Can This SOLID GLASS BALL Survive a 45m Drop


How Ridiculous


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we've got three glasses of spheres and they're right here ding dong and we're gonna drop them from that what's gonna happen how they break up dinosaur great enjoy boys stanford we're going to start small and we're going to get one kilogram oh yeah but both in height and size phenomenal derrick like it's like really um like a black hole like something just bit me it's glass how much does yours weigh it's fairly heavy i'm going to go 13.4 kilos that's 15. you're close what gee settle down what is he saying biting you or is it like the sun through it it's like burning me oh i think that's legit what was happening that's still pretty hot yeah i reckon it's not i think we figured that one out let's get the big one and see if we can start a fire who would have thought but that massive ball of energy that's sending heaps and heaps of crazy stuff towards us oh yeah baby well this could get out of control these are coming soon there's actually going to be a custom hr logo on the ones you can buy but the original rexy doesn't have hr on him yet oh heck oh easy don't burn the stitches you're actually mate we've been trusted gaunts into this too man you've done all right there to be fair i mean i can see the sun when i close my eyes now but it's not quite andy on woody's foot but it's close well anyway this is the big ball this is 40 kilograms 300 millimeters in um diameter but they're just phenomenal everyone like look at the just what it does can anyone do some funny faces behind it oh yeah yep your hand i'll stand back and zoom yeah go for it give me give me something i like how it flips the image you know the old switcheroo so you're upside down now aren't you no if you put all three together yeah what happens it makes it up right another great story is i could genuinely stone derrick with this i would be dead everyone knows glass and everyone knows it shatters but everyone knows glass as windows but balls are strong i think this is like 180 windows you just got to think about that that's a lot of windows that's a lot of windows whoa yes stanford yes bum who's dropping what's happening i don't know you wanna drop that's the point of the game no i'm not dropping okay well who is stanford yes you are a dropper designated what a stinker the idea that this can drop and not break is blowing my mind if that oh scott [Applause] do not stand behind these boys holy moly they could have killed me seriously that is groin territory got a nice solid steel plate to make sure that it cops you know every bit of force even this scares me a bit i feel horrible about dropping glass it's no it's all my naturals i release it bounced and it survived or did it cracky cracky oh oh what does that mean what okay interesting it's just there [Music] so this is today's plan so it's very clear we've got a couple of spares of these guys so we're going to go up the levels up the tower and see what they can survive we've only got one of these so we're saving him for the top yep big question is what damage what bounce how good yep how good here we go everyone drop number oh flip we're up 10 meters here i got to be careful not to hold it in the sun because it'll burn my hand this is the one with the crack horrible feeling throwing glass down three two one [Music] ah that's still really cool i mean i'm excited to do that more times and there's like the impact spot it's got a kona dunshire we learnt a few things then one was it didn't bounce the second was we need were you watching the same footage i was we learned a couple of things there boys right oh well this is about 15 times the weight of that one so yeah gonna be a lot of force part of me thinks this must just smash like the whole thing you know how could you just get a little chip out of the top it's just so much weight all right here we go stanford drop number two let's go anyone you are stanford hey how much of the ball is going to be intact 50 62 i'm going 75 3 2 1 oh oh i reckon i've got at least 75. the noise is like shelling in me bone lift that ball up what do we what do we see oh it really did the same thing as the other one it is it's the cones of dunshin what effect does this give me a name gonson that's the congolais guy in your eye kangaroo gun you're right tell me why it's because the rocks and mars actually made their way down to earth quite a while ago you wouldn't believe it and that is how they assemble together i think that's your worst science with concentration it's a unique it's not even in the middle no no it's like a wonky there's a conga like singular oh the kangaroo naked glass is singing and that's the contest this week someone needs to explain this yes why is it not doing something different why is it doing that and i will say not the necessarily the correct answer but we'll pick an answer the most creative funny answer pillow how close is holy to his goods what you can see me just that's happened just then i love these pants who did it hey stanford perfect you're literally burning a hole in your pocket oh i really am a dad can