Cadfael 1996 The Devils Novice Spanish Subtitles

Oh you Master Clements lyric take his horse boy welcome to ashby mana the pleasure is all yours cousin cousin karan's may I present my family my ward Isabel my younger son Mariette and Tristan my elder son and the burning bush amid these worthy tree trunks our neighbors daughter sir the lady Rosanna she and I are to be Wed next month then clearly a life of mud and haystacks is not without his compensation my lady will you take wine cousin you must learn to smile marry it or you will turn the wine to the nigga so you Berengar is off to Westminster Michaelmas is upon us Cadfael time to render a count of the shire and its revenues to the king but if both you and sheriff prescott away who's going to maintain the King's peace in your absence him not a warden you think I am not competent brother it was mustard or in what you wanted wasn't it human I've said to sergeant warden that should any strange difficulty wise he should do as I always do consult brother Cadfael of course well maybe I'll in that should keep the cold out use as much as you like yeah yes well I must end attend father Abbot can you believe I was once a monk still am in fact though not inhabit sir not in any habit my lady my apologies master chemists I've yet to make your acquaintance the lady's brother janan Beck so you are indeed fortunate they're not as fortunate as master Tristan well perhaps are you were onerous by attending the wedding I'm blessing in the Union I thank you lyric our country wedding could be amusing who knows where I shall be in two weeks time the life of a diplomat is full of intrigue and fine dinners in fact I wonder you lads do not forsake your down hills and take the tongues here a couple of years in a monastery then up and away a cleric can fly high indeed the bishop of winchester is the highest in the land save the king I'll show master Clements is on the King's business your King's business here he wishes to know the number of your chickens no no no I'm here to rest the night and abuse the hospitality of my second cousin twice removed and then on to Chester you do know where Chester it's a large town some 30 miles to the north the Earl of Chester is undecided where to throw his weight in the Civil War you do know that is a civil law between King Stephen and his frightful cousin Lord for the crown of England we have had friends died in it sir and if the Earl of Chester does not support the king then sell you have a country in turmoil fragmented each meron out for himself in a word and okay then God protect you sir I wonder that you ride alone or the Kings future in your hands oh so the world I am a mere chaplain trotting about on the business of the church and nobody's much interested in that data one of the future tonight we have wine and beauty to Rosanna the perfect flower of English woman holder I have brought you a light sir for your chamber shall I lead the way lady you may lead me where you will a farewell then cousin may your beans be plentiful and your oats free of tears Godspeed sir we'll get in brother is gone now God forgive me for being glad to be rid of a guest perhaps he is right father we should all take the cow no I wish you would choke on his next fight dinner you so when you come in the dry and take some supper I sent word to father Abbot my son is resolved to become a monk what is your prayer my son father to enter the cloistered life and serve God the life you seek is a hard one are you ready to accept that hardship to obey and to bear ignominy for the love of Christ yes by the grace of God Stan are you free ball in good health and free from incurable disease yes by the grace of God are you free from debt and irregularities yes by the grace of God are you bound by promise of marriage no by the grace of God then your prayer is granted for those like you who come to the order in mature years a full 12 months probation is customary father is that needful can all the time be cut short I desire with all my heart to have the fullness of my commitment and be at peace do not strain after perfection it will be made plain if you are ready earlier I do not exaggerate when I say the life you seek is a hard one your nights here will be spent more in prayer than in sleep your meals will be eaten in silence and your eyes spoiled in study you will toil in the fields like a surf and then spend even more hours singing yourself hoarse to the glory of god that is the fullness of your commitment I shall not be found wanting father I promise you no damn easy easy get back to sleep she's not some fairground booth back to bed all of you is it is it demons but I kept far if it is they shall be exercised father Abbot if we accept the fact that being asleep this was not at a willful act of self display then it issues instead from a deeply troubled spirit which we must help to concentrate and purify you suggest some mortification of the flesh trial Robert father which one of us has not taken ease in hard labor or a diet of bread and water of the lash and which one of his father has never had one ill night and broken up with nightmares once his but once p if not it has come to any harm through his disturbance it seems you have a friend in brother Cadfael deserve it forgive me father Abbot a visitor my name is Ella wad I am cannon to the Bishop of Winchester I have a mystery to solve brother Mariette do you know a man named peter clemons the bishops chaplain I attended his source of my father's