COVID19 surge warning

rather than people focusing oh let's let's look at the data and figure oh are we close to the target maybe i'll change my behavior then no i think the time is now top health officials are pleading with canadians to hunker down on covet 19 prevention as the country teeters on the brink of another outbreak canada's chief public health officer says canadians are being haunted by recent behaviors it's concerning and just to remind people that it is what actually happened in the last couple of weeks that resulted in the increase in cases that we're seeing canada seeing an average of 838 new cases over the past seven days quebec with 292 new cases tuesday and ontario with 251 both seeing a steady rise but spike started in the western provinces weeks ago last week bc's top doctor ordered nightclubs shut down and imposed an earlier last call in a bid to slow the spread of covet cases the alarming uptick catching the eye of ontario hospitals bracing for a possible second wave so if we let this get out of hand if we start to see a rapid community spread of covet 19 and the early signs are there that it's starting to happen we really are uh weeks down the road in october and november setting ourselves up for a very very difficult situation dale says that ontario hospitals are operating at 85 capacity leaving 15 vacancy to deal with a second wave of kovid but this recent surge has some sounding alarm bells he says many hospitals are currently swamped addressing the backlog of surgeries created by the first wave there's tens of thousands of people waiting for for catch-up and it's a very very busy time hospitals are very very busy places occupancy is rising while health officials plead with canadians to maintain preventative measures canada's health minister reminding everyone that it's not just the health of canadians at stake in fact the health of canada depends on all of us taking this seriously but the economy of canada depends on that as well and those things go hand in hand canada's health minister and chief public health officer both reluctant to say if or when canada will officially be in a second wave instead reiterating familiar advice social distance wear a mask and stay home if feeling sick in ottawa nigel new love city news