Cadfael 1997 The Rose Rent Spanish Subtitles

you godless to call it for pity's sake if I was per group for pine in puppy but with hemlock one thimbleful made down the pain nothing does take great care to this two symbols full and the pain will be down forever Oh God whose nature is ever to show mercy and forbearance we humbly entreat thee for the soul of thy servant Edward plan who add I bidding has departed from this life a benefactor of the abbey he died shriven of his sins therefore do not deliver him into the enemy's hands or put a heart of mine forever but bid thy holy angels world him and lead him on to paradise but we are in teays spirited credited non-poisonous in fairness austin yet said gaudiya eterna horse idiot pair dominum nostrum omnipotent m amen bday Liam Deus omnium Condit or eight redemptor animabus family orem familar elk way to Ahram premacy own em cooked orem trip way peccato would endure get IAM qualms Sam pair of a pretty know she's a pretty woman and available again we babies to still feel the heat at your age master for her I think I can offer her more than you master higher as wealth enough I doubt you could satisfy her other needs I'll show her no because i'll be there before you Shh father frat raise no Leo more suppose ignore our a dado me NT boss or non-country Stephanie secret expression are you also on the rice see any I sir I'm just a wafer but would like to weave with mistress pearl no doubt perhaps she will marry the Master will be convenient her cousin miles she will not marry a blood relative leads to madness My dear father says Shh sadness becomes her but you'll sue me right for the plucking I own a dye house and fully works yes your workshop here makes the finest cloth I know that too well my business and your business put together run together would become a power in the Shire let alone the town you would stand to gain as much as I in terms of wealth at least Thank You Brad when you may go yes mistress besides would I make such a repulsive husband true I value money but I also value appearance even refinement I would see to it that my wife was just handsomely adorned as any in the county I have no desire to be adorned then really think if we could bring the whole trade together in our hand I do not propose to marry again cannot cling to the past forever Judith no matter how fragrant master fuller I would discuss the colors you are to use on the new cloth are you master here no then pray wait your mistress is bidding I am more master sir than you will ever be mr. spell Oh am I proceeded with a fat old man today no matter at least I caught the lady on equal terms math behind I got a sniff after her wealth I do not have a father who's refused to pay my debts and I have never left a woman wanting where it matters most stop stop why should I not cling to the past to Edward if you are the future I shall have none of you none of you go on then back to work mind your business miles miles why do you allow that Godfrey full after we always hear he dies our cloth mother he pursues Judith what if she should marry him she will not marry because her heart mr. with Edward and she mourn forever we have had little chance to speak brother Cadfael since Edward died did I do wrong you sought to spare him torture but to fall short in life some would call that murder would they know we can never be certain the potion took his life he was going to die with or without it the illness was too far gone but he did not ask to die if only he could have asked and let me know it was not just I who could bear it no longer Judith you loved Edward as few men are ever loved now if God is just love does not excuse everything no but when we have found it and been as blessed as you and Edward were let us not deny it's worse if Edward sees me now he will understand I love you still I must move from here it has too many memories I shall live at our workshop with cousin miles and aunt Agatha and this house be it known to all present and future that I Judith widow of Edward pearl being in full health of mind by this charter give to God and the abbey of the monks of Shrewsbury my dwelling called the Rose house together with its God in return the monks of Shrewsbury undertake to pray for my late husband's soul until the day of judgement they also undertake to make annual payment during my lifetime of one rose from the white rose bush that grows in the garden of the rose that single rose to be delivered to me Judith pearl upon the first day of each July in remembrance it is a nonsense of course this rose rent oven such the winds of women unreasonable as far as the abbeys concerned luggage around rose petals in exchange for a sturdy house the switch can command a sturdy rent a tenant is based on it we have also prayed a whole year now brother prior for the windows dear departed husband and I for one have done so badly such an untimely death no depth is untimely brothers will if it is God's will I suppose brother Cadfael being expert in matters horticultural it'll be your job to sally forth today and present the first rose to the negative yeah father avid has given that task for