house your father says as much I have been to Ashby malla and questioned all there you are my last hope so the morning of his departure you saw master clemont's right off yes sir and then you saw him no more we nervous rode with him he said he knew the track did he say where he was bound and for what purpose to gesture on the King's business mission of diplomacy a mission of the highest import brother but a mission that was not completed for master Clements has vanished sergeant warden you say you attended last the clemence's horse what was it like a fine beast not above three years old and mettlesome sergeant I wonder you have not found it yet Michelle my lord I promise it troubles me brother marriott but peter clemons vanishes and you are seized by a sudden and holy vocation for the safety of a cloistered life what brings you here for some young men sir the world falls short they seek a higher and less selfish life within these walls quite so be sure you stay within these walls and brother so I may speak with you again that is all for peasant you seem shocked father of it but I trust you will not prove to be harboring a murderer sergeant warden I must leave this in your hands now while I press on for Chester and secure what can be secured pray for my safety father and you be aware that Peter Clements is one of our most able young men a great favorite of my Lord Bishop and of the king himself it is noted that he is lost in your county my lord let's get to bed we should be back in to you soon enough yes brother and I have learned of Kennedy lord's purpose here if you have need of help at any time I thank you brother but I need the help of no man Go Go trust me is it the devil in you babari barberry babri he called Barbara's Oswin I did hear him until he whistled that's how the devil signed up brother careful by whistling can he be the devil's no resource we do not dismiss brother Osman spheres so lightly nor the power of evil measures must be taken to ensure peace at night ABS father Mary it could be segregated for a while brother Cadfael be set apart with no one to watch or hear him who knows what will happen the devil will thrive unchallenged you could bring down the roof upon us all or consumed eib with a title fire osman when you enter these walls who renounce the world not so senses but brother I think he has a talisman from his demon he hided in his cell I've seen him do so I swear a charm and at night he takes it to his bed you have seen this in his bed some alien thing hidden away not clearly brother but it is there that is not according to the rule of a myriad are you will perfectly well I think what has happened here nothing just another dream that's all you should rest learn my things alone wait give that to me it is mine hey your forsworn mine brother or do you already forget give it to me to bring any personal thing here is to flout the rule to cherish this in your bed is close to fornication do you so much as know the meaning of the vows that you wish to take obedience stability chastity is there no grace in you at all grace enough to refrain from stealing give me what is mine stand aside brother if you do not he will never take those hours I will have you cashed out Wow Shane boy you're a fool boy you could have spared us have all this I have had worse my father could teach them something here what he failed to teach you much sense whatever else you want me to sell bit for you this is nothing ah you could have been excommunicated assault upon your priest and confessor well I won't deny I haven't want you to strangle brother Jerome at times myself he had no right to steal from me had every right to confiscate what is forbidden here nor had he the right to destroy it in front of my eyes or speak of fornication where's the evil in a lock of hair a keepsake did the red-haired girl spurn you she is spoken for then find another you were young and there are many be off either that or been that stiff neck I tell you boy I have never known a la vez pursuers vocation with so much passion and so a little joy what is tearing at your soul why are any of us why are you I was a soldier in the Great Crusade of Jerusalem I killed many in the name of God now I grow herbs and brew remedies to heal man after all those years of injuring them what could be more fitting atonement then I am very much older than you but of all the vows I took on entering here obedience is still the hardest unrequited love he is passionate the lady chose his brother and for that he shuts himself away he will admit no other reason well better that than murder you mean cannon lor suspicions given credence surely by his savage attack on brother Jerome and don't know Mary it would have stopped would he I think brother Cadfael you see yourself in that young man that doesn't mean that you can read his heart no but I think it wise father for someone to visit his parents early rakesh me for what reason because it is not yet too late for him to halt the boy back from vows to which he is manifestly ill-suited a sensible thought this is no hideaway for lovesick youth brother prior no father nor violent youth could I suggest further that while Mary its future is being decided he serve out his penance and Giles the Lasser house his removal from the Abby will calm the other novices another Oswin who is due to take a turn there will welcome his help I'm sure perhaps you're right ministering to those worst less than himself may be the best medicine of all for brother