Can Regular People Give A Decent Haircut




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- Alright, let's do this. Oh shit. Okay, I'm sorry. Today we're going to see if someone with no haircutting experience can give a decent haircut. (whirring) - You suck. - I think I can give Brighton a decent haircut. I'm gonna try really hard. Hopefully, I don't screw it up. - No, I don't think I'm gonna give a great haircut. - My name is Derek Henriksen and I'm a barber and I've been cutting hair for five year. I currently work at Union Shave in Saugerties, New York, an all American barbershop. I'm here to judge the amateur haircuts and I'm gonna fix them when they're finished. I don't think these haircuts are gonna turn out well. - Are you terrified? - Yes. - What kind of haircut do you want today? - Can you try to give me a tight fade on the back and the sides and then keep it long on the top? - Just a trim at the top, not going too crazy because, again, I don't trust Sean. - Here we go. I'm feeling really confident right now. I'm liking how this is going. How do you feel? Do you feel okay? - I'm sweating really bad. - Are you really? I'm sweating 'cause I'm so nervous. - I'm feeling confident, I dunno about Jay. - Dude, your hand's pretty shaky right now. - How do you think I'm doing so far? - Doing Good. - Good? - [Producer] Is this a good approach? - Yeah, I mean, he's doing alright. - Does everything look even? - Yeah. It might not be that bad. - I'm confident that he will really like it, so I'm gonna start moving on to the front. I'm sorry, I see this right here. - I'm really concerned about the top portion here. 'Cause this is, really you can't screw this up. - Oh no. - That is not what I want to hear. - I know. - I think I'm gonna thin it out first. How do you like your hair, do you like it thin? - No, let's just give it a short trim at the top. - Alright, so I'm gonna thin it out first. I have no rhyme or reason for what I'm doing. - I'm so sorry. This was good. - I'm just gonna take a chunk here. - Stop saying that. That's my ear. That's my ear again. - Ooh, got some skin. I'm gonna break tskin. - Alright, Brighton, it's done. - What do you think? - Looks good. - Not bad, not half way, half decent job, Jay. - Half decent job. - [Producer] Cool, wanna grab the mirror for the reveal? - [Sean] Yeah. - Would you like to see it? - I don't know if I want to, but I guess I should. - What the fuck did you do? - [Sean] It looks good. It looks good, other than the little patchiness here. - [Female Barber] Can you see the back, can you see your bald spot? - Right there? Oh my god! - Overall, this, my bad. The bald spot on the back, whoops. But like, if you don't look at this side, I think that's not I don't think that's that bad. And the styling, I think the swoosh is still in, I think it's a thing. I'm really proud of myself. - My plan to fix this is I have to try to find what this length is, and even this whole top out, bring down these sides. Oh yeah, it's salvageable for sure. For your first, first time, or second time, it wasn't so, so bad on the sides, the top was more of the issue. I kinda was able to take it down a little bit on top and just even it a little. - Looks great. - Yeah, looks good now. - I think I came into it thinking short hair, more masculine cut, I could just buzz it off, I dunno it was just a lot of layers. - It was about what I expected. It was very, very difficult. But I think at the end of the day, he didn't have to do much. I think this is kind what it looked like when I finished. (laughing) So I think I found myself a new profession. (easy music)