the one who's been tending the Rose so diligently brother Ella week stop well I trust that he is more skilled with a pruning hook than with a razor do I take you straight away trust yes I know it straight away what is this master Nile my house rent to the abbey that is what you came for is it not well no we came for the rose that we must pay mistress pearl I'll take it anyway it is the due day do they so strange to see this house is a workshop the Judith Bernards but it was such a haven have you met mr. sperm I have seen her but you are content here not alive hmm I mean you have no complaint that father Abbot is your landlord should attend to no complaint brother if I am left to do my work Judah what is your opinion of this new wall it is good miles Edward were retrieved should do not need me to tell you that just how much longer you can to cut yourself off from this is your future come in three mind your work but i'll have your insolent eyes put out proper Ellery cuz it huh yes mistress brought to your first friend thank you and how fares my rose bush it is well my lady attended with great care like sure you do can I offer you some refreshment I know thank you I must return to the Abbey well until next year then the lady world brother as well as she might be a widow's loneliness Vinod comfort is at hand leave us sir she's been left a full year longer is a waste it will do no good her heart is given to whom why to our husband still there's no warmth in loving the dead a mistress pearl is no more carved in marble than I is that the truth of it holy brother you have stirrings for her also no speak truth does she not make your vows hard to bear no which part of her draws your eyes them first lovely neck shapely breasts well I thought to fight the town / but not some tormented soul in skirts go home and pray boy oh brother Cadfael I feel such guilt worse than when I eased Edward to his rest Godfrey fuller Thomas hind I despise and the test but they are not the whole truth sometimes other men even brother L Erick as he stood before me with the first rose there was a warmth that shames me before my husband's memory Judith your guilt is that Edward died and you did not did you as still as you were before a woman was much to give and to be given in return that doesn't alter what you shared with Edward it betrays no trust if only I could know God's will for me in all this Brother Almighty God let the soul of thy servant Edward pearl have entrance to the company of those Saints almighty god let the soul of thy servant Edward pearl have entrance to the company of thy Saints almighty I'm sorry to have been so long and bringing you custom master Nile this girdle I have lost the buckle can you make a new one too much delicate work that I daresay within my scope does your business thrive in our town well enough thank you I was told of your loss I'm sorry for it and I for yours your wife three years now since she died time to forget do you wish to the past is past we cannot bring it back or change it we have this moment that is all to do good or ill with oh brother Cadfael thank the Holy Saint you're here well I'm here boy because you summoned me your rose bush it's sickly you just see how it Browns and blackens tainted by my unworthy thoughts about mistress her brother I mean hard though I struggle I can think of nothing else and the thoughts all mine not hers God reads my heart and displays my corruption so i defile what I touch know if you use extravagant terms for feelings for the Holy human and natural rather I beg of you release me from this duty and the ladies there in the house release me that is for father Abbot not for me but I shall founder you will not found but I shall speak to father ever clearly your sufferings are grave even though your sins are not number today at least you shall be excused so go and make confession if you must thank you brother Cadfael thank you it's brother elocon well brother Cadfael he will recover sweet lady remember me kindly ah i'm awake by the cat fight no but i am a bit matthews increasingly becomes my least favorite office silence are we all present yeah no brother prior we are not when did you find him not half an hour ago father I was out at pulley last night I have a married sister lives there was late home went straight to bed came out here into the garden at daybreak and but you've touched nothing no brother why should I he was clearly dead you've improved my Lord Bellinger I sent word yes if there was rain in the night did anyone mark when it ceased yeah I've sleep far too well I never heard about midnight as I left coolly well then what happened here was after that the front of his habit is dry safe with his blood poor tormented child we failed him fatally his disease was worse than we knew disease father he begged to be relieved at the task I placed on him delivery of the rose rent he had confessed an involuntary love for mistress pearl and from love to despair well it is but a short step further to the most unholy of temptations to destroy himself father Abbot we are to condemn him as a suicide brother Cadfael knows the measure of his