Can We Build The 45m Tower in MINECRAFT

oh no that's what creative mode's all about nice and then we drop it down here stay in my glass box sunrising on my great tower i'm in what are we doing boys what are we doing i see some horses we're playing minecraft again for the second time joining world guys did you realize that when we were little babies we joined this world like the real one how do i saddle this thing imagine you could remember the moment you joined her the horse was named son we've got to build boys and to build we need materials no i think we don't know toby's going to give us all freebies stop mate stop if you press e you have all the blocks in minecraft available to you creative modes how do you keep building up double tap space place on the side of the world that's all we needed and then like so gravity doesn't exist oh gauntlet and heron what sorry viewers for that yeah what is it best 45 tall leaning tower after one hour wins the viewers will determine who the winner is boom there we go folks toby can you put the door on horizontally this time you need a good foundation in life and in minecraft and in normal building you see what i've done everyone can you see what i've done only i know how to find me i mean that made no sense only i know how to find the boys the boys don't know how to find me i'm just gonna start building some around yours mate don't be a dog great towel heron looks really good man that's pretty in there that's a fully come get me your dust it's very fast stanford work together work together work together oh you can jump sheeps can't jump can they we got him finally this place is a mess look at this oh i have repaired the grass how good hey oh my god [Music] i just got a really oh no i'm working on the fly and i'm not really sure at the moment yeah oh no gotta pit patch some grass again devo guys you may be thinking scott where's your tower it's coming all right marvellous fantastic oh yes it's gonna be on a hell of a lean isn't it i don't know about you stanford but wait till you see what heron's doing mine's changing colour i want it pink not brown yeah not here to think about this thinking thinking have i been to the tower before yes i had times just forgotten how to go higher hold space ah hey there's a sheep i'm going to call you cedric and you will be mine i've got an idea cedric you'd be good boy and you just stay in this little enclosure how do i go down i'll give you a green block to eat don't eat it all at once mate good scott really good mate really something that's funky don't mind that heron is going ultimate color and it's ugly as sin but really good using the stairs as not stairs is creative and that's what creative mode is all about very good scope very just clean clinical sun rising on my great tower down gandalf aaron yours looks like a cassowary okay how are we looking you know i like where this is going i do like oh no i've forgotten where my place is how does it look it's getting out there anyone got any funny stories to tell while we build um i've currently i'm currently at a state where i don't know where my wallet is [Laughter] creative mode is the freedom is restrictive geez you could have a lot of fun on this game couldn't you actually really like it i'm not very good at it it's a building game it's building blocks oh my sheep got out cedric where are you look at me look at me look at me ah ah don't walk away from me when i'm talking to you cedric don't you get out of it no but not hey stay in my glass box are you guys finding it equally annoying that you can be too far away to build i think cedric you'll appreciate it's all made of glass so how's that oh stop are you kidding me my sheep can jump three blocks high he should be in the sheep olympics it's usain sheep cedric i mean i don't know if i'm doing three legs it's just steady that looks hilarious aaron it's not good but it looks funny i've gotcha i've got you rat bag really coming along at a boy i'm starting again i'm starting again from scratch stanford yeah it's just disastrous nice what goes well i'm feeling like a sandpaper we go sort of in that territory boys have you smashed glass yet yeah this is a fantastic noise nice the sun's setting on the tower cameron cameron moody there's no doubt this got i've really got to get those clicks the left and the right click it just ah that rocket league is calling my name say my name say my name i'm going to start start using words mother wouldn't be proud of soon come on yes so exciting when something worked it's also really satisfying the sound noise when you make sand i don't know about you guys but i i'm doing a towel that i wish we had not that we have i don't think that was the brief but i'm happy for you to do that scott that part's complete on the bats really really dig my towel bookshelf level how far am i from the ground freaking ages one there and one there yes all right a few more details and then you know what time it is folks it's not one and up we go up we go up we go all the way to the top all the way to the top all the way to the top happy days and then we drop it down here and then whoo i mean that is amazing the birds lucked out didn't they imagine being able to fly like an eagle into the sea let my future carry me oh how's cedric going he's still alive good boy star wars are you out there take some inspo