we just go to the top yeah i reckon i'm over [Music] [Music] so everyone we're going to do this 45 meter drop as you can see x marks a spot onto the steel plate we're actually going to do five things all right got a bowling ball we've got an atlas stone small glassy medium glassy and then big horse glassy for me the question is simple which ball is going to be in the best shape at the end of the drops all righty boys bowling balls coming down oh yeah there we go three two one that held up pretty well good from [Music] bazaar [Music] i'm not going to overdo the analysis it's just pretty classic smash bowling balls all right so we'll put him we'll put him aside and then we'll put the others up against it so you know we can really compare the pair did you get any of your like funky cone effect then on the bowling ball yeah what ah get nothing is okay who's that who's that these walkies are stellar i think you're not using it probably are you yeah it might have stitched up there stanford every stitch up pushes kfc back five minutes oh no not the dirty bird ah i need it i need that grease kfc if you're out there get behind us we love you and we want a mutual love seriously colonel love us back here we go i see one times atlas stone three two one kidding there's your winner right there that is a hundred percent i don't think it's lost anything at all cannot be in one piece i'm amazing oh maybe a chip the only damage on this ball that ain't big [Music] alright we've got the small ball going down boys predictions are we getting cones or smashage go again try again your walkie sucks or you're deliberately being butts which is it maybe we should just use our voices yeah let's just yell again we did see a trampoline back there just thought i'd float that you know idea and plant the seed yeah maybe not the little guy but i'm open to the the middle one oh yeah yeah all right here we go three two one what's hitting oh the phone what the heck was that all about hang on a minute that's just like the other one how does it compare to the other one there i'm very close maybe not twins i only got brothers what do you think if you out there are into the coney journey effect and you understand why express your wisdom how could it be i'll give you i don't know what aaron's filmed but the bit that it's hitting is actually not fracturing coney johny you'll find that in your textbooks in 2022 i reckon do we have the medium ball of wonder ready for another coney joke how good is the canning journey i've embraced it i mean is that not so interesting comment coney joni right now you little punk and if you can't spell it doesn't matter brad it's 11 50 and the kernel's not open forever seriously folks 10 kilograms of solid glass this doesn't obliterate into a zillion pieces oh i don't know it's just blowing my mind are you still chatting up there stanford drop the ball three two one and there we go oh that's why look sexy yep good thanks [Music] [Music] how is that not just smashing everywhere how is it so strong and also how good is it when you've got a flippin pimple on your forehead higher fire for being a teenager still you beauty tell me it's got a coney journey it's a very good pony oh it's maybe the best coney joni of the day don't tell me it looks the same as the other one a little different no it's very it's but definitely a cousin yeah a cousin brad listen to me uh hang on hang on hang on hang on back it up let's do another one of the same size onto a oh it with that backup 200 mil thing i put in my backpack that was awesome to walk up yeah cool that's the one stanford like we never planned it ah it's a bit heavy all right everyone trampolines in place won't get a coney journey that we'll get a big bouncy we could get a mini curry journey don't rule it out all can you put rexy on the trampoline get rekt down there get him on oh what the heck he never used to stand it's just so mesmerizing i can look at that all day it's time to let loose the mother goes oh damn did you get a cody joni through the trampoline possibly mini cone oh little scarf that's it i was in the early stages of a coney journey [Music] [Music] all right flip here we go oh can i move that oh i can flip i'm strong i'm pumped boys it's gonna be good we might get the biggest coney jonah yet this could be the biggest coney jones yeah three two one two i don't know how much connie johny there is [Music] it's almost completely intact you ready for this yeah how did you go oh cody look at the waves the coney waves the coney waves is that another principle it's like 40 kilograms falling from 45 meters you do the physics you know f equals ma that's freaking a lot of force and it hasn't obliterated like surely you clicked this thumbnail and thought that thing is gonna smash what a phenomenal result that is a solid point of impact so that's where it touched down and then coney jones around it guys let's see that slowly everyone thanks for watching we'll be around next week as always vids either side go watch some old stuff just for kicks subscribe if you haven't 44 club thanks for sticking around to the very end of the video i think that was in frame