Can You Handle These Asian Drinking Games




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(crunching) (whining) (muffled laughter) (happy music) - Today, we're here to play some asian drinking games. - It is Friday, it is 5 o'clock. - I have nothing to do for the rest of the day, so I'm ready to drink. - I'm nervous. My hands are clammy. - Yeah, me too! - I'm also the world's most competitive person. - No competition at all. - Oh, see that's not true. - Fun fact, I have to present in front of my entire team after this video ends. - One person will walk out of here the winner. - The rest of us will be on the floor. - Let's get right to it. - Our first game is from Korea, called Titanic. - We have beer and soju. - A beer glass is filled halfway with beer. - Put the shot glass in and we take turns pouring soju in. Whoever sinks it. - Has to down the entire soju bomb. - I'm pumped. - You're screwed. (beer can pops open) - Pour like half - We need it to float! - Put the glass in there. - I'm shaking. - Is it a magic trick? - Be gentle. There it is. - One finger. (shouting) - Oh my god. I feel like David Blaine right now. - Oh my god. (nervous laughter) - Oh my god, I am freaking out. - It's defying gravity. - Say goodbye Rose, 'cause this ship is about to sink. - Oh no. - Oh no. - No! - Bye, Vaughn. - Cheers, y'all. - Remember, if you sink it you have to drink the entire thing. - I get it, I get it. (gasps) Sara did it, Sara did it. - Seven, six, five. - The goal is not for me to choke. - But it is to burp really loud when you're done. (burps) - So the next game is from China, called finger guessing. - Shooting out a certain number of fingers while simultaneously saying a number between zero and however many fingers are participating. - Whoever guesses the exact amount or closest wins, and the other two must drink. - So we're shouting and fingering at the same time. - You get it? - No. When you guys are involving numbers and alcohol, already I'm fucked in this situation. - Let's get to fingering. - Three, two, one. (all shout out numbers) - We have 21. I said ten. - I said 30. I said 30. - So you win. - Gan Bei! - I won, I won! - I always forget. - Three, two, one. (all shout out numbers) (all shout out numbers) - I said 22. - 11. - Um, what? - Everyone just has to drink. - Wow, guys. That is a very stressful game. - It's a lot of coordination. You have to like, hold up a different number than what you're saying. - Cheers. That was a little embarrassing. - To being really bad at this game. - Next up. - From Japan. - Is. - The Pocky game. - Two people have to nibble away towards the center of a Pocky. - A la, Lady and the Tramp. - And whoever pulls away loses and you finish your drink. - This is going to be the most intimate I've ever gotten with a coworker, so, hope you guys brushed your teeth. - All right, come on, isn't this getting you excited? (laughs) - No. - Listen, this could take a turn if you're really drunk. - This game is how babies are made. (laughing) - I'm a fucking champion. - I wanted to last so much - That's what he said. - I've got it down to like this big before. (whining) (laughing) - Really? I'm so glad I could be part of this intimate moment. - Cheers to us. - Cheers to us. - Cheers to us. - We're really close now. - This experience has changed everything. - Can I start with my final thoughts? I have so many final thoughts. (laughter) - Sober. - I feel happy I feel relaxed. - I'm drunk. - I'm very excited about all the games I learned today. - Brings us together, like this. Now we're best friends. - It's not like the math game. - That was my favorite game. - I was good at counting. - I honestly really like the Pocky game, but like this, it can get sorta weird. - In these types of games, the loser is really the winner because you get to booze it up. - Drink responsibly though you know, like drink responsibly. - I got nervous in the beginning that I wasn't getting drunk and then I sped up. - That being said, do you want to play Pocky pong? - Pocky pong. - Absolutely, 100 percent yes.