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Where do you think our pit stop's going to be here? Wherever I can drive this knife into people. Okay, got it. Wow. Rated M for Mature. Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of PlayStation Underground. This is Tim, and I'm joined by a couple special guests here from Treyarch Studios. We have David Vonderhaar and we have Miles Leslie. - Hello, how are you? - Hello. Doing great, thanks for joining us today. Thanks for letting us come up and play around. Tell us about what you're doing with Operation Grand Heist in general as it pertains to Blackout. Right, so Operation Grand Heist has got a lot of great stuff going on for Blackout fans. So first off, obviously Ghost Town, which is a primary new destination. But beyond that, this map itself has had some significant work done on it in terms of the supporting structures or destination. So things that are not necessarily named on the map. Some are brand new. Some have been expanded. And what that does is give us more opportunities for more loot in more places, and that gets more important as we add more game modes into the mix and we try various combinations of players. There's also a prestige system so you're no longer capped at 80 stars, we call it, or 81. And there's lots of quality of life improvements in the looting and inventory system in general, so you can pick up a weapon and swap the attachments against the gun that you're currently holding in real time. You can grab something and equip it immediately. So that includes medical supplies or a grenade. If you like to grab a combat axe, you can throw it and then you can pick it up again and throw it. Right, so that just speeds things along and makes it a little bit easier to take inventory management and work with those things. I love it, just like I love that jump; that was a great drop. - See, he knows what he's doing. - Well managed. Let's see how we do here. It's going to be a little bit more chaotic now. Potential collapse detected. Relocation to indicated safe zone is advised. Yes, we got to go to the far circle. So what Miles is doing right now is dropping into the Buried section. So Ghost Town is made up of Buried from Zombies experience. And then it's also made up of Outlaw or Standoff from the MP experience. And we normally don't comingle both of these sides of things together and put them in a way. Never in our history has there been any reason or excuse to actually take a Zombies map and then throw it in with the multiplayer experience. And that's exactly what this does, and both of these areas are western themed towns, and that's about all they've had in common this entire time until they land as a primary new grand looting destination inside of the Blackout. Yes, but they mesh together so well, don't they? - Swap and attach. - Oh, that's great. So you just hit triangle. So now he swapped all the attachments on the weapon he's holding with the one. - Love that. - Right. Just some simple things that you can do to help this along, and depending on which inventory settings he's using. Can you look at your quick equip? Miles, will you pull up the thing? Yes, wait till he gets more than one of something. So you can see it on the medical, but I need one more. Yes, yes, we'll show you what we're talking about. Keep an eye out for some more med kits here. So one cool thing that I've been loving following on the ramp up to Operation Grand Heist is there's been Easter eggs-- Oh, I heard some gunfire there. There's been some Easter eggs scattered around the Blackout map on the ramp up to the reveal of Ghost Town, right? Yes, so a lot of fans-- actually-- people actually did not pick up on it as quick as we thought it would, but in the end, by the time we got closer, it started to get some traction. So you would see--here's a great place for swap and attach, by the way, if he wants to hold his current gun. So that's a tactical that he just towed everything from. So anyway, sorry, what ends up happening with that is a lot of the supporting structural destinations around the map, we put down survey sticks, right, as an indicator that if you go into a brand new construction site-- "Pardon our dust" type situation. Exactly, so that was a little teaser, and then actually where Ghost Town is on the map had some pretty literal callout references to Buried if you understood Buried and were a fan of that. There's the clock from Ghost Town that was originally hanging in the map. Is that one of the Easter eggs that was there? It was, yes, the clock from Outlaw up above we buried in, which was cool. The players kind of stumbled upon it like, "Oh, wait a minute here." And we actually put it in the location that it was going to end-- that it is now. - That's amazing. - Which was a nice little nod. I think when you're playing the game, you're trying to survive, so the last thing you're doing is staring at everything, but we have got all sorts of crazy little things going on, and the players do not catch all of them all the time. And we're going to keep that up, so a shout out to the first person who finds what might be in the map right now. - You never know. - Ooh. You're going