Cain vs Ngannou What Happened


Chael Sonnen


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the way it works in when you're when you're on campus of ESPN particularly now with them having the rights and showing the UFC and having this exclusiveness is Errol and I are on set so the the moment that cane gets done with in Ghana interview interview boom back to Bristol which happens to be Errol and I and we're on we're on T I mean immediately not a full minute no way was it a minute more like 20 seconds and I offer you this because there's a relevance which is I went on SportsCenter and I did a fantastic job I must say I say that cane comes out I don't like canes game plan they're trying to tie this into an Ghana's uppercut other people are trying to tie it into canes buckled knee I saw something else completely I saw cane a guy who hadn't been in the ring for almost a thousand days come out there and not know how to engage which is a very real thing he was looking to start a fight Cain was looking to start a fist fight he's didn't know how he hadn't been in there in a long time and he just didn't know how do I get from point A to point B he had two options as I saw it he could use his boxing starting with the jab to start to find out where the bigger and slower and Ghana was start to follow that up with some hands or he could change elevation and blast him with a shot is a skill that Cain Velasquez has but so many people forget he has it because he doesn't show it off very often but those are his two options not rocket science and not completely indifferent from everybody else have fought that night or everybody else in the history of fighting but that is how I saw it I'm right I am right particularly with the vision of hindsight because option three which is the only other option he had which is not one of the options I put on the table was to come out and start a fist fight with kicks that was a terrible idea I do not say that to kick cane Cain is incredible Cain has had an incredible career Cain is tougher and he'll and Cain can handle my criticism I tell you that because I would not kick a guy when he's down and I'm not doing that to Cain but to come out and start a fistfight with kicks when it is the least of his great weapons in any sporting event you show up with your plan a you are number one offense any sport I don't care if it's basketball football hockey I don't care what we're talking about here you bring plan a to the table when plan a gets stuff you go to plan B when Plan B gets stuffed you go to Plan C of which most guys don't even have in fairness they don't even have it King came out with Plan C right off the bat he was throwing kicks as a way to engage there has been one fighter in the history of the sport to be successful by starting a fistfight with a kick and his name is John Jones and a lot of it is because he has an incredible link and he can come across the ring when the other guys fast and fresh and just as unpredictable as him and start the action with a kick he can do it from a range that other people can't Kayne's kicks not only were they a bad idea and I'm offering to you that I understand why he did he was just trying to start a fight he hadn't been in there in a while the one thing that happened guys always hear about ring rust ring rust for the most part isn't real but the speed very much is the speed that a live fight happens in is something that with an absence of doing it your eyes play tricks on you I've only gone through this one time and a lot of this is a self-reflection but I've seen other guys do it I was just able to relate I was just able to relate and I could see what was going on with Kane it was a different speed the lights the camera the action the impotant front of you here's the moment there's just a different feeling when you have that level of anticipation and you're a guy like Kane that wants to get it on right now he was trying to start a fight he just went about it the wrong way he should have either punched his way in or he should have changed elevation that's relevant changing of elevation to protect him and then rushed him gone for the shotgun for the wrestling gone for the takedown he tried to start a fight with kicks not only were they sloppy not only were they not set up not only did they repeatedly miss which I thought would have triggered him to realize this is not a good idea when he threw the first sloppy slow and misplaced kick I thought that what it triggered him to not throw the second slow sloppy and misplaced kick instead it warranted in his mind to go ahead and throw a third sloppy slow and missed place kick when he finally got in close don't forget what now he's now getting close to he's getting close to a guy who's burned no energy and just watched his opponent throw three air balls so Angada throws an uppercut puts came down knocks him out ends a night okay fine it's about the only damn way you can deal with Cain Velasquez from the footage I've seen through his very long career that has led him to world championships and will lead him to a spot in the Hall of Fame the only way that I have ever seen anybody be able to deal with Cain Velasquez is to knock his ass out I've never seen buddy out positioned him I've seen never seen anybody out submission him I've never seen anybody out point him or out strike him around condition him I mean he's damn near invincible if you go back and look at his career as a body of work in his flat impressive period but he is a human being if he can hit his news button he will go to sleep okay great so I get one SportsCenter and I said what I just said dan by it good analysis by me probably why I have the job but then I get a phone call I get a phone call from Ladd now you guys know lad that is an ongoing character on this show it is Joel son The Godfather for you loyal listeners of which there are a plenty you know exactly what I'm talking about but in case somebody new tuned in today I thought I would set the stage for who'll add it who lattice so it calls me a shield great job on sports said I said well thank you lad I appreciate you watching he goes too bad you didn't get anything right I said excuse me he said in Ghana didn't knock him out with an uppercut Oh guys I need to add this very relevant to the story at the same time that an GaN ohit's came with an uppercut and knocks him clean out Dominick Cruz who was on the microphone and cage side says his knee just went out I'm not a doctor and I don't pretend to be I'm not a lawyer but I do pretend to be a lawyer I don't even pretend to be a doctor with you guys right however Dominick Cruz just went through three knee surgeries so for Dominick Cruz to see something and instantly say his knee went out carries a lot of weight with me