Can You Guess What Has More Sugar


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(happy upbeat music) - I try not to eat any sweets. Sugar's terrible for you. - I know. - So I'm just trying to be healthy. - I try to stay away from it because it makes my skin really bad, but it's really hard to do. - I don't know, my relationship with sugar is I like natural sugars, but like candy makes me sick. - I have two large bags of candy at my desk right now, so. (laughs) - [Young Man] What is this? - Look at the layer of sugar in the bottom. You just know what you're doing to your body. - I wanna throw up immediately, but also I wanna keep drinking it. (laughing) - This just tastes like the amount of sugar that you've had like your whole life. - I think the Pop Tart is sweeter. - Ya? - Mmm hmm. - I'm gonna go macchiato. (bell dings) Damn! So close. That's a tiny difference. - It really is. I feel like I'm gonna have 15 cavities after this taste test. - Mmm. - That shit's sweet. - That shit's good man, that's like you're sittin' by the pool, pour a little vodka in there. - Alright, let's try the Vitamin Water. - Sure. I taste some sugar but I feel like it's always got a very watery kind of fluid vibe to the taste. - I think the Vitamin Water has more sugar. (bell dings) - I'm thinking about all the nights I got drunk and used Arizona Iced Tea as a mixer. (sighs) And I feel really bad about myself right now. - [Girl In Hat] Mott's Applesauce. - Yum yum yum, and a doughnut, glazed. (belches) - That's what that is. - I haven't eaten applesauce since I was like three. - It doesn't even taste like apple. It literally just tastes like I'm scooping sugar and putting it in my mouth. - I love doughnuts. - They're fun and they taste good. - Final answer, doughnut has the most sugar. - Yup. - Hands down. - Don't break my heart. (bell dings) - [Girl In Hat] What? - That discourages me, 'cause we give these to kids. - If I can't trust applesauce then I can't trust anything. All my relationships are a lie. - If I have kids, I'm totally gonna look at nutrition facts because it seems like almost everything that's marketed to children is just so high in sugar, even the healthy things. - I still love sugar but I feel like garbage right now. (twangy upbeat music)