to have to jump in and find out. Yes, I'm a sucker for that kind of thing, so keep up the good work. I think you want that armor. - I like that. - Nice. - Yes. - I got to get going here. Now I want to see the Cosmic Silverback wearing level three armor. - You want to see that? - Yes, let's see it. - That's a good call. - Yes. The Cosmic Silverback wearing level three armor. - Ooh, man. - That's just a big boy. He was already a beefy boy. That's a beefy boy, yes. Beefy boy. People are just going to put down their guns as soon as they see you honestly. - It's really intimidating. - I just want to go brawler. I got circle problems here, I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, how far is your nearest vehicle? - Oh, I hear-- - Or you can just take that one. - Uh oh. - Uh oh, no. He's out of there. What is the origins of the Cosmic Silverback? Where does this beautiful beefy boy come from? - Where does-- - That's some Zombie madness. That's great. This is a story that has a deep heritage and tradition, and I'm not even sure how appropriate it would be to talk about. There is some friends of Treyarch who the Cosmic Silverback may be named after directly or indirectly. Okay, okay, we can keep it at that. People can research the mystery on their own. So I've seen now the circle problems that you reference, which is--that's the tradeoff. There's a lot of good loot to be had there, but you ended up on the fringes. A hundred percent, and I'll be honest with you, it is because sometimes I'm so focused on-- - Loot Goblin. - Yes, looting up or trying to kill people-- You are so Loot Goblin. I do terrible circle management, which is why I rely on everyone else in my squad to yell at me, "What are you doing?" I also selfishly asked you to focus on Ghost Town for so long, so not playing one-to-one like you would. - Absolutely my fault. - That's not nice. - I'm just kidding. - You need to-- - Your manners are poor. - I apologize. - Yes, good. - It's my own fault. Are there any other potential-- so are there any other potential Blackout updates that we might see on the map as we're hoofing it over into the circle? I think you've mentioned some other examples. The path he's on is not going to lead us through the finest version of those things. Can you show me the map real quick, Miles? However, the circle management now, if he can find a vehicle, we can drive you right up to one. - Yes. - So this area did not specifically need any help. Oh my gosh. This is real life Blackout. This is all of its-- it's not pretty. This is what happens when I play with my squad too. I'm always going, "Circle, circle, circle," and they're all still the Loot Goblins, they're all still trying to kill somebody that's 4,000 yards behind us. I'm like, "Let's just go to the circle." You got to be the adult in the situation. You're just like, "Listen, this is great, but--" I mean, the squad that I play with has some real hardcore slayers on it, and they get super hyper aggressive on how many kills can they put down in a single round. - And I'm like, "I like to win." - Yes. And getting the most kills is not necessarily the key to victory. Yes, because, I mean, you can make it to the top two just by avoiding contact for as long as possible. Well, you can. I can, yes. I believe that's your primary principal playstyle. - Am I right? - A hundred percent, yes. That does not result in a victory condition for you. No, not so much for me in previous time, but-- Grab the ATV and go. That's why we had to have you guys come in and just tell me what I'm doing wrong. Yes, the randomness of the map that we've currently loaded has allowed us to spend all of our time in Ghost Town to run across the rest of the map. - That's great. - That does not make for great video capture. You'll still have at least two hit points - when you encounter someone. - Yes, it'll be fine. He did burn all of his health. Someone's going to sneeze on me and that'll be it. You have level three armor, I want no excuses. I want only victory conditions. - Sir, yes, sir. - That's right. Supply drop inbound. Just no excuses. You're still not in the circle. You see busted glass-- oh, the ATV's parked there. That's going to be a problem here. Yes, not unless you eliminate them and take all of their health. I'm going to sweep the leg. Sweep the leg. [SIGHS] So what's your plan now? - Let us inside of your mind. - Okay. So right now I'm freaking out. So it's a little scary because I have no health. I don't really want to burn my sensor dart, but I probably should. I'm also looking for health here. Yes, someone's been through here so they probably got all the health. Just straight looted it all. Yes, so you're wasting your time. It's tough. Maybe you get lucky. This door is closed and that scares me. [ALL "OOHING"] Aw, man! [HUMMING DEFEATED DITTY] So now what's going through my head is I'm totally screwed. I don't know what to do. - I've completely-- - That's Blackout, har-har! - Yes, that's right. - That's Blackout, har-har! - Got to add the "har-har." - Welcome to Blackout. Someone left the door open for you, that's nice. Thank you. Yes, and this is why circle management is key. Yes. - I think he took your