Mariette arrange it father how is brother Jerome Oh his throat amend but her week or two will pass before his voice returns then even in the worst deed there is some good yes brother cat foul where are you going all right recipe manner problem area through some chives for what purpose father Abbott's purpose do you seek my help then sergeant barberry the hacked his Barbary oh boy I thought best to bring it here sir well does it belong to be declarants yes this is his I never before had it's like to care for such a horse's Barbary where did you find him 20 miles to the north 20 miles in the peat bogs why wit batch lemons robbed and murdered then scarcely robbed but nor the silver on his harness what robber worth his salt would lose a piece like this the visor himself could hardly be worth more these are desperate times brother yes / men don't think besides there's other predators was then a nose band to match the saddle club yes green velvet man and horse were all green velvet from head to toe that's none here now voices as we found him brother get that horse coming up you boy don't stray from the lepers wasn't Giles I'll let him know you're joining us how many lepers other usually about five and twenty some move from laser how's the leather has some arrived will to go any further Jeff sins the numbers but then the gaps are filled aren't you afraid of infection happy chance for your arrival brother Mariette it's a holiday on four days of the year we're allowed to 4ei by discretion of the crown to gather firewood in the long forest so being able bodied you may push a cart the day brother oh good day and I still on the right track for a free manner you are you'll be from Shrewsbury how fares brother Mary it so badly enough for me to be seeking out his father forgive me John in Beck short friend of said brother you were shocked when he wish to become a monk you are well schooled at understatement oh and his father did he take it that it hard they took no pleasure in it but but then old lyric takes precious it will join anything Mary it does why Sir you have not met the golden firstborn tristant merits brother Tristan oh I fear you mean he is his father's favorite which makes our marry at all the more perverse against his father only you're not twisting strange to say Merry it loves him dearly I was so discounted I should hate them both but i am not the stuff of a monk's about our other mystery is there news sorry the disappeared cleric oh he peter clemons oh where his horses van but not the man you seem unsurprised is it such a mystery brother at a time when men changed their allegiance as soon as their shirts do you mean master Clemens is not dead merely reneged joined the Empress more or the Earl of Chester Lincoln Notting for every man for sale as a buyer well Godspeed product oh you want to be at ashby by christmas i should i should get off that thing and carry it d if I can remember the way I know where we can find charcoal where is the need to consult me marry at us now of his own will taking another father in the lord abbett but give no reason for taking such a step taps leaves or advancement in it like my kinsman Clemens or cannon lor men of the church there's not a pinch of righteousness in any of them honor Duty they serve their own dissolute ends all i know is i have what one son now mariette has put his hand to the plow he must finish his furrow to be steadfast is over to you that as you say Mary it has taken another father one who cannot quite so easily wash his hands of him Sir marriottsville keishon is in grave doubt he disrupts the abbey he cannot remain there if this strife within his heart continues I will not have him back canon lor what of him I will be plain the cannon asks aloud if there is some simple but dark reason for Maria to shut himself away the reason being peter clemons its commands found no then what right has lor to cast so foul a shadow over my son at least he speaks his mind he doesn't snap and snarl and hide the truth you overstep your mark brother return to your refuge and let the real world live as it can you brother brother who brought my father news of marriott have something happened you will be Tristan forgive me and the lady Rosanna he has not changed his mind no zeal remains excessive as in all things can you think of any reason why he should renounce the world so Susan it is simple he was in the shadow of his older brother as are all men with Tristan you see how I am blessed indeed brother I wish above all things that Mary it could still be with us but if this new life is truly what He desires you'll help him through and say he has my prayers and my love always assure him of my love and so brother I may speak in terms of love may I not for I shall soon be his sister and we are to be Wed at the Abbey I hope you will sing sweetly for us gladly if your marriage is made in heaven come on sorry brother I took you for a wild pig well not strictly true I sought you out you're not the first today shall we talk all must you not sit with women I will sit with pleasure I'm Isabelle lyric Ashby's Ward lyric merits father how is Mary it safe from her at least but it must not go too far this folly of his he is mine brother whether he knows it yet or not you think unrequited love filled Mary heard from Ashby have you met the witch Rosanna yet I have could you resist if your vows did not protect you the thought has just occurred to me that many it being a second son that SP matter being no great size