desperation and there lies the knife beside her lyrics hand beside his hand father Abbot not idiot that Eric carried no knife does that prove him innocent of taking his own life of sending himself to hell and this Abbey into shame and dishonor look closely at his fingers he the soil or number there's no blood and the light is bloodied that they don't he never held this night therefore he didn't kill himself well he certainly came here of his own will secretly at night to look one more time upon the rosies but there were two men here not one and the other one killed elric I'm sorry I've strong arms but a weak stomach bile and death is always shocking and so it should be I've heard you are more than just a holy brother I serve God or try to what more is there I travel sometimes with my trade your reputation is far-flung if this is murder then I will seek the truth yes as we hugh beringar force a great wickedness to kill a holy man tragic certainly but wicked until we know why elric was killed we cannot judge sometimes alarm or terror can result in such a land in that moment an honest man becomes a murderer you do not recognize this life no brother there's a space here now there is not you look here someone has crime this vine since the rain the boot is scratched the park here to see the left soil in the scratch marks and here a fine deep boot print a little warm wax and a steady hand and we have him by the heel you will not find that they match brother would I climb over my own wall anymore than I would leave the knife lying in my own garden well whether he would or not we need to melt some candolyn's brother L Erick loved that is what he was saying against his vows of modesty chastity obedience my whim has caused his death stab wound to the heart has caused his death that and only that is clear if it were not for the rose rent he would be alive now if it were not for me he would be alive now I am not safe to be at large in this world even the Rose itself tells me see how it has the look of decay and death about it an end to the Rose rent that is what God is saying an end mistress I have your girdle it is mended ah my girdle is mended what all is well then all is well mistress please I will visit you later even I'm no support Ivan Dominus vobiscum domino's vitae dottore human or improper hombre barato paradesi a manicotti confer very you bells there it is kappa q see how the grass here has been disturbed stop brother Cadfael forgive me Father I mean no disrespect he may be washed presently smell his fingers Kofi Earth's on his hands smell it and it's the same yes because these fingers were clawing away at the earth and the grass around the rose bush Eric was right and I took no notice the Rose was dying they not throw any act of God white LED brother prior the Rose was poisoned and I suspect por el Erick disturbed the poisoner well well was that the bronze Mitzi no mistress polvo y to fear a common trait oh I fear no one Master Hynde least of all you know please accept fair Judith is a lady of great sensitivity could she continued with a rose rent when it is stained with blood surely not indeed she may well now be prepared at last to look elsewhere for comfort though not to a penniless young mistress sad news about the holy brother it is indeed but rude but who would kill a rosebush brother Cadfael you thought yourself it was a sign from God and that also I judge was the purpose to turn you away from the Rose rent and from the past but whom you are desired by many well that will soon be at an end come in the beg pardon mistress sister Madeleine is here thank you branwen show her in mistress pearl I am pleased to meet you and I you sister I believe you are acquainted with brother Cadfael indeed I trust you a well brother yes thank you sister though I came via the abbey there is much distress there which I share deeply yes I'm sure forgive me then if this is the wrong wound no no there never was a better moment sister the cloister is all the more attractive to me now than it was when I first began to think of it the world had seemed a waste my living in it pointless but now that I have caused the cloister at least I would be safe at the convent at Godric's Ford would I not brother if as you say there has been a studied use of poison as well as violent murder you seek not just stability and purpose then but also refuge from myself most of all sister to have a vocation elsewhere would be most welcome but you clearly have no such vocation well you wouldn't have said it would be welcome no it is not enough just to escape from the world outside all from yourself you must be on fire for the world within will you then brother well I came late to it certainly and it may be that my fire burned somewhat dull Lee but it gave me light enough to see the road I wanted and you sister was it a passion for you I have heard otherwise no it was not well why must it be so for me we were both running towards not away but in truth I'm no example to anyone I sought a new occupation after many years as Mistress to a nobleman and I was past my prime but you are not no no I am NOT though i devoutly