hey guys it's me Miranda today I'm here with the boys I got my girl ever Jojo see well you know your name now I dunno if you're gonna see mom so Jojo I've invited you over because yes I would help you try and not be as annoying Oh first of all stop screaming all that just drugs that haven't really screamed yet but I guess I'm screaming on this yeah but here's the other thing I was reading some comments on your Instagram oh you were yeah and first of all people mostly are saying where's Miranda put Miranda and all her things give her your subscribers that's the number one comment yeah yeah and then also I saw people going what they what are you wearing that bone what the heck why are you wearing that ponytail and listen they have a point no they don't listen they do Joe Joe listen to me they have a really good point there's nothing bad going on are whoa no there's no war there's no hate crying boy yeah there's no bullying there's nothing to get upset about but a bow yes fair game well you know what I was reading what people said you're wearing too much lipstick well they're wrong say they're wrong I'm just saying let me try to change it up for you and you'll see how many subscribers I'll get because you change it up not gonna change it up not gonna change it up she has a new song called high top shoes and it's out I'm in the music nail only watch the part that I'm in and buy the song well um the smell of the whole thing so I think it might just give you a little makeover no normally I would do a Miranda makeover make you look like me but I got before yes I know that's why I give you a Joe Joe makeover remember that house decides blah and horrible Oh what's it do not watch that video so I need to make your hair not look like this wow this is a huge deal you guys for the first time ever you're just gonna let our hair down for the rest of her life not the rest of my life yes you know you never know what we're in that freaking ball don't you dare you already bury my but if you already burned my doll you're already wearing panties don't you did you put the blowtorch and you held them up and you've burned on and then you throw in the pool those were not your okay don't get it twisted I did not take off her panties and blowtorch her in handy no they weren't panties from inside of a bomb that said Joe Joe on them they were judge arrested yes don't get any weird ideas what they haven't seen the video they're thinking I'm burning your actual frickin pants well you don't want our videos get any more views only panties I burn on my own and it's with the air that comes out all right here we go all right get rid of this disgusting thing I'm gonna burn this later oh no it has to be split wait I took this out it's still in the shape of a ponytail yeah how do you do that do you alien here no but would you sleep with it like this for 50 days in a row oh my gosh my legs are we see Joe Joe is going to be gloves yeah it's crispy air bugs in here you know I hate touching people does he have a brunch totally fine all right so I got a brunch watch but it's not a brunch for me I brush my cats with this every day your hat yes well this cat here you're like where's your here with it all right here we go I found another brush for you because okay good I'm not picky I just didn't want to get hair brush but I know it just isn't working why is this not working first of all it doesn't really look like you anymore I exactly you take my hair out and this you know what here's the problem here's the problem what's the problem E Bay what no no no Joe Joe no mine no yeah no okay are you ready for this no okay Brenda not again except for this I gotta get to snipping we'll be back in ten minutes a few minutes later all right time for the final reveal of my masterpiece it's the girl from scooby-doo you were great oh my life isn't ruined I may get you a pony deal with this I'm gonna sign for with just like this hair no why doesn't look like that Miranda IV looks good yeah what's wrong with me that makes one of us Jojo what it looks amazing you look like your name is aunt Cheryl Cheryl yes I think you should change your name it judge look like an aunt Cheryl Wow I can't see wrong aunt Cheryl aunt Barbara yes yes aunt Barbara you look like you have a lot of camp ready what all their wigs are about to be flown what my wig is snatched you wanted to be back see you now it's really good there we go you look like you escaped the night sure wow that was in Francine but now you can see that you would look much better if no no yes so everyone thumbs up this video if you want Jojo to get her hair cut like that I found it's way better we're not doing that Miranda yes we are no we're not everyone subscribe to both of us if you don't want that subscribe to us both either way because my top shoes is out your baby on her channels go check it out do it also get my book my diary Miranda sings I'm clone come see me on tour okay and also tell Jojo to cut her here and get it out of the ponytail good bye [Music]