Can You Fry Food With Only Air

- If they're not crispy, what are you doing? They're potatoes. - I love fried foods. If I could eat fried food every single day, I would, but then I would die. - You would 100% die. - Shila here is from Texas, so she loves fried food. - Basically, we can fry anything in Texas. - This is so crazy to me. Air frying? - That's weird, though. I just wonder how it fries things without oil, so we'll see. - Like, it's fried food because of the oil, so does this even work? - Oh, God! Oh, french fries? - I'm a sucker for a good fry, so I'm expecting a lot out of this. - Got some fries in there. - So we sprayed the fries with some oil so that it doesn't stick to the pan. - Do your thing, robot! So we set this for five minutes and hopefully our fries will be done by then. (upbeat music) (dinging) - Oh. - Ooh! - It's ready! That little ding is such a beautiful sound to hear. - They look a little limp. - It's got that crisp to it. No, I'm not mad about these. I like them. - I don't know if we did this right. - I don't think we did. - But these are very similar to, like, if you just stuck fries in the oven. - Chicken tenderloin. - I'm vegetarian, so I'm just gonna watch. - Okay, if this air fryer can't fry this chicken, I'm gonna be super disappointed. - I mean, it can, it's just to what quality? (dinging) - It's ready! - Oh, wow. - [Niki] Oh, that does look crisp. - Look how juicy and tender these chickens look. - Oh, yes. This performed so much better than the french fries, actually. - This did a lot better than the fries. - It tastes really good. - She says it tastes really good. - Is this gonna be really different than cooking these chicken tenders in the oven? - It feels more evenly crispy around. - That's true. - Oprah would recommend this, I'm sure of that. - Cookies! - We're gonna batter them. - All right, so we're gonna dip this in batter. - We're gonna put it in some batter. - [Shila] Blorp, blorp. - Put it in, put it in. - Put it in the air fryer. (dinging) - I don't know if this is enough time. They look a little goopy. - It's hot, it's so hot, but it's real good. - What happened here is it's just a big 'ol soggy cookie in my mouth. - It's like you put a sad pancake on top of a cookie and ate it all in one bite. Like, that's literally what happened. - I approve. - It definitely makes the cookie a bit soggy, but I wasn't mad about the consistency. - No, don't blame it on us, Niki. It's the machine. - I am obsessed with this, and it's portable. Can't you just take this anywhere? - I don't think this is portable. - Isn't it? - If I'm gonna deep fry some stuff, I'm just gonna go all out. - But this is pretty cute. - I mean, it's not gonna compare to an actual fryer with all the oil essentials in there, but it does get the job done quickly. - My name's Selorm Kploanyi, and I approve of this air fryer.