wish I were however if you truly need a place of peace and safety and time to think and rest and recover lost courage then come to us without vows and I will keep the door barred against the world until you see fit to venture out again on those terms it could be wise now may I come with you now sister I do not fear danger here brother and I would be at peace I return to God looks for tomorrow speak with me then and we shall see thank you Patrick what's to happen to me if the mistress goes off to be a nun shouldn't mind that much rather that than say I marry someone else I've might do with second best but the business here what would happen to that hang out to be a be at this hour for what purpose to tear up my charter which can as well be done by candlelight as daylight you're taking back the Rose house take back what I gave to God no no I I merely make the gift unconditional of roses no more rows rent and we may hope for no more deaths shall I come with you no thank you miles but I will go alone Almighty God we thank thee for our daily bread let our bodies be refreshed but our soul still hunger grant Lord the blessedness of cool repose to thy servant elric let his soul is satisfied in the fellowship of eternal bliss oh brother Cadfael I have no idea silence this this cast that you've made bother how if with a father Abbot sleeve of course I were to take it to every boot make remender in the town and and over the bridge at Frank will and ask if any of them has memory of a boot that might match it the we're being so distinctive might that not help lead us to brother Elric's foul murderer yes Oh forgive me brother Cadfael they told me at the gate that I might seek you out Judith has disappeared she set out last night for the Abbey but it seems she never reached here the porter has not seen her your father Abbot brother prior well my Chi not be with system Aguilar you know they had spoken yes yes I penta sister maculans lodgings she has departed but Judith was never there not at the rose house either according to the Bronson it brother Kathleen Oh i know'd leave it Adwan joke just leave it won't get on with your work I trust that mistress pearl is safe sir I pray that she is so do i if I'd packed an offered sister Magdalene she would be brother she's been so distraught with guilt I fear another evil oh no Judas would never take her own life oh no no she's she's far too strong-minded the river lies between town and Abby she's not here I know of no where else to look slowly you'll see nothing otherwise it's Judith's there's no doubt that does not prove she is drowned well what master Collier you will help us both by going into town raising friends and towns folk for a thorough search until we have searched from the English bridge to Bristol I will not say your cousins drowned you think he wanted her dead of course if she were as closest relative he would inherit everything shall we continue upstream a boat was here fishermen lovers wet lovers one of them was most unwilling look how the footmarks it's churned and gouged we've got no wax cast out of them too soft and wet what's this funnel belt yet all a woman's girdle if it is Judith's the bronze Smith would now you think she's been abducted what bundled into a waiting boat perhaps her cloak lost overboard her girdle torn in the struggle because udit would have struggled there's been no demand for ransom all the more reason to find her quickly I'm sorry to have to sign a teacher find your voices but with chance your smile but I shall not be long and it is quite possible to think without speaking so thank you hi it belongs to the girdle I repaired but you have not seen the lady since you returned it to her no brother though i'll willingly join the search SI yoon she has warmed your heart a little I found her gentle honest I'd thought such virtues didn't mix with beauty as brawn Smith do you mix led led brother no copper and tin why so I speak plainly with you now the rosebush in your garden was poisoned with white LED a form of that metal deadly to all life even plants in sufficient quantity we could have more easily administered it than you who was more likely to be stumbled upon by poor Ellery and why should I kill rose bush or monk what could I gain I do not know but then I know nothing about you you have the culprits boot print not my boot print as you well know and as for lead well like the knife you laid before me it's common enough you'll even find it in its many forms about an abbey and now brother I shall join the search Oh Bertrand you're not in the weaving trade now sneaking from your work catch up with the others this master search the river master pull up you beringar searches the town and no doubt it also social sheds you think I have the lady I think you wish your add more than anything I have few virtues brother but one of them is patience the Rose was poisoned patiently poison I see your boots my boots hmm if you wish they're they're brand new brother don't you could afford them anymore than could young master hein brother Cadfael is inspecting footwear today though he will not tell us why perhaps he believes you