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hey what's up guys welcome welcome to the livestream today I am talking today about can you become a web developer in three months definitely I think you can become a front-end developer in three months but there's a few caveats that I want to say first there's another youtuber named Chris Sean he has a story how he became a front-end developer with just three months of experience of teaching himself he was able to to apply for a bunch of different jobs and he was able to get it so it is possible to do let me just say that definitely so in this video stick around to the end I'm going to talk about a few ways and a few things that are happening in the web development space and we'll talk about can you become a front-end developer in three months so I want to go to and by the way if you're watching live I also have you can jump on the chatroom I'll be answering questions so here is my web developer roadmap here so if you're trying to start to become a friend and developer there's a few things you probably need to know and I can show you here so below you can find a set of charts demonstrating the paths you can take and the technologies that you want to adopt in order to become a front-end back-end or DevOps so I really like this I'll include the link here in the chat but I really like this because it shows just all the things that go into being a front-end developer so we can take a look here and you certainly in three months you could you can certainly do some of these things in three months but it's going to be really difficult for sure what skill evaluations do you like so I questioned them format in the chat room yeah I like well you know definitely I like I used code Academy free code camp Pluralsight definitely all great sometimes just trying to learn from yourself by yourself by taking looking up to stuff yourself and stackoverflow MDM trying to create a project is a good way to go so here and here's the graph here I have here the front end so you I'll make it a little bigger let's see can you see it so if you look here we have the three basics of any front-end developer when they're starting to learn and you learn HTML CSS and JavaScript and then course jQuery goes without saying but it's good to learn from that when you get a little bit deeper you could start learning about different CSS frameworks we have foundation bootstrap materialise you can learn about responsive web you can learn about like mobile development and and how to make sure that your websites are responsive to mobile devices we have pre-processors sass les stylus post CSS on the JavaScript side which is kind of what I deal with a lot on this channel we talk a lot about JavaScript you have es6 you have different task runners that you can learn NPM scripts go web pack grunt you have package managers like yarn and NPM and then there's a whole testing environment which you probably want to get used to just mocha Jasmine and then the frameworks is part you're probably thinking of when you're thinking of I want to be a front-end developer you most people just think every well I just need to learn HTML CSS and JavaScript and then I need to pick one of these frameworks but really there's a lot that goes into this and if you want to learn more than just the basics you need to kind of look at all these things in totality so like definitely an angular react view Jas amber Jay ASP react and fern on that that's just a few that they named their the module loaders they mentioned in this like web pack roll-up requirejs browserify so you can see definitely from the this diagram that there's a lot more going into becoming a front-end developer than one can match them when you're first starting out now can you learn all this in three months I see there is examples of people that have learned it all in three months or in a few months but it's just kind of really rare I think you can definitely get the basics down in a few months but you're gonna have it just takes a lot of dictation and a lot of time to learn more than than just that hey what's up Jordan so I let's keep going down so if you learn the four module letters you can learn different methodologies deep deep dive into css3 SVG d3 javascript i actually wrote an article about the ten most libraries the the tenon libraries and frameworks that you should know when you're just starting out for web development I mentioned d3 is definitely a good one lodash so you can see I hear a lot of stuff happening in the front-end web developer space if you even go back into the backend roadmap there is a lot going on there too this of course we're talking about front-end but I mean there's so much stuff here from Ruby to Python PHP nodejs you know I like I like elixir in Phoenix myself and the different restful services and then the different principles be be behind it like solid yeah guinea kiss you know keep it simple stupid you know don't repeat yourself there's always another way to do it I'm dry you know don't repeat yourself so database no sequel databases so there is a lot and then if you wanted to get into the DevOps side I'll add this to the chat room if anybody's interested here DevOps you got Linux UNIX and lots and lots of stuff in here the different ways of docker you probably want to get interested in if you're interested in the DevOps IDE the different terminal tools I like them a lot but I know there's a lot of people that like different types of text manipulation network so you know I really like this this github page kind of explained you know when you're starting off as a front-end developer there's just a lot to go into it and and web developer and back-end and DevOps so you could see here that's there's a lot happening let's see here seeing web pack can go up in different categories always confusing you don't the essentially the same thing yeah I mean they are similar I'm I don't tend to say I'm an expert in it but they do have to have similar module loading things inside of it so in this case let me see here they put gulp in task runners but they put module load loaders and bundlers in that which I know that you can do different tasks inside your web pack too so but it also you can use it to bundle up like you can bundle up babble and a bunch of other things into your into it so that is that's interesting they put into different places but you know they are different and they didn't have different things that they do like I say I'm not an expert in web pack and gulp I just kind of just a lot of the different things I use just bundles stuffing together for me I don't have to worry about editing it which is a pain all right so well if you guys have any questions feel free to jump in the comments below but I just wanted to kind of share this this roadmap with everybody I've kind of the neat stuff that's happening just kind of like an overall view of the web development world out there and how things are going I'm one other thing I've been working on lately is I've been working a lot on on view GS I'll just give it I guess while I'm here I'll just give a quick update the so if you don't know I have the view GS in action book which is coming out at the end of this year but you can buy it now it's in it's in early access so I