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[Music] again [Music] all right scissors fun-run the next scissors map is here I don't know if it's as intense or challenging as a depth run bond rod makes it seem like it's more like a not scary map I'm physically emotionally ready what is that there's a storm wait get the goat I already hate the ship I already hate you jack I already hate Jack so much dude one shot is right here I'm gonna post Kings oh I'm a king of impulses ha ha ha Oh scissors you stupid you stupid what what is this role okay scissors okay jack but cross verbs he'll be curse dude oh stop counting my dad's stop counting my dad's cat is the water [Music] oh look at us worked with shed we can tell Jax debts we're so funny yay we're so funny shut up you fatty it's the one I just felt something you guys feel that chat did you guys feel that chat did you guys feel that chat did you guys feel that chat oh my god wait oh my god guys oh my god I'm blushing I just realized guys I just realized why I couldn't do that I didn't freaking dance after the first level well after beat the first level Jesus Christ now we're good one shot in getting one shot in getting one shot in so now we're good I've had have been playing this like 45 minutes already oh don't jump hey guys hey guys it's me scissors it's me scissors XD and this is my fun run yagi fun run my ass you jackass this is so fun I love this fun run easiest master easiest map ever yeah I lay on top of that one okay what like what like how does scissors make these maps is his scissors like this when he makes his map [Applause] [Laughter] please ah dude I'm lagging I'm lagging no I'm lagging I'm lagging you guys see the lag right what if I run on impulses what I running of impulses I have to restart Jack I'm not restarting this I'm seriously I'm telling new balance you you you kicked my dog once it I'm having them revoke your sponsor yeah bro honestly yeah if this if this course gives me too much mental pain I'm just gonna tell New Balance Jack once kicked my dog and they should revoke his sponsorship and give it to me instead and I'll make a map called couragous Fund run and we'll just eat ice cream and watch funny movies so how about that Jack come on Jack come on think like a champion be like a champion [Music] hello sisters you almost got with your traps Oh sisters Oh me almost got me with this traps guys sisters almost got me with his traps guys ha ha ha ha idiot like like I'm gonna ever get hit by these good luck here this looks dope though huh chat let's look actually don't misses with the new lava something they added it oh this is the way you're supposed to go this is the way you're supposed to go low low courage died again low if you mess up last level one balloon one impulse you have to reset good it was so good it was so good jack is banned from watching Game of Thrones because to beat this level I'm gonna say that fine you're gonna say that I'm beating this level right here I am beating this level right here right now [Music] dude please see West Virginia mount mammoth for a home down country road she beat the subl you gonna table Ariana wait people are saying that if I don't keep this love like can't see Avengers end game so you're telling me if I don't beat this level I can't see my dress end game can't see Game of Thrones and Ariana will never date me so we're saying is I need to try harder this than ever before anything in my entire life how could I not beat this first stuff anymore what happened what changed I'm going to bed I'm not gonna ready beat this level and any girl be lucky to have you bitch your baby you sexy man I've been 12 sexy great times last five minutes I'm sexy thanks for hangin out chat is the one is the one is the one stop what Oh [Music] oh that's impossible no no nope nope [Laughter] nope that's impossible how many impulse witty that's one two three or I definitely need all four for this plus I use seven but isn't that cheating oh my gosh umph that's what it is that's what it is okay okay that's what it is okay boom way too far what might do it make you far bro way too far bro I was a pitiful pitiful job jack beautiful come on me come on me come on Jack you got this Oh Oh boom dude what is this what is this what is this bro wait what is this life is slowly losing meaning chat nope nope nope this map is dumb everything's stupid about the fun run about the death run about these dumb maps I hate them I hate scissors I hate everybody [Music]