have something to hide masterful where had you been till this time the others came back two hours ago Charlotte anywhere happy she'll I'll tell you what I know you're sober spoilt how would you like to be more than just a servant in this house branwen a gentlewoman by listening to you your spree with your promises as you are with your hands listen but don't tell I know where the mistress is kept and when I set her free she'll be so grateful well tell me then no I was too harsh on you this morning Oswin he was a good thought to show this to all the menders but I'm afraid we cannot because if we do the murderer may come to hear of it and you'll know that we have this proof will destroy every boot and shoe he possesses yes brother I understand i have heard information though of the Brawn smith of nile they say he has a daughter do they it's her he visits out at pulley also they say his wife disappeared brought in a puff of smoke some say in the river three years ago at Chester whereupon he left and has moved from place to place unsettled ever since Oswin it surely is not in your vows to listen to gossip no bother don't let that stop you mythili speculations you've had long enough now to ponder on my virtues mistress pearl why do you doubt that within this delightful handsome exterior a serious husband is waiting to emerge you are a wastrel which is why your father disowns you mr. sparrow you cut me to the quick you know why I've done this because I love you you do not leave me you love yourself you covered security and comfort and easy life no no not just that what else then to prove yourself but do not doubt you find the prospect of sharing my bed pleasurable but that is not love I could satisfy you more than could Godfrey full of even sure that you'd be here he said as much one when what when the monk was killed he said your heart could no longer be fixed within a rose I'm still thought I would give up the past for a future with him yes wealth I have none therefore I had to wait to prepare I'm watch and follow I had to have you be impressed I've been carried off to a sordid whole such as this stinking of wool your father's will your father's warehouse even in this you must make use of him no I am NOT impressed I do not see you as bold nor a man I see you a selfish and stupid do not skull too much lady rather be aware the door is locked and barred no means of escape we are alone here for as long as I wish if you will not be coached or persuaded into marriage domains for us I'm not afraid of you I am the stronger of us and you know it nothing body you're not in your body lies your virtue your honor your reputation marriage boy rape is no new thing Judith being new to you somebody's out there this is the watchman stars who can know we're here does it matter whom if we are found how will you explain this for you and your crime will be shown for what they are say do you expect them to deal gently with you you were not a child or so you claim Judith I swear I never made such harm I thought you had fun this for me when I showed only difference you have why if she ain't even math how the fault is mine then well if there is no longer to be marriage by rape it would seem you have two choices either release or kill me it's Tuesday it's you say please do not destroy me no I will not destroy you only I have no will to face the world again just now so i will make a bargain tomorrow you will fetch a horse and take me secretly to sister magdalene at Godric's ford tomorrow the place will be alive tomorrow tomorrow night then if we are not discovered by then once at the convent I shall take the veil and give everything all my property without condition or exception to the abbey and after that thank God I will not be worth pursuing as a wife either for my body or my wills do this for me below and I will not enhance you there he goes brother is there news of mistress pearl no that is not you are leaving us hi once the gossip turns to poison it's always time to move I'll pay what red I oh never fear and your daughter whatever do you take her with you she's better off for she is my sister takes good care of her out of pity now your past is your own affair but if it's haunting you it is the world's affair brother the world has made it so been Lance the poison don't give it tightly festering do you think it's easy to lay bare guilt and shame I had a wife and she dead drown entwined in her lover's arms but she was not content with me or are babe not that she wanted for love or lust both I had to offer but not wealth not finery that she sought and found elsewhere with a widowed merchant twice my age it was no secret she flaunted it before me before the town the merchant like to walk her by the river to hold her hand as if he was some golden youth and she his story made I sought them out what I intended and God knows but in his panic to escape he slipped and fell into the river and took her with him and though I tried I could not save her he lived of course an accident then you were fortunate to find justice in such a case I was but the devil still pursues me brother in my head so that but the cat