ATV. - He might've. The circle's right here, so it's okay. I really just--just one, just one health somewhere. - Yes. - No. The intensity is real though. I'm drenched in sweat right now. [EXPLOSION] - Ooh. - That was an explosion. Whoa. I'm going to roll up and someone's just going to be sitting in a bathroom. Psht, never. - Does that never happen? - It's not a valid strategy. Do you guys have any other preferred places? All things being created equal, what place do you like to drop most consistently? The new support structure additions fit my playstyle perfectly with my crew, as we like to go around on the outside of destinations. So there's a new one back there we call the Camp Site behind the offices, behind Hydro that I love personally, and I just love looting up these areas that are on the edges and then working my way in. - Ooh, hello! - A little inconspicuous. Just like a Cosmic Silverback. Oh, oh, he's--oh. - He's yours. - He's going to be a problem. Oh, he got back on there. - Oh no. - Well. You're getting the high ground? I don't know where he went. You wasted that dart. So easy to armchair quarterback in Blackout. I can just sit around and criticize someone else's play all day long. Right? It's like, "Wow, that was a bad decision." I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourself here because-- Oh, someone on the roof. [GUNFIRE] Oh, shoot. Okay, that's okay, that's okay. It's like we're actually playing right now, like we're in a squad and we're trying to help you out. - It's okay, it's okay. - Only five hit points left. I think if he looks at you funny, you're going to die. - We're okay here. - No. - Ready? - No, you don't. - You have no health. - Don't worry about it. - It's fine. - Run away. Here's what's going through my head now. You're going to die to the circle. No, no, here we go, here we go, here we go. You're going die to the circle. Prone to victory. You're going to die to the circle. - Prone to victory. - You have five hit points. Don't worry about it, it's going to be fine. We're going to be okay. We have made it. The circle's been waiting its entire existence for this moment. The circle does not care about me at all. Okay, don't worry, he won't hear me. This is the slowest game in the history of Blackout. [HEARTBEAT] That's right, I mean, this has been great. We can always jump into another one. I don't know what you mean, I'm going to win this. No, that would be a fantastic comeback story. - Wouldn't it? - I love sliding with the-- There it is. Let's get back in there. KillCam, KillCam, KillCam. - We must watch-- - Watch me just-- - Oh. - Oh, no way! That's what he needed, huh? - Why is that thing-- - Oh, he just--what? - Wait, what? - Oh, wow. This--oh, this was another guy that was trying to-- Well, that's because all he had to do was sneeze at me. - Oh, I see. - Yes, there it is. I didn't hear those first couple shots. All right, we're jumping into one more match. We have succumbed to the one more round syndrome. Uno más. So feel free. Jump into whatever you like, what makes you feel fancy here. We're going to try something different here. We're going to show you an area of the map that just didn't exist yesterday that exists today, which is a new supporting structure place. Miles can tell you all about it while I try to land there. Of course, because we're actually playing on the day that the Operation Grand Heist is launched, so this is fresh for us. Operation Grand Heist, one of these things we've done is take a look at the entire Blackout map and looked at the distribution of these supporting structures, as we call them, and we've added a few big ones at the corners. One at the top, one at the bottom in the west. Vahn's dropping to one right now. We call this the Camp Site. Got the Camp Site to myself, it looks like. And this is really cool because it's behind what used to be more of a hot drop, offices by Hydro, and this is really putting a lot of pressure on the edges and squeezing into the map. - That's great. - So those are the new ones we've done, and across the entire map, we've taken a look at all the support structures and added more buildings and cover and other things to help leapfrog you from support structure to support structure in between the destinations so that you always have some space to loot and get to as well. Awesome, yes, these are the areas I like to land in so that I can actually fool myself into thinking I might win a round every now and again. That was the whole reason we added them. Perfect, thank you so much, thank you. You're welcome. Psychological. It's funny, though, because we did, when we first started, we do everything on paper, and we call these "one sheets," and we had all these support structures, and we actually went super HAM. We thought there was too much and we were like, "Okay, let's pare it down," and we pared it down, and then through playing and retail and just looking at everything, we actually brought a lot of it back because, like you said, having these buildings and these spaces is actually really good. Yes, definitely. And it's just they're so discreet that I feel like it doesn't pull in-- - It doesn't hurt. - your average player, and so