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you too how is everybody I don't know how to say this but since we made yesterday's video we've gained 30,000 subscribers I challenge you guys I said we're at nine hundred and forty thousand now we're at nine hundred seventy three thousand on the road to 1 million if you're seeing this right now and you're not some of the channel I asked that you please subscribe also we're doing 5 reflex skin giveaways in my twitch channel the next two weeks you want to be there for that baby be there for the live celebration we could hit it today if you guys go nuts enjoy the video thank you for subscribing thank you for joining the courageous we're almost at 1 million let's get it [Music] my god Tom Tom the zone the zone does damage you want to move caregiver play overwatch yeah like her Shadia oh I blew it I blew it rich yes where the hell's Tim I need to have a word with him hello replacements here Oh Tim your replacements here how about you go give him a shot of a placement Tim they pity invited you I had T foo and Tom begging earlier being like dude we'll do anything will do anything to get me back bro no you know how people have pictures and like they have a picture and then they have an upgrade button and then there's another picture that's like a picture of you and then the upgrade button and then no it's not true it's not it Tim literally you're like the kid that never plays in the football team but it's on there for like good karma and then in the last game of the season when they're up by 40 they put him in to give him a pity touchdown that's what tonight's cribs are for you bro don't get used to play with them dawg I got these guys ring in my life not with the rest of the liquid team the worst of them go ahead if I kill you in the scripts tonight I'll be sure you have to remove Oh take the L until I died a storm rolls on then for my youtube channel and it's gonna be I killed him the tap man he cried and begged for forgiveness dude 1 million views I have I have a launch pad or if they go and ten charged Bradford it when you guys want one of these take this oh he's down there GG man I was the winning team that's no baby oh my lord bad guys sorry we just want our game let me switch back my bed proud of you Oh weird dude 20 for tagging the guys below us I want you to run on the outskirts let me show tagging once we get built people move in way west west as well once as well 41 she'll tag on one west no shield on this OP they're gonna fly off right next to each other fine we just want our gold once it's launched pattern west super portable shield another word angel all a lot of people moving to asking for you damage three kills may be all sorts of I'm Lois doctor one wild Laura get us quadblogging at us right in front of our bill yeah and bridge as long as we can maybe I don't know no no I'm not gonna risk a place where betrothal and in that other building up in the landing zone knocking down you took a lot of fall damage let's go down let's go down a few layers coming down let's drop it 62 she'll talk on that right here that you distinct once through the week another one's going one near me one near me my son here Ted he's not gonna treat fucking tree it's Tom Tom the zone the zone does damage you want to move and Tim what happened to kill feeder I saw you die we were above you on the high ground we were the Jeep we were the ski with the sky 15 assists by the way oh lordy Lordy lordy romance yeah we're sick yeah yes good to hear from you too absolutely yeah we're doing screams right now having fun yeah there's all good players in here unfortunately they can't beat us yep yep two wins versus Tim so far yeah in two games yeah oh what a headache all right well thanks so much have a good one no they heard you're as close to going pro as it gets well I think this I think Tom 100 earner for a while for a while I really was for a while uh-huh well now and half the events that's you added my past of your probe did you get out of like the salary like the money I got from casting I'd bump you guys down a few spots liquid courage is a nice ring to it content so gonna make people feel drunk Oh was my my community heard ones laying really close to you well I'm in the middle of a field oh my god I'm gonna die this fucking kid here's scope Oh Oh turtle words dynamite boom you say watch tennis all all tags multiple tags white damages yield I gotta take us away or they lie in their fists locked one nice box right there on mark by the side the ones building a top transfer you guys down I got this you guys dad I'm nice we got some we got so oh it's got ice got sniped 105 it's took anyone mini Saito to minis yeah where are you guys poach you said yeah where's a pen tell me before okay I can carry have to go already have one unless we have open ground yeah there was a trap in here 75 shield I can't I'm scared ability rocket oh my god bring hell from above three in a row you know I didn't want to go practice now it just feels unfair am I gonna carry sure I'm played with through the best play there's the world I'll gladly get Gary to torch it George here to trap this for me yeah I'll tell you one there's gonna be the top yeah you got much less secure than where you going you have to follow up or we good you could yeah we're gonna just wash them through the into your trap on the way I just pump one hard he's gonna go through that is so insane bro that was actually dirty I cook I actually come in peace now we're just chillin waiting for this cue how you guys doing we out here bro are you fatty Tim I'm eating almonds I just ain't normal almonds oh well I'm watching my figure mm-hmm as they are low-sodium and lightly salted almonds ever mixed with like raisins or something jackets with like a trail mix sort of things like a trail mix mmm do you know a lot of good trail mix bro but I can't ever buy them cuz I get it and then I eat the whole thing in one sitting [Laughter] we got like three teams coming with us what the whole wad thought okay stay north and easy I'm low I'm low I'm low I love please go easy you make ease probably if you can make it the middle you can make easy wait I'm in a tree perfect yep one zombie one zombie boys oh my god he's sitting around a tree I'm dead without a mess I guess that somehow miss him once twice he's white 60 HP IBM 'try petroi has life here there's another one yeah totally now he's trying to pull coming PG knife one he's coming down he's reloading oh my god I need ammo very badly there's someone here I love you bro I love you guys so much Rick favorite players I'm liquid I have no ammo on anything ate chocolate shells I have 40 SMG if you want to use that SMB a short please anything that's not what I meant to drop oh I got so excited I wanted that there you go oh wait I have this for you I should had to medkits to man I'm not really back are you kidding me Jeff what the hell bro I get it you save me but at least give me a damn chance you guys won't go for these guys they're at least like I'm assuming really good we've trapped suit traps no free this is free free free kills what my people baby weak weak weak got him got one there's one more one shot somewhere right beneath me where he is I got more beneath this I think yeah we gotta move I'm hiding maybe try to drop down beneath again good+ guys they're beaming guns actually I'm full hiding dude they're coming I have to capital if we can hide got other once per week I got a drop down it's on hold 105 the other ones to both week oh my god coach there's more that's more what you get me can yummy oh no way just let other people think I you're not gonna get it right now 11alive good job on b5 like I think I got that question oh my god plays football ground doing the one oh you've got coach are you my dad the tests are back it's positive dude oh my god poaches my dad homie 23 of Limbs poach I swear to God that jawline of yours could cut through a fucking metal building oh my god milk my nipples sorry what I just watch Dolly's daddies they said oh mighty mid-year Levin yes ones the metal box chap should see it metal boxes have walls on the side strap you can hit up no he's one shot you want me to know I was owning with balloons what the fuck is accident yo you got to just change the game plan E right on you by not me Oh oh my god bro dude you're actually disgusting you guys all are man Wow I'm just in awe I'm waiting for you guys Oh [Laughter] [Music]