Paula my body is found in the river washed up on the shores of Abby land he may have been brother but we cannot take on the laying out of every young workman who ends up in the river drunk no doubt it is master or his loved ones come and fetch mrs. Judith pearls Weaver he's bruised here if he drowned I would say he was held down less buy drinks and buy something harsh and heavy pressing on his neck this is the boot that made the print in the soil underneath the vine I made the cast myself I know i'm not mistaken there you see not only the he will warm down on the one side and the toe on the other but this crack diagonally across the ball of the foot so the river has saved us the cost of a trial in portrayed worse fate than drowning and if Bert read killed brother Emmerich then Eva surely also poisoned the rose your evidence doesn't like had fun Bertrand thought himself a handsome rogue he wouldn't be in the first craftsman who aimed high to marry the mistress of the house a rival you mean what do Godfrey father and young master find now he's dead there's another murderer on the loose brother Cadfael Myles Collier has come to take away the Weaver there is a servant girl with him blubbing disgracefully she asked to you my dog they're eager he said he knew and would rescue her from where she was held at the world warehouse and he said nothing of this viewmaster call you know but then Burt Road was all slyness and ambition well now he's paid the price and where would you have been when Burt was murdered at the loom with my mother finishing the work he should have completed we'd feel mistress branwen not that worthless idle rich master Collier we're still here forgive me brother I hoped you would return I have a confession i have not been frank with you I knew what Burt Road was about last night at least by his manner yesterday I knew or guessed he was about something so when he went out after dark I followed him and where did he lead you I I lost sight of him after he left town by the postern gate but I suspect he was going to the tender ground or wool warehouse he had loitered there that morning then I heard the watchman's dogs in truth and to my shame that is why I went no further I've seen their handiwork before and then I'm told that he is dead which is why I must tell you brother there was someone else abroad by the river last night he passed me hurrying and I saw him clearly though he did not see me I'm loathe to say his name for I know my cousin has lately spoken kindly of him where others have not niall Braun Smith good night little one sleep well I'll see you again soon I promise miss alba and I leave you don't think that's what I want a yearn to take you with me but you need a mother and there are things in my heart that may never lead to happiness up there the old counting-house disused for more than a year but my men searched the warehouse wait will be easily missed not by me young master hind without a key if there is any man known to us who need courage from Alaska to be him with that courage could doubtless of silence bird Judith yes I believe so cuz he finished her as well should I don't take you to the gate no jus days I know my way now get home before it is light go I will keep my promise I will not renege on it forgive me mr. you should take care there are cutthroats in the forest where are you bound I where you Shh ah it's you mistress / the portress said she heard horses no tomorrow your return to Shrewsbury you cannot keep your people in such anxiety a moment longer even if you have promised to spare this idiot youth Thomas from the consequences of his folly the folly is a lighter word than I would give it you are too hard on mistress pearl sister we are not all is bold and sure of ourselves as right thinking none spray let her rest save your sound advice to the morning drink your wine your girdle will need medan again mistress may we speak master hind you've saved my conscience a journey what rejoice at your safe return we have been in great anxiety of come mistress pearl I know who kept you prisoner I have mother Carson has confessed confessed I will not bear witness against him I promised no will I name his name if that is your wish nor shall I outside this room provided I can be certain homicides only crime involved you and the counting-house a man was murdered at night you'll weaver bird yes I know Lyle has told me my captor did not kill Bertrille I can vouch for that he was with me in which case master Bron Smith there are questions I must ask of you niall mistress pearl you will doubtless wish to continue home if you please last one Smith it is master collier's word against mine I was not by the warehouse or the river I would you were packed up ready to leave shows me the very next day I did not kill Bertrand I was out at Puli as I am every night if I am able ask my sister have no fear I shall you have persecuted me since the beginning particular you'd know yes and now another suspect has proved innocent you persecute me further mine is the only leg you have hold of and you are determined that the boot be made to fit oh please forgive me I must