COVID19 UK Test shortage forcing Britons to miss work and school


Sky News


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there is a growing testing crisis across the country people who need tests can't get them in bolton this couple are told they can't come into a testing center without an appointment you just have to keep on trying this is the town with the uk's highest rate of infection and there is frustration we've been trying for days to get online to to have the test when you ring game into the number they say oh there's a recorded message which says that you're not going to be able to book a test she's told to try the town hall and sent packing bolton is already under a local lockdown but new cases are still rising if bolton were a country you'd have to spend two weeks self-isolating after leaving here in fact the infection rate in this town is almost 10 times higher than the rate that would put a country on the quarantine list despite that testing is patchy across the country this test center worker from the midlands says it's not working over the last two days of testing saturday and sunday we probably only tested less than 20 people on each day where we have a capacity of over 200 people were presenting sometimes with children with symptoms and they were more frustrated than uh worried because their children were being kept out of school and they wanted to be able to get a test in order to get them back into school and we weren't able to help them because we'd been instructed to only accept people who'd got a valid qr code back in bolton we caught up with mrs hadjiali at the town hall he said that they were giving out the home testing kits yesterday so maybe i could get hold of one today her security worker husband has been told a colleague tested positive and he can't work until he's had a test eventually she's told there is no test till saturday catastrophe it's a pass the council accepts it's not ideal the advice at the moment is to please bear with us please try um please continue to try the national portal we understand that there are going to be more slots released onto that portal and that bolton is a priority area for that release the department of health told us the test and trace system is working but it's seeing a significant demand for tests thank you very much bye the hajji ali's can only go home and wait like countless others who need to know if they have the virus or not gerard tubbs sky news bolton