you feel smart for having chosen the outskirts, the slightly less flashy area to go check out. I think as well, and this is for me personally, is I get attached to a route, which is-- and I feel it's like a personal thing, where I'm like, "All right, we're going to go gas station, and then we're going to go bricks," these random names that you have. Your squad comes up with names for your favorite spots. And now you have more of these opportunities. "We're going to go Camp Site, then we're going to go check offices, and then we can rotate from Hydro or we can go down to train." One of my favorite things about working on Blackout is half the stuff that has a name wasn't something that was named. The design document for this didn't necessarily say anything, or whatever the name ends up being because of whatever people called it just ends up being that way. And it's the fun thing, it's, "What is that?" "It's the Camp Site." Will that stick? I don't know. Does it matter? Not remotely. But the fans own it. I think that's a really interesting thing that happens as a result of working on something like this with so much stuff in it. It's a lot of fun. A perfect example for that is, one is obviously the offices, but even if you go to MP, you know, we had the map Fringe in BO3, people called the white house "Grandma's House." That was the name of it. We did not name it Grandma's House, but that's what it's known. I wish we could track back that etymology. - I want to know. - What's funny is we actually put that building-- parts of Fringe are in Blackout across Rivertown. So we've sprinkled that throughout as well and preserved some of those engagements as well from MP. I love that. - So Mr. Vonderhaar. - Yes, sir. Let us inside your head a little bit. What's your plan? Is it just getting all the good stuff and working your way towards the more popular-- So I actually have a little bit of a ways to go, so I bounced out of the section and I'm doing the loot and go, so as I run by things on my way to the circle, and I'm still looking for a 5.56 gun, because I have a 7.62. This is technically a 5.56 gun, but the grav does not have any attachment capabilities. And it's a great gun for people with better gun skill than me. So I don't have my optimal loadout quite yet. - Got it. - I'm happy with my armor. I have decent equipment. I'm not happy with my attachment situation, and I'm definitely, definitely not happy with my health situation. - I have no med kits. - Sounds like a lot of excuses. I've heard you actually have-- I just am hearing a lot of setup here to getting killed. I just--I don't know. I've read online that actually you don't have to worry about health kits if you don't take any damage, so you could try that strategy. That's a pro strat. He actually has the grav, or, sorry, what's your secondary gun? - Got a rampart and a grav. - Okay, yes. We pulled out some of the Zombie guns and put them out in the world now. So the MP40 and these other ones that you can't actually put any attachments on are just out in the world. - That's another change in the-- - Oh, that's great. In the new operation, which is cool because now you get the opportunity to use these really unique guns. - Outside of the-- - Outside of the other. And since there's no customization, again, it's one of those choices is, do I just take that gun as it is or do I try to take something else? Another change to the guns we did, and Vahn mentioned this before, is LMGs now do almost double damage to vehicles, - which is really cool. - Oh, okay. So that will incentivize you to pick them up outside of trying to shoot players is shooting down vehicles ahead of the Hot Pursuit stuff coming out later this week, which is a vehicle game mode as well. - Could be pretty cool. - Yes. Can you talk a little bit more about Hot Pursuit? Yes, Hot Pursuit--Vahn, do you want to try to go into that - while you're playing? - No, go for it. You start and I'll provide color commentary. So Hot Pursuit's pretty cool. It's a game mode where-- so we got the new muscle car, and basically bad guys can go into this muscle car to try to get away, and when you're in the muscle car, you can see all the Stashes on the map. And the goal is to get to these Stashes and get the loot that's inside of them, the money. - Oh, you're getting shot. - We got company. - Yes, where? - Behind. - Behind? - Might have been from the--oh. - Yes, oh. - From the mountainside. Oh, whoa, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. And then the police vehicles, if you get in them and you turn on the sirens, which are super loud, you actually get a mini sensor dart around your vehicle, which is pretty cool. But the tradeoff there is that people can hear you. So you can use that and try to get near buildings and see if people are in there. And it's basically the cat and mouse switching between-- - It's pretty fun. - Yes, it's a fun thematic, but also just mechanical addition to the formula, and fits with the cops and robbers vibe. - Yes, hundred percent. - That's great. It's really fun because you get people trying to be super sneaky where they're like, they turn on a siren, they're like, "bleb, bleb, bleb," and then