Tristan will inherit all and there is no future here for merit you therefore takes the cow no HP will be his when uncle lyric dies which I doubt we'll ever happen heaven being unlikely to meet his high standards as well the manor the family owns another in the north by newark a wedding gift and living for Tristan in the witch Tristan and janan spend much time there making ready she is so particular soon they will be gone please be so if you love Maria to keep him from the tonsure celibate is no use to me at all and peter clemons you have no thoughts of him burst under the weight of his own vanity who knows or cares its harsh words of a guest and kinsmen I did not like him nor I think did your uncle nor any of us save Rosanna of course he likes all men same she befriended him how quaintly put brother she did indeed another blow for Mariette be firm with him he needs us both Oh this is a spot you were seeking yes the charcoal burner died last year but as you can see we can do well here shall we take the lot yes of course there's plenty here yes I'll get a stuff this should keep us busy for a while I'm not versed in this art stranger smell of burning a stayed so long mad quick look well brother does he tell you any tales at all man by the length of his bones and straight without deformity young men so shot before being roasted and he rode a horse when a sane man would use those for walking brother Cadfael I'm this that's a dagger strat 294 a sword dagger to find then nice fit now brother another cross tall young a horseman and boy this cross and ring a priest a view knowledge of such a one gone missing here abouts why would he leave poor Osman to the funeral pyre on purpose he was as shocked as anyone there's a fine dagger for a piece of dung to carry the sheath to match how did you come by it I did not steal it my lord I'm an honest man I swear how my life I find hit my lord we're in the forest my lord the place they burn charcoal where you found me there's blood on it I killed a chicken my lord sergeant warden father Abbot has given me leave to tend his sores when I did not one if you want any sense out of him you'll feed and sell him he's no use to you dead no use alive either to us or any man you truly believe he has murdered how do you merely wish it so but you may tell Callen lor to have his mystery solved leave me with him I won't spit it him away what is your name hmm what do men call you Harold a king was named how long have you been living wild ever did violence brother no stole anything but to gain food I found a dagger I needed it for my hunting I seem so done you precious little good and if I saw body and souls are loosely strung together you lack skill with a longbow as well this is called hounds tongue it's apt I think for this one don't bite how did you come to such a life I will run away from a master who sought my blood for what reason do they need a reason now this man who is dead by my hand brother you must believe in if I do but have you seen a man in the forest riding a fine dark horse wearing clothes to match his dagger green velvet trimmed with gold did you see such a man held I do not seek to trick you I know you did not kill I saw him brother I saw him Norris news Heath to please me the truth that's all I ask I saw him riding north on his dark horses you say the rich warm clothes on him such a cloak held by a great brooch here approach large almost as a shield boss and made his blood we have found our brooch I have not stole it brother my bishop will be sorely grieved it is Clemens milord the smile is the same cover him the riding shoe you need the jewelry also ah this ring was a gift from the Bishop of Winchester himself you hold a fellow for this crime is this not so I do sir I think what sergeant warden means to say my lord is that he has grave doubts as to the man's guilt yeah rightly so I mean he's a poor rich with neither rag or crust to his name are we to believe that he kills a man and then leaves his jewels his clothes and single-handed builds him into a charcoal statin burns him I think not nor the Sartan warden indeed sergeant warden civil war breeds felons like a rotting cat breeds maggots justice must be swift and sharp to reassure a churchman has been murdered I would have that punished and a line drawn under it before I move again from here hang him do you turn lead into gold here hmm oh no only it rose hips into cinema can I help you family visit to see Mariette but I'm told he's not at the Abbey I knew but he's well you something I'm glad you're here tell me is ash be true to the king hmm Yorick Tristan Janney married all of you my uncle lyrics certainly for King his King his duties to the name and that is that and the rest why do you ask well if Clemens wasn't killed the game or hate the answer must lie in his task his mission what a man is caught oh yes but not condemned not yet brother there's no politics and marry it and as for Tristan and Janan they love to hunt and Hawk not skulk in corners plotting when the King calls their swords will be his as would mine where I allowed there is one other thing a brooch large as a shield boss and as red as blood it belonged to Clemens yes I saw it on his cloak when he rode from FB yes that cannot find it but we fell not where he burned then surely to stolen not by the wild man of that I'm certain then by who knows but if by someone that Ashby you would be the one to find out at ashby brother Mariette no I T news as well as bread the wild man