marty kisses will calm me down right Marty thank you you excited for Santa to come you excited for Santa it's Christmas buddy hmm say bye say bye scissors made a stupid course bro what is this bro Jack what is this dude come on harder right I'm gonna cry Oh Tim hosted me think of a reign of nineteen thousand viewers Kelly Tim it's having hosted me yeah this hat man the hell you think his name was Tim the tap man like he's a tap dancer you ever seen the size of Tim's body well I think Tim's tap it is a bacon egg and cheese right now my name's scissors I make stupid maps to make up for the fact that my name is fake I'm not even named Jack my name's John I lie to my friends about my name and they make stupid maps to piss them off Jordan Fischer six months will you like ever make my side dude there you go look oh yes yes yes [Music] oh my god did you hear about the guy that got it in four minutes good for him would you bring me Mom I'm Bob Robbie petty Bob get him wait this a lot of petty vodka wait my mom bought me food cuz I'm stressed she knows me too well watch this um one shot again step after this one watch this after the sex I need another bite this way who even likes scissors I don't I never liked Jack I seriously knew there's a reason why I shouldn't trust him and between the name thing and this stupid ass map I never liked acted I'll say it there you go Mama's pass is making me sluggish hey Jack having a blast on the course we're about an hour and a half in loving it absolutely loving it this is so fun Jordan Fisher Jordan yeah Jordan Fisher his face I'd be laughing in my face yeah no you're supposed to be rooting for me it's impossible this courses helped it bro you don't realize I had my fan on full blast my blood pressure is like look at how red my face is right now I look like a tomato that bro know who I think it busted like a brain cell or something I don't even know what I'm saying dude yes but my dog keeps running away from me and my mom's doing Christmas stuff nobody loves me race me in the course I just I just spit out penne vodka all right well good luck good you keep me updated on where you go I love you more all right good luck with the course don't go insane like me Jordan Fisher does FaceTime used to make fun of me too wait wait wait oh good dude guys looking down makes no difference ready watch see oh I don't know how to do that I do not know how to strafe jump yo jackets of it imagine having 200 too gifted subs in line we can't win ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha her sisters cuz he's so funny he'll Jack for real I hope every one of your family has a great Christmas except you ok I hope your gift is broken whatever they get you is broken if it's an iPad hope it's shattered ok stupid stupid course dumb idiot dude that's impossible that's fucking impossible to score she's stupid everything so dumb dude I hate this I've gone the wrong way [Music] Tyler ninja with 2,000 bits says great content oh thanks Tyler Wow sure you love this update from taured official hey Jordan what's up yeah this is stupid scissors from where the hell he's from they don't have working they don't have anything to do they have AI cows and cows I don't think he was make stupid maps to him nope because guess what scissors was raised milking cows and that's all he could do with his whole life so now he's gonna take his anger out on us no he didn't even go to school literally his parents made him wake up and milked cows from good morning til the end of night and couldn't go to school didn't have friends so now he's making maps like this to get back at us no it's name's not jack it's Jon this is so dumb are you on level five yet oh you're on level two oh you should try jumping level two could it be me I'm a beast of this course let's go that was it that was it that was it that was it that exact thing again that's but so close next time try to jump farther oh thanks man in John one thousand bits are you supposed to hit the traps are you supposed to hit the clips are you the Buddha on a road Tyler hey dad Merry Christmas I'm having a blast right now just really played a really fun game good to see ya everyone say hi to my dad dad weirdo hey you feeling geez just get me sick yeah probably is I'm doing scissors death run which is basically impossible running and jumping course that's almost a no 115 even my own father got ninja ninja scissors everyone doing this this is great oh my god that's a microphone why they're 21,000 you guys watching this do you guys just love watching me be in pain like for real ninja1000 bits i remember when this was a winning stream okay this is the one I'm jumping too far it's a good sign this is the one this is the one oh my god yes yes yes oh did I beat the level is that the level is that the level my fat-ass finger hit be open my emotes wheel my heart's racing Jack Jack I'm going to beat this course Jack but I have relatives arriving in ten minutes then my stream will be ending but I want to attempt this again can I go to level six right now Jack and come back and beat this later I want to see the rest of the course what happened my game dude Mike Rowe my game crashed guys that really stinks it's pulling me into a solo queue dude Jack did you really make this [Music]