hey who's this cedric is this bloke bothering you join me to knock him off folks i will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that lime green goes really well against brick what do you think what do you think what do you think i'm really close to finishing mine i'm excited i think maybe yeah let's do that you know just that little bit of oh you keep getting distracted you know it's your roof son if you got it you got it if you don't you don't you know that's the reality right polished anita welcome do you want to see my towel anita's our australia post lady she's great maybe we need her to judge you oh heron you're a wizard rocket leg time what's your initial thoughts you've definitely done the numbers well guys we've sort of got like a bit of a solomon entrance there's one thing australia post i think should do is judge people's minecraft and anita's here everyone you get 10 seconds to look at each tower and then tell us which one's the best you can start with me if you want so my ones my one's made of glass don't let the rain deter you from the beauty mine is a diamond beauty which is realistic because we drop into a sandpaper and it's got a great lane it's not perfect but it's beautiful what's the verdict she's going to go for the color one look at that thank you thanks man everyone bless you thanks australia yeah i feel like anita didn't capture my vision i mean realistically if you're a structural engineer out there you just you're just having a headache over this boom hair and goal it is absolutely cats and dogs at the moment flopping annoying i'll tell you these floaters they just they do their own thing [Laughter] oh gosh that's good ladies and gentlemen my stairway has reached the top i don't know creative mode is a wondrous place where nothing pairing for the flipping win folks times sentences in hindsight when i decided to go boys tubes is here tobes you can look at mine now can we turn the rain off and let me look at that so you've got oh hello this is what you do you walk up here mm-hmm and all right it's a long staircase it is because it's a big tower right yeah um and then you get to the top and there's a diamond platform yep connected to a goblin that's just like the real and then these are your two dropping holes oh yeah you're you land here that water this is all carpeted with lights and gold just tying in once again you know that's a budget or what didn't have a budget and um and that's my towel we'll just start at the bottom i've made a sweet two scale exactly to scale sandpit exactly exactly to scale yeah as you can see there's the shadow of my leaning tower at precisely the same degrees of the tower there's a bat that's made at home i put in some cobwebs yep i've gone a tiered tiered design with many different colours and i put a stable glass level in the middle to hold up the top there's the yeah and brick at the top because you know bricks the heaviest so you want to put the top doesn't make any sense and then i made a sweet steel roof and a fence and i've put some lime greens for you to jump through yes it's not a it's not a safety defense it's a decorative fence and i put a lime green carp at the top yeah and that's where the stairs come up i didn't make the stairs all right mine mine's up next gather around we'll start down the bottom there's a there's a replica fence no no that's their um flowers gold ore um staircase i was going to go full gold but i didn't want to be too pretentious you know i'm on the roof there is a bit hey who put it who put a spider web there heron so there is a lot of stairs because you can walk your carpet yeah can i see how about i walk to the bed because then it'll help me um i'm not quite good yeah i'm not quite good at going up this oh that that was user error not not the stairs fault i'm looking at your staircase now bretton i would say you can walk up it i mean i did i did build it to walk up but if you do get tired i did put a bed halfway up i like that because i just figured sometimes you know we when we walk up the tower it's a long way so then it goes all the way up to the top with which is where we drop from all of our lanterns around there emerald or roof i'm gonna go i gotta go well done bro i actually i'd give the award to brett but you know mine was also right toby's about to make the weather permanently sunny toby you're like god tonight cedric that's the three into the tower yeah i know that was my feeling to scott be free and graze in this victorious world in which i've won probably if the viewers agree with everyone else but do you have any issue in declaring me in second place because have you seen scots i have my votes on scots as the best yeah mine is mine is my issue mine hits the brief it's glorious it's functional it's got a pet shape the issue i can see with yours brett is that i think if you drop off the end you're going to miss the sample your actually no you wouldn't oh it's pretty close friend yeah it's in the sandpit i actually reckon the next minecraft video we should do and the viewers let us know if you agree we should build a tower get crossbows or bow and arrows or whatever and like see someone can run laps like our rc car games all right everyone thank you very much i actually really enjoyed that um but now i'm gonna play call of duty which i also enjoy so cheers 44 club legends bye