they turn it off and you're like, "I heard you, you're not being sneaky." It's the loudest siren ever. Such a good example, I mean, Operation Grand Heist does have a very cops and robbers theme to it. That's why you see cop cars and muscle cars. That's why both MP maps have thematic elements that are directly 100 percent related to the cops and robbers theme. And it's fun for us to think about developing content around this broad stroke sort of borderline-- thank you, sorry, I was-- He was--he was getting into it. Oh, man. To pick up what Vahn's saying so he doesn't die. You guys watch each other's backs. - You're a good tag team. - It's just a tag team. It's just straight tag team here. Is we haven't done this before, we have these themes, right? Like last game and heading into this game, is these thematical operations really allow this wrapper, where it's another layer of thinking about the content and it's really engaged the team to challenge to try to reach that. Hey, we're going to do cops and robbers and this Grand Heist idea. What's some cool ideas we can do across the spectrum of all the different game modes, Blackout and MP, to really sort of lean into that, you know, and own that. I think we've captured it, like Vahn said, and it's really fun for the team, and I think the players are really going to enjoy it. Yes, you chose a really good theme to sort of rally around, like the sort of, you know, reminded of '70s heist movies a bit and really, really great. It's fun with all the different skins as well, like the new specialist outfits and stuff like that. You know, there's cop ones as well for Ruin, and he looks like the old CHiPs motorcycle cop. Oh, I love that because there is that new multiplayer map that's the Casino, yes. Casino, yes, it's over the top. Whenever those outfits come in, we always get a good laugh in the studio because everyone picks them and you're playing against five different Elvises. I know we saw--we saw several Cosmic Silverbacks in the staging area, too, just posing for each other, which is a beautiful moment. - Uh-oh. - Oh, hello. Oh, now he's behind you, you want to go forward. I believe in you, I believe in you, I believe in you. Aw. "Eliminate all other players." All right, so we said it-- we said last match was one more match. Anyway, this is-- this is our last match. We're going to go in for one more. And we may see where people are dropping here, but we may actually go right into Ghost Town. Slow it down, look around. There you go, there you go, there you go. - Now it's on. - Everyone got the memo. Oh, look at that, look at the new streamers in there with the green. See, now that I went slow, this is just-- You're going to get a whole building to yourself. - The church looks fairly-- - Oh no, no, don't land there! Okay, abort--abort mission, abort. Okay, let's hope there's something in here, if not, I'm going to pick up a rock. Vahn, how come you haven't allowed me to pick up rocks? - Okay. - Oh! - Okay. - All right. Hey, we can make this work. We're just going to take all of this and we're going to knife people as well. Okay, we're going to Mobility and Skulker it up. Oh, man, that's good, that's good. That's a--but you need to stop being so wimpy and just land in there and get a gun, man. I mean, I don't know why you have to abort entirely. I'm just trying to get good footage, Vahn, I mean, really, that's all it's for. He's getting good establishing shots of Ghost Town as he runs up here, it's really good. I've--oh, someone could be in the church. - Yes, yes. - Oh, hello. Oh--oh, he has no idea, he has no idea, he has no idea, he has no idea. Oh, there's two though, two. Oh, no, no! - Oh, no! - Not like this. No, run, run, run. - He's behind you. - Potential collapse detected. - That was amazing. - That was a really good cover. That was amazing, I don't know what to do, the adrenaline is pumping, my hands are shaking. But check your circle, because you don't want circle management problems. I'll knife the circle, I don't care. The collapse, knife the collapse. Just--I will stand at the wall-- this window's broken. All right, this is clear. - Okay. - What? - The window. - Window. Oh, you changed it from tactical. Oh, that's--sorry. Yes, he has to play with the regular normal controller that most people play with. Yes, it's actually unacceptable. - All right, we'll change it. - It's freaking me out. I mean, you know. The only reason we leave this in here is because you would cry if I took it out. - I'm just kidding. - It's true. It's not true, you and lots of other people. All right, you got one-- one kill under your belt. I have a feeling that-- I need you to kill 67 other people. - Are you up to it? - Yes. - Yes. - Always. These are all yours. Oh, there you go. You know what, I'm going to keep the knife. - Really? - Yes. - Really? - Yes, oh, yes. I mean, it's lucky now. You don't want that scope? No, I don't like scopes. - Really? - Yes. Ugh, that's--that's-- that's abnormal. - Well-- - Oh, hello! - Oh, oh. - Well done. - Okay, okay. - Man, that hurt. Is he raging in your mic? - He did not. - Yes. That guy just--he heard about Ghost Town and how cool it was, he just wanted to check it