when they caught in the forest they say he killed Peter Clemens is to hang for it what it's true King Howell they call him Mariette I was go to brother Koch now I swear I killed Peter Clements I shot him down in the fries not three miles from Ashby tell sergeant warden to let that poor rare Gerald free I never thought when he was taken easy easy hey did you commit such a mortal sin why because he made free with my brother's bride the woman I too loved and your father does he know it how else should I be here he gave me Joyce which was no choice to undergo this lifelong penance of the toy store to publicly admit my guilt and go to shameful death that's destroying our family name and ancient honor and so him if what you say is true then you have great need to ease the burden of your guilt receive a priest mariette receive a priest and confess to your souls comfort it is not sufficient to confess to me you know that seek absolution before this thing presses you down into hell brother Jerome is confessor to the novices your confessor I'll fetch him I killed Clements I killed him you people not say the words not compress of course when he can lie to me brother all's win to the world for calls that seems good enough but he cannot lie to his confessor and so God he did not kill peter clemons brother Mariette to accept banishment to the cloister may be deemed a great self-sacrifice and there is virtually to when it is done to save the family honor but you still have your life and if you killed that life is forfeit and I accept that penalty no starving runaway must take my place after Peter Clements was killed you moved the body out of sight amongst the trees above the track deep in the evening shadows and frightened off the horse then you took him to the charcoal stack and burned him I know the method the old charcoal burner taught me as a child brother can he be moved not yet a snapped ankle is of little import when his neck will follow Isabel so you're not dressing to the journey I have you might try and make an effort am I waiting I shall see what is suitable Oh you are welcome sir your gracious father southern au miel Dominus vobiscum now darte yeezus a wedding is a joyful case you have my kinsman's burns forgive me for intruding you have had word from sergeant warden ariat has confessed the murder but I do not believe him guilty you do not believe were you there I know what I heard and saw brother I never can forget it you came upon them there can we leave this place I went out with my hands a day's hunting and what do I run down a brave stag no my recently departed guest my own kinsmen with an arrow in his chest and Mariette bow and quiver on his shoulder dragging over on the path calling out to the nearby horses he went about his blood to your business what time of day was this I don't know what time of day what was the end of time for me was it morning noon evening uh evening we were bound for home and suffer did know yet say anything not one word what could he say but he says much now every deed is his he can't bear the guilt no Morgan I I don't understand what guilt is yours if you did not kill Clements you think that I only know that Mary it certainly did not so I ask again what guilt is yours did you burn the core I shall miss you Isabel and I you who shall advise me on what to wear but when I think of my good fortune Justin will make such a handsome husband and there would be land well Adventure adventure a manor house in the chilly north oh yes my brother janan says there will be excitement and rich rewards newark is no ordinary place when i ride away from here tomorrow I shall pity you and I shall pick you the pack horse will we be obliged you think to attend compline after suffering with the a bird I suppose we shall I could never be a monk the days are disrupted by this constant need to pray what commands need to pray about that is a mystery what hopes can they give voice to what sins need they confess I had the horse led to the far north by the track Clemens should have written devil's own job to catch and the body i took secretly to the charcoal hath i built a stack and fired it he was not well done and against my conscience but I did it and I did it not for Mary its sake not for my own flesh and blood that's the real shame but to preserve that worthless thing called honor narrow honor is not worthless it's useful to protect a family name and a name alone has no worth at all now I know I know then he was think clearly now did Clements leave your house that morning that is not afternoon he broke his fast and left what of it it was you and Mary it said that man was killed at evening some six hours later six hours to ride three miles you do not find that strange I do not see his import you did not see Mary it kill you saw him merely move a dead man a man who might have died six hours before you assumed his guilt why should he yield and I accept all have you had an answer for me perhaps because the answer he had for you would have been too hard for you to bear surely for love I doubt if he has had his brother Philip love all his life but those are most hunger for they do sometimes most and best deliver it I have loved him but he's always been so troubled son her soul always going contrary country is one way to get your notice her obedience and virtue go unregarded let that be he resented Clements as he resents everything simmering bile is a curse but he did not kill then who did who does he love most in this world