went through and wrote a ton of stuff about components the other day and I'm writing more stuff about advanced components so I'm trying to build kind of kind of build upon that we're working on that every week so that is going pretty well like I said you haven't heard oh if you haven't heard of it I put it there's a link in the description below what's up J Ross Starr oh I haven't heard questions is it easy to get a remote job as a web dev is there a good place to look so I yeah I mean so it really depends when you're looking for remote jobs it depends on how much experience you have usually new developers they are gonna have the hardest time getting remote experience because most places won't hire junior developers in remote positions because you really want to be on site to be able to kind of soak up as much information you can from some of the senior developers around you and to work independently remotely is difficult I mean there's a lot of different types of screen sharing and pairing programs and air pair and all that that you can do but you really want someone to have enough experience to do it so is it easy you know definitely those jobs are sought out for you know most companies that do remote are looking at a lot of different applicants so you're gonna have a tough time getting it but I mean people get it all the time and there is a double working I know I've worked remotely occasionally and my job it is this is kind of a two-sided swords double edged sword because what I'm trying to say is that you know if you're gonna work at home you're gonna have to have the discipline to work at certain times you're gonna have to realize there's no one else around you so you're gonna lose that interaction even if you sit in a cubicle all day you have people around you you're talking to your boss you're going to meetings and that is not always the best situation for people so a lot of why developers and a lot of developers in general want to become do promote development and I think once you get into you find out it's not as cracked up is it as it seems to be if you want to look for a web remote developing development jobs I mean I think there's a couple of websites that you can offer it I mean is usually like the go-to place for most people when you're looking for a remote in Indian and indeed calm you can I specifically match it for I don't know let's see here I think you can suppose a matchup for remote so you could just go like this and look for it so that's one thing there I heard someone say that competition for remote jobs is global versus local in-house position is much more difficult yeah it's it's definitely difficult so you are you know when you're doing remote there's quite a few remote developers out there wanting to look for jobs and and it's very competitive for sure Thank You Tecmo self and have you heard of Jess assessment by our Murphy and gun I have not heard of it not at all so I would not be able to answer about that as you can see here all right well I think I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up here unless anybody else has any more questions but I will be back up probably my next live I'm gonna probably do it next week maybe I'll go through an example of some apps I'm working on if you guys are interested in that and working on some member JSF and some view jeaious apps and I can kind of show you where I'm at in those oh I do have one more Octavian as 18-year old I've started about five months ago also getting my feet wet with HTML CSS and JavaScript I'm also been doing C++ in school for the past years am I on the right path yeah absolutely I started off with C++ in school and in my university I did a lot of C C++ then I we had one class on Python and then we had like a computer programming languages class which we learned some older languages but for the most part for the most part we just worked in C and C++ and at first you might think that's not I mean you might think that's not helpful to the real world but you do kind of understand about structure and and class and how that works and usually a lot of the classes it's not just learning the syntax between C++ and pointers but it's also like going in a little bit more into data structures learning about linked lists and then you have to create your own linked lists and and then we had a like solve the like towers of Hanoi problem and we learned a lot about data structures and things like that so yeah if you're just getting your feet wet with now HTML CSS and JavaScript that's great you know if you could do that while you're while you're in school that's that's perfect what's up Eric another Eric in the chatroom yeah I can definitely with the ember yeah I've been looking if you don't know there's an ember roadmap happening right now where right now they're gonna land 2.16 soon of ember jeaious which has this new JavaScript module syntax which is a really awesome update to ember I was just playing around with it today free for the few people here that are into ember and I want to do a tutorial on it and show everybody like how you do the new imports that it's definitely gonna make things a lot more streamlined easier to use and the builds will be faster and the whole footprint of ember when you create apps will be smaller - what's up coding tutorials 360 that is my main man Dylan if you checked out his channel check it out coding tutorials 360 he's the he is doing a bunch of react right now so yeah Phoenix I'm looking to do more so if someone asked if you're gonna do on videos on Phoenix so I what I did is I I did a series on ember Jas and Phoenix and I got about 4 or 5 videos in and then I got sidetracked with something else and so I haven't gone back to it but I definitely want to go back to it to show if you don't know Phoenix based off elixir it's a functional programming language and it's it just makes sense kind of the way the pieces fit together and I've been playing around said a lot definitely something I want to go back to I might even do like Phoenix with view who knows you know if I really wanted to I get into laravel but I don't want to do that so so could you make a JavaScript tutorial series so I I did I did make a JavaScript tutorial series a while back which did okay I just did some basics on JavaScript if you mean I'm gonna do it like a JavaScript tutorial in the whole app then yes I will be I want to do more a little bit longer series on on building a whole app I know a couple of guys like traversing media and Maximillian are definitely doing these longer tutorials and I'm planning on doing one it's just easier to get like these smaller cooler smaller apps out where I can just show one piece of a larger puzzle definitely and yeah if you want any free code camp content coding tutorials has done everything I think he's pretty much done every single thing on free code camp and if you don't realize how much content that is it's just like hundreds and hundreds of videos so check that out all right well I'm gonna go wrap it up here thank you for everyone for joining the livestream Hawaii it was able to answer a few of your questions like I said next time we'll probably do a little bit more coding live coding because I've wanted to try to do that so thank you everybody take care see you later