Can You Beat Us In This Disney Lyrics Quiz




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- I'm about to take the Disney Lyrics quiz and I'm gonna be terrible at this. - I'm really good at Disney songs from or Disney lyrics from the 80's and 90's, most of the 90's. - I'm a reasonably big Disney fan but I feel like I really know like one song per movie maybe. - I know the songs, I just don't think I know the lyrics and I just kind of sing them in my own way in the shower. Let's do it. I don't even remember this part of the song. - Staring at me? - Stare at me? - Staring's creepy so it's probably looking. Although that's a creepy ass movie so it could be staring. It's smiling, okay. - I was close. - It's creepy to stare at someone, it's not creepy to smile at them. - I guess that would make sense. - Smile too hard, it's still creepy. - All right so oh for one. - Oh I don't know this move at all. - Oh I never saw this movie. - Coming on me? - What does a summer breeze do to you? - Blowing on me? - Lifting me, I'm gonna say lifting. - Calling me, yeah? Get out. - Calling me, damn. - I was close, I said coming. - All right, so one for two. - Oh okay, Belle, I know her. - Who's a man? - Hold my hand? - Like I planned? - Why are these the hardest parts of the song? - Okay I'm just gonna, someone who says I can. - To have someone understand. - Oh understand, I was close. - I didn't actually know that, I just... - I know what she wants, I just don't know what she says. - So misunderstood, poor Belle. - I've got one. - Oh Moana, I think I know this one. - Oh, I didn't see Moana. - Oh no, I haven't even seen this movie. - Nope, I don't know this one. - That's way confusing, I would never want to take directions from Moana. - It's another one where I'm just gonna have to logic my way through songwriting. - Belong? sort of has an end rhyme. - Stand? - Uh, I guess that makes sense, she is the female heroine, she should be going and doing all those things alone. - Where I go alone? I keep forgetting that rhyme, I end rhymed the wrong part of the lyrics. - See I'm going for like one word here and it's like, I've heard two words or three. - Man, that's hard. - Is it Grandma? Isn't she singing to her dead Grandma spirits? - There's an eagle in the background, Jesus. - Oh I knew it, eagle and mountain. - Ah yeah, I should have picked landscape things. - Wow I feel like a terrible 90's kid. - Could it be, no escape from the cool inside of me? Because she's got this coldness going on that's making her freeze. - Cold, cold, she's dead inside, like me. She's cold and dead inside. - No escape from the cold inside me? - Ahh. - It makes so much sense if it was cold. She's literally frozen. So me and Kelsey are tied for one for six. - I said I was gonna be bad at this. And like, always I didn't surprise myself whatsoever. - Usually the real answer is a lot better than whatever I came up with. - Probably should have my Disney season pass revoked. - But it's making me like, remember, I need to see Moana. - I need to go re-watch all of these. - I'm gonna have to go home and watch all of these movies. - I should watch Tangled again, it was pretty good. - Maybe we should just watch them all together this weekend.