most admire and respect who was shown him most kindness through the years there are two sons at ashby not one as you I have to think do you suggest it Tristan murdered Clement your welcome mat oh I see impossible for your air and darling get instantly believable of his brother in this world all men are fallible and all things are possible Mary it's bile maze simmer but he does nothing by halves his self sacrifice is totally consumes him like a fire and it preserves you all Tristan the brother he loves from hanging Rosanna the woman he loved or thought he loved from widowhood and you the father who loved him not from heartbreak oh I must go to sergeant warden you must go to father Abbot supper and say nothing and tomorrow you mustn't let Tristan wed in peace because as you were mistaken so too might marry it have been even now we do not know the truth uncle I'm sorry I found it Isabel how goes it with you brother why are you here I will ask the questions why did you confess to murdering Clements because he insulted and provoked yeah you are your father's son you could not murder least of all a cousin open your eyes marry it see the truth of what you were saving and what you're throwing away tell me why is Newark no ordinary place Newark why cuz Rosanna calls it so she has strange high hopes of life there raised by janan why janan perhaps because we are family owned a manner there which is to be Tristan Rosanna's future home what else brother it has a castle on the river trent a fine start place sometimes called the key of the North forms part of a chain running from east to west with Lincoln Nottingham and Chester then it is plain a great to and fro of weighty men and clerics it will suit Rosanna most excellently but why Tristan it and why janan a king who holds that chain I your cloak rosanna the closest a chilly one moment a rare and beautiful thing you have there where did you get it it it was a gift sir from a kinsman strange for it is the exact same as the one my bishop gave to his favorite clark peter Clements who is now dead sir it cannot be no it cannot you are mistaken there is no other quite like it so they are made to be unique as your beauty is unique would you step through prosba north who gave you this Mariette Mary at ashby what he kept on following me around with his dog eyes I did not want his gifts but I took it to be kind to him how could I have known where he got it when did he make you this gift the day after Clements left Ashby the day after he was killed he came to me at home and he pressed me to take it be careful what you say girl i know this cannot be true Mary active as a prisoner in my house that day I had him under lock and key who gave you this was it Tristan huh it was it was my brother Jarron canon why do you leave him such haste this breach of your guts Oh laughs enough do you know monks will swear violence well their loss finger now go and pick some help you killed Peter Clements but why I think perhaps his friends the northern barons were gathered at Chester hmm plotting against King Stephen carving England in half how can you allow poor Clemens to blunder in on that and you are all in this you Tristan rosanna the Earl of Chester I miss much to those prepare to risk that a hangman stay the Lords of Daniels but murder Clements was family all typing brother he said he went to delay him but then came home and told us what he had done and he was all for leaving him lying in the track like a dead Fox but I lack janan steel besides clemens for the kinsman he deserved at least a burial so out I went and found him and then the nightmare marietta Pawnee blood was on my hands he clearly thought from my deed and then father's hands crashing through behind us go cries Mariette go get clear away from here I will do what must be done it is not just steal I lack brother for the courage honor strength of heart I fed I fled but God sees all is that not true as clearly as we may see inside ourselves master cannon what is to become of my husband of me whose only true sin is to be led astray well I am not moved by a lady's of smile mistress Ashby you have known a murder and kept silent you have plotted treason those are your true since but if there is treason in the north at least now the King may act upon it and he is sometimes a more forgiving man than I for that and for your lives I suggest you pray Oh I said to brother Cadfael that this murder was the end of time for me or now her it can be a new beginning I've miss prized you marry it from the very day that you were born forgive me bolt is not all yours father no man could have a more irksome son come home Sgt I trust you have thanked the brothers for their part in this world and will ensure King Harold is released we old I thank you for that we will have our hanging after all and Jennings neck will stretch far better I came to thank you brother for all you have done you've been more father to me than brother well thank you for the compliment if you had a son he would be truly blessed so should I you have spoken to your true father they have there is hope for both of us well then off you go your vocation is elsewhere and yours is truly here oh yes it is and not merely from atonement and weariness in middle life you too may stop and look inside yourself and wonder what not I was ripe for change I'll i find that change refreshing but i shall be married then with 12 children we'll see about the 12 go to keep you brother Cadfael I hope he will I hope he will you