out. Oh, oh. You are so insane. Check your map, dude, you might have a long run. Please stop yelling at me. I'm trying to help you, okay, I'm trying to help you. Why are we whispering? You said don't yell at you. - Okay. - Okay. To your right. I'm really nervous. This is--my hands are actually fully drenched. There's no pressure to perform. Yes, this is-- I didn't choose the streamer life, the streamer life chose me, I guess. Will you please check your map? You're stressing me out. - Give it just a little tap. - Okay, just-- The zoom-out. Oh, my God. - All right, boys, this is-- - Circle management. Next level circle manage-- here we go. Here we go, here we go. You know what? You cannot win the game without circle management. [SIGHS] And I am the best tactician in the game. I feel like I went to school and Vahn is my teacher in circle management, and I'm failing. It's a tough one, you know? We had a pop quiz today and I'm failing. Pop quiz, kids! Circle management, what do you do? The student-pupil relationship takes time to develop. Yes, we're going on almost-- - 10 years. - Yes, 10, 14 years. You should look into office hours as well, it's really underutilized. So where do you think our pit stop's going to be here? Wherever I can drive this knife into people. Okay, got it. Wow. Rated M for Mature. Got my head on a swivel. A vehicle would be nice too. A vehicle would be nice, okay, this is-- This has been pilfered. This is how bad things happen. Yes, I shouldn't-- I shouldn't even stop. I don't even know why I'm stopping, see? But I self-realized, right, so some of those lessons are kicking in. I just felt--felt Vahn yelling at me in my brain. I don't actually yell. - He just talks loudly. - I use my-- - Broadcasting voice. - My broadcast--oh, oh, oh. - Oh, hello! - Oh, oh! Oh, you're going to get it, buddy. Oh, you're going to get it. Go say hello. Oh. Okay, good for you. So it seems like he has a gun as well. Confirmed. Oh, you got two, don't you? No, we're solos. No, I know, but I thought I saw a guy below. - Okay. - Oh, just take it and go. - Beautiful. See you later. - Yes. I mean, sometimes survival's, you know, - the most important thing. - Again, again, that was Vonderhaar little angel on my shoulder saying, "Get out! Run away!" - See? - Circle management. You can say what you want. - No, I'm being serious. - I know, sometimes. I really wanted to go knife him, but-- I know, but then you get goblins and then you die to the blue. The restraint you displayed there is really mature-- You know what, you know what, I think you graduated today, son. It's been a long time coming. Vahn just handed me a diploma, if you can't-- I know you can't see this. The calligraphy is great. I actually want to turn around and kill him now. I'm struggling internally. Yes, but if you try to run him over, he's going to destroy you with his LMG. This is true. Okay. Okay, that's not how you drive. It looked really cool. - We're doing style points. - All right, yes. For your sophomore year, it will be-- - You'll learn how to drive. - Learn how to drive school. One thing at a time, sensei. So where are we headed? You know what, I hadn't really thought about that, so we're going to go to Asylum now, we're just-- Great, well, I mean, that's perfect, you know, because you got Buried as part of Ghost Town, so you can connect with the other, you know, sort of Zombies part of the Blackout map. - That's great. - Zombies are life. And it's interesting because they're actually dead. Buried is the best Zombies map of all time. Don't @ me. Oh, man. The gorilla just makes too much noise. It always cracks me up people want to be Reaper, the robot, or the gorilla, and it's like, well, if you hear a gorilla and no one in your squad is a gorilla, then you know someone's nearby, so, it's basically giving yourself away. Life's about tradeoffs though, so sometimes you just got to be a noisy gorilla or a robot and-- The most popular characters in Blackout are actually the Blackout characters, which gives me great, great hope for humanity. - Is that true? - Yes, no, it's a true story. I looked it up, yes, true story. - Scary zombies. - So here's the swap and attach. - I love the SWAT. - Yes, do you? Yes, I do. Well, you're the only one. I'm just kidding, it's actually a super popular weapon. I'm joking, I'm joking, a joke. It's just--it's really fun to use. Are you able to name a couple of the more popular Blackout characters? Oh, yes, drop some stats, Vahn. I already dropped the stat. That's the only stat you're dropping? We need a new stat. Okay, Vahn, what am I doing here? Sensei circle. You're too good to run the circle edge like us weaker players, so it's important for you to kind of run towards the middle and then get into a fight and then get at least five or six kills or you can turn in your resignation. Okay, I have it ready back home. You've had it ready every day since we started working together, just waiting. Just in case, you never know. - Break--you break glass. - Break glass. We have that recorded if you need to reference that - at any point. - You're all witness. All right, well, sorry, Tim, we're getting a little carried away. Is there something we can tell