leave you after bring my own to my workshop as soon as you finish your mistress pearls such a relief to know that you are safe I trust I'm immunity to pisgah tutor I thought I'd lost you forever still patient faster follow still patient sister are you staying here a while with Judith yes while you're here could you Filch something's moving couch I am a nun jus thing in fact what things to left oops who could have wished the rosebush dead except someone who had hopes of winning Judith nobody cut file and it was birdered as we have established then why was birchard killed or clearly by a rival as you yourself said but yesterday two murders then and two murderers yes what if there were but one murder what if per tree did not kill brother L Erick what if Bert Reed was never leavin in the Rose Garden because vertren has poison with the Rose has worried me bold enough for such a deed he may have been and you certainly conceited enough but I doubt if he would have dropped the knife sly cunning men like him don't leave behind such things in panic what if this thing ole miss you this has been my mistake I've been fed the bait and I've swallowed it whole the least I would have done if I hadn't seen the birds drowning was no accident what do you mean Pete was supposed birchard being washed up on a be Landin tended hmm because I will be certain to examine the body and make the boot fit these are only borrowed not stolen sorry the theft took all day yeah we choose birds ah this he alone slept in the weaving shed that was where I found it well you see it's almost warm through but it's as straight as a lance whereas this one is the same as the footprint same as the wax same as the boot taken from bertrand body look even down to the crack across the soul what does that prove brother when he proves there man who wears a pair of boots when he's fished out of the river may not be the true owner of those boots the true owner killed Eric then murdered betrayed and used him to put us off the scent only one other person apart from view and oswyn knew that I had that cast he saw it here in the workshop and it wasn't Niall Braun Smith mistress where is miles with her of course last visit to the Rose he stopped not hers before the past is padlocked and our future with it I feel we are trespassing your brawn Smith isn't here to complain cousin oh he would not complain mother wishes you dead you know she thinks he humiliate us by leaving me as Foreman in the business I run single Hanover's so long since Edward first fell ill she thinks you owe me more some future certainty of wealth and property she thinks that I'm more deserving than a mother church already fat with land and gold if you were to die today both unmarried and unclothed ered that would be fair what what she does not see what nobody sees because they neither look nor imagine is that your death would also be mine I'm your cousin Judith therefore a mother's eyes and in the world the brother you do not have yet I'm not your brother nor do I desire to be I look at you with the same ice any other man and have done since before you married edward and when he died I i hoped i hope that our away i did this no more rows wit no one looking back that's my mess look at me but of course I am reckon on your brother Ellering flying out the dogs he's in heaven Judith don't grieve for him or birch red pop Brennan's morning is enough to bear you see foul and devious I've become because of you how each bloody axles one difficulty erase it came off when wanted was your love who else anoint this tacit twigs with oil shut up as I was so many bad like to lose now Judith I'm not even panic somewhat you can get marry me thank you right I'm not saying my soul is already know you're a kind and gentle man go man if I know closer in me not today they love me we can leave this place takaya the loss have you first do that I'm sorry miles and so will he hang had fire Myles Collier I have no doubt the law judges the crime not the man and he killed twice strange that love can be more dangerous than hate we're lucky you and I but our loving days are over are we well safe journey sister and an early return these cuttings of yours do not flourish I shall be back immediately brother Oh was niall nog with you he is seeing sister magdalene to the gate oh I wish to speak with you alone well come in thank you you have helped me through much doubt and an turmoil brother and much guilt and now I need your reassurance yet again could you still have much to give and to be given and should feel no disloyalty in that you reassured Edward was as wise as he was loving unlike me he would have been quick to see the worth of our mysterious prom Smith he would approve of Niall and wish you great happiness together though as to being together I trust he has told you all his story we meet tomorrow thank you her name is rose Alba welcome home result mm-hmm would father Abbot approve Cara hmm monk and much Minka oh come hardly that but it's written in the room and so the sorrowful and love the young I think perhaps a pear tree here didn't you hmm trained low slow whole family come pick them you