to lean to the favor of he's right his knee probably just went out if there's any expert who's got an incredible seat and it was all about knee injuries and cage fight it's Dominic Cruz so immediately after there was a narrative that started team Cain is saying hey his knee buckled that's what happened to fight his knee buckled team Francis's say we hit you with an uppercut and put you out jail is coming to you and telling you that Francis knocked out Kane with an uppercut because of Kane's poor gameplan of leading with kicks subsequent arguments subsequent analysis oh by the way something happened to his name Ladd calls me says you're too bad you think anything right so now what do you what you mean he said she'll there wasn't a punch landed in that fight it's like what he's saying to me and got him with an uppercut knocked him out he said she'll go rewatch it and ganas uppercut never touches him there was not a punch landed from either guy in that fight I say that I've watched that fight three times now I watched it live and I did a replay twice of which for the replay on SportsCenter we played the fight in its entirety which is the first time the history of Sports Center that I can recall an entire game being played in its entirety as the highlight so lad I seen it three times are you sure about this there's not even a dialogue out there lad aside from this funcle' I'm getting right now that says that in god oh did not make contact what came subsequent to the knee he goes chill and don't forget for you guys lad has autism so the lad says to me cuz chill I have autism I barely even know how to lie this is worse - so that's pretty damn funny right I go ok ok lad I will give that to you but are you sure I saw the same thing you saw you're saying you saw five times I saw it three times are you sure so went back and re-watch it for a fourth time I think lad got this one now I want to break this down for any of you whose eyes also play tricks on you much like mine yes and Donald threw the uppercut and yes he did touch cane I do not make believe that this was an air ball or a popcorn punch or that it didn't happen but if you do watch it and in fairness to lads point the uppercut turned into a push he threw the uppercut but then it did like his push this push motion not a punch motion so I will tell you guys now I don't have a full analysis for you to run this one back and in some way take credit away from Mangano who deserves incredible credit by the way I don't attempt to run that back but I wonder if your guys's eyes might have played the same tricks on you as mine played on me cuz I sure as hell's and I didn't disagree with the knee perhaps the knee went out at the same time perhaps and he went out and then the uppercut landed but both my eyes told me this like watching a magic act I guess I guess there was a sleight of hand here but when I went back and I watched that super slow because of the phone call I got from a kid who swears he's not very good at lying I saw the push I saw a punch throw that did turn into a push and King came out I said that his knee pop I don't know what to make of that I would love to give you guys an update on Cain but I don't have one Dominic said that his knee went out Cain then came out very quickly and at the post fight press could have been a bigger gentleman by the way and said my it popped I heard a pop I don't know what pop means I don't know if that means that when he got up and did his post-fight interview and walked himself then it popped back in which I'm hoping I'm very much hoping there was nothing torn but nothing's really been spoken of that inner injury also if you guys haven't been paying attention as of late and it's roughly the last 12 months but the UFC by habit would always interview both guys involved in a main event or involved in a title fight they have stopped doing that by interviewing the person that came in second if a stoppage takes place and the reason for doing that is they thought you know we're getting some guys who are saying some stuff that's a little wacky that the guys themselves are wishing they hadn't said but don't fully remember saying because they just suffered either a TKO or Anaka so they stopped interviewing this case they did interview Kane so whatever was that they saw they believe Kane was a stable mind to conduct an interview after what was called a 26 second knockout which would lead me by evidence to also believe that the UFC and the decision-makers who were there did not think that there was his brutal punch Landis that I did I watch I think you guys would probably like me go chip sure sure he was knocked out with an uppercut know I think lad got this one I think it was the knee in conjunction with the punch being throw it with an overall with an overlapping storyline of visually how it appeared with our eyes play tricks on us or not a punch was thrown and the big guy went down and got swarmed fight needed to be stopped right call I thought I would just give you that recap a couple other thoughts on this though first off to get Kane back in there with this layoff was a story that was never told and I can't tell it for you guys now I don't know when Kane was absent I believe we all concluded that Kane was hurt because a big part of Kane's career has been that Kane is often hurt so I think when we just didn't see him we just led to the conclusion whether it was UFC 200 or some subsequent training that Cain Velasquez was hurt what Kane came out during his fight week media obligations then it tell the story with great clarity but did make it clear that no he was not hurt he was in a contract dispute the reason I bring you up is I'd like to give Kane a little bit of credit how many guys particularly top guys have we ever seen in a contract dispute that don't take that to the media and the public and turn the gun and try to put down the promotion and say the promotion's not treatment be total dicks and the media about it try to embarrass their employer in their boss in this regard we had a guy who had a dispute of whatever it was of whatever I think we all instantly assumed it was financial but there's many things that go into a contract and I really don't know but how pleasant that we saw a top guy a main event guy handle his business Oh Wyatt Lee and professionally and it would also appear by the evidence of him being in there as recently as Sunday in a main event spot that he got his way perhaps there's a lesson here isn't there if you have some kind of a dispute or you have something you would like to talk out perhaps you should follow Kane and do it appropriately and professionally and most importantly privately because it would appear that cane got his needs and his concerns to be listened to I would offer you that