you or help you with? - What--where-- - He's like, "I don't think so." What would you be doing if you had the controller? Yes, Vahn, what would you be doing because I'm-- - I feel like I'm failing you. - No, I want-- no, I want you to do center line circle - and get in the thick of it. - Okay. Now, I--so first up-- Part of the fun is comparing strategies, I think. Now for real, if-- if I'm playing in this scenario, and if I'm solo especially, but even if I'm quad, so it depends on which group I'm running with. My PlayStation team is super, super aggressive, right? And I have to just basically try to keep up with them all the time. Yes, you're looking good there. I like--until the late game, right, and depending on if we're quads or not, I--I do what they call circle edge--oh, nice. That's going to be handy. - Ooh, you're doing good. - Hello. Oh, hello, life. So I like to run the edge of the circle. So as the collapse is coming, I'm basically trying to keep the combat in front of me. You all saw what happened earlier if I get my back turned, right? I don't have the gun skill to spin on people. So I'm trying to control my field of view, I'm trying to make sure that the fight is most likely going to be in front of me and that I create that fight, meaning I see them, I come into their view, not they come up on me. So that's a strategy that I play because I-- I'm so--well, I'm old, let's be honest. I like how you're, "I'm old." You're playing to your strengths. Yes, right, that's right. Should always manage to your strengths. He's a veteran is, I think, a better way to say. What'd you--what'd you say-- what'd you call us earlier? - Old guard. - Old guard. We are old guard, right? So I think it's a--but this is the great thing about Blackout, you can win and not necessarily be the best gun. It helps, I mean, don't get me wrong, the guys with amazing aim are going to do great. But you can also win with smarts, you can win with loadout, you can with strategy, you can win with tactics. And it's not just about who can pull the trigger on the other guy quicker than the other one, right? We've won games by outsmarting opponents, - and that feels good. - Yes. It feels good to put that experience-- That's why I was always a search and destroy fan in multiplayer, because I, you know, it's like I felt like I could win because I could out-think the opposition, and, you know, do I go left, do I go right. So, me, I'm running the circle edge. It's kind of what Miles is doing right now. He's keeping the circle to his back, he's taking advantage of the unlooted territory in front of him. When you do that, no one can come in behind you or they cannot come in behind you as easily, and if they do it's kind of your own fault for not checking your backside. That's great perspective because it makes me feel - like there's hope on my side. - There is hope. Let me tell you about something we did for folks like you inside this with the merit system overhaul. So, we did-- with the Prestige System, we also changed the way the merits work, so basically 50% of all players are going to get, quote, paid out, end quote, for playing, so that if you don't-- you will receive merits now for having positions that weren't necessarily top 5 or top 10 or top 15, especially in solo and especially in quads-- or duos, sorry, duos and-- so now we'll give more merits for folks who are, you know, doing well without doing really well, so that you can feel like you can advance in the progression system, And that doesn't necessarily make the rich richer in that case because it's pushing it down, whereas the players at the top are sort of earning - what they've always earned. - Okay. And then the other side of that, which I think was pretty cool, is we have, in this particular version, sort of expanded the way the merit pool works. Everything gets multiplied by about 10. So it still takes the same length of time to level up as it always has, but the big difference here is you now have the opportunity to award more merits - for more things more often. - Okay. So a kill used to be worth one merit, now it's--ooh. A kill used to be worth one merit, but now it's worth 10, right? So things worth 100 should be worth 1,000, that kind of scenario gives us the opportunity to create new opportunities to award merits and find new ways to help you level besides just kills and placements, which is the prime-- kills, placements, and challenges. By the way, everybody, make sure you're looking at your challenge pages. I think a lot of people leave a lot of merits on the table. I was two pickup items away from a lot of merits recently until I went back and checked it. That's a very fast way to level up-- Do your homework. So we just got some gunfire from the west. It looks like the far house, there's a helicopter landing here, so this guy might have set up shop, had the same idea I had is go to the far edge. Okay, all right. Some banging, hearing some banging. So he knows you're here somewhere. But what he doesn't know is I got this. Yes. You should repair your armor. I'm just trying to help, not micromanage. [SIGHS] Heavy sigh. How is your-- how is your armor doing? And also you should equip the other health pack. I mean, I'm not trying to armchair quarterback or micromanage, I'm just saying, these are opportunities for you to be more successful, and my job is to make you successful. - Okay, thank you. - All right, you're welcome. Also, you really should have a scope, but we're going to leave that one off the table. - Just having fun. - Thank you for your feedback. I'm going to file that. So are you going to steal the helicopter? You know what, now that you've said that, the answer is yes. - Okay, great. - Just for fun? I mean, they're just giving it away, basically. Yes, but there's no point in taking it. It's so much noise. - Oh yes. - Okay. See, that guy's a camper. And Miles--Miles-- Miles love campers. I don't like this guy, you know, he's rubbing me the wrong way sitting in this--this-- wherever he's sitting. - He'll sit in the bathroom. - Yes, sit in the bathroom. Guess what, monkey's here to play. Oh, man, monkey is here to play. Miles is the master at reading where the mini map is. Okay, first. Oh, he's up there. I saw--I saw that, man. Yes! [GUNFIRE] He wasn't expecting the Cosmic Silverback. He might jump outside, that's what I would do. Yes, that's what you would do. - Try to come in behind you. - Get inside their head. Is he going for the helicopter? No. There he is. Oh, you heard-- you called it. Or he's just breaking glass. - Oh, yes, it's on! - Nice. - Nice kill, Miles. - Thank you. - Well done. - Oh, look at all that beautiful health. - Oh, my gosh, yes. - Thank you. So this is a classic hoarding situation. Check the second tab. Yes, so thank you for collecting all this for me, you know, I really appreciate it. This is a new system you brought in where people give it to you. See the--see the gray here on the--on this thing? This is actually one of the quality of life improvements where if you look at the gray thing it just means you're already maxed out on that ammo type so you understand there's no point in taking it. I'm freaking out just sitting there. I forgot to mention that earlier. Okay, well, that felt pretty good. All right, there's only 13 left in this game. Miles, it also looked good, I just wanted to mention. -Thank you, I appreciate that. -So now you have good footage. And now this house is yours, you own it legally, so that's-- the deed has been signed. - Possession is 9/10ths. - Yes. Miles, can I see the map real quick please? Yes, yes, please--I mean, there's a draft. I'm neurotic about that too. I'm really happy that you closed that door. - Okay, this-- - Yes, yes, so-- About 30% of this final-- this circle right here is actually out of the map, so. It's just open land now. Yes, see that open land behind that border. This has--we actually expanded the map boundaries so that the map is sort of more shaped in a more consistent way and give us room to experiment. It was actually kind of fun to run along the fence line or bounce back and forth between it, but then you'd be out of bounds. So we actually push the boundary on this side of the map back from the fence so that you can actually use the map boundaries as cover objects, which is not something we-- - Do you hear that? - I do hear that. Yes, yes. Trying to just-- You're talking about literally pushing the boundaries, which is exciting. - But I also do hear-- - Figuratively. Yes, and literally. No, I don't want to-- I'll make sure, it's hard--it's hard to hear enough the game as it is. Yes, I don't feel good sitting here to be honest with you guys. Yes, I don't know, this isn't your style. No, I'm getting antsy. - I want--I want to go hunt. - You should do-- no, you're doing great, bro, it's all you. Eight left, but I also don't have good weapons - to be wide open. - No. I'm going to go to these houses down here, - this is probably-- - Oh, hello! [GROANING] Miles, that was a great game, sir, way to go, sir. I thought you had that, honestly. That was incredibly well done. Let's just edit the end and say I won. Yes, let's put in a number one place. We Photoshop a one. We can--well, I'll handle it in post. Okay. Miles and David, thank you so much. So, yes, Operation Grand Heist is out there now. Quickly, besides the improvements and updates to Blackout, what else can people get in Operation Grand Heist? Yes, so, on the MP side of things, we got two brand new maps. We got Casino and Lockup, which are pretty awesome, very different experiences with those. We also have One In the Chamber right now. That's a new game mode that's out, brought that back. Fans have been asking for that. We also have a new specialist, Outrider, and she's got some really cool stuff overall. And then also out now is League Play, which players have been asking for. It's taken a little bit, but we wanted to make sure we had all the bits in it. Well, gentlemen, thank you for stopping over from Treyarch Studios. So that's Operation Grand Heist, the Blackout mode as it appears on PlayStation 4. There's lots of other good updates in Operation Grand Heist, and that's another episode of PlayStation Underground. Thanks again to the gentlemen from Treyarch for checking out the new updates with us, thank you. Yes, absolutely, thank you for having us. Thank you, that was fun, guys.