Can You Hear the Avadhut




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[Music] you [Music] mm-hmm I would stay good morning thank you thank you so I would mention something about today but we don't know how we don't know but I just felt we had to schedule anything for this morning and I felt I just wanted to come and just to to be here with you actually I was happy to be down on the floor there but then they say at the back you won't be able to see if these things matter at all but so I find my ear is still blocked eyes a puffy still not enough sleep the perfect way to meet my son god I saw the others outside some people I was asking would you like to come inside and you know mm-hmm I don't know how it goes but for me this this desire arose just to be together I can have a chance to just be with you in presence and consciously because something also can happen whereby people just are the mind itself are so it's pushing up questions and because your consciousness identify with this person thing I bet I get my chance in now to you know through whatever and sometimes we can be too still up in the attic you know just on the surface and I know how are ya where we are just here yeah as if I were just in my heart sometimes some of the groups come we sit together and we may have a cup of tea or something I don't think we're gonna have a cup of tea today we find this time deeply valuable some things just collapse or just drop into place you have to know also this it is not just about question answer question answers but to feel that that which you are is felt but it's not a duality sitting inside your own stillness inseparable nothing and nothing artificial about that we are not saying oh now you want you to do like this I'm just here and having a break taking rest I thought actually maybe yes I just sit here and make you suffer a little bit am i an object of your attention one time we made when I saw it posted her it was put up and I was saying the one looking at me is the one I am looking the one who is looking here with the impression they're looking at me I am that one looking some things we see and they remain objects of our attention in some rare cases when we see they throw you back in the subject of your own being what is the difference some things we look at and they remain as an object of your perception but some things in some moments a seeing returns you to yourself and I remember now as I'm speaking one time we were on production air on her notch other hmm and Manny I think there was like two million people walking around the mountain and so the normal route is clockwise are going around many of us started from ramen as I'm walking around no notch other and this but for some reason I was walking from ramen and I'm walking up and there was a bigger wave coming the other way and people coming the other way speech dark you know and so it's just like a sea of just like shadows moving in this this space under roads and out of this shadow some eyes just flashed somehow out of this eye there was no one to recognize at all but it was my experience I looked in those I just saw just maybe for two seconds just and I say felt yeah it is here but dr. River Florida and who is this one moving in though in that sea of human beings but these eyes with all universes in inside and I should also in time that I was riding my bicycle in Brixton this soft old many times it's still very very vivid in my mind I was riding my bicycle down Atlantic Road in Brixton right in the centre of my town very busy town and I was coming down I saw one figure walking figure might have been say maybe thirty meters away coming up but it was very noticeably in a big coat in the summer also walking like this so I noticing a bicycle guy walking up and stopping every moments bending down getting up walking along and I was coming up for some reason or system and so I slowed down to stop because it was so fascinating to see this character coming up he was mumbling something as he was coming close I could just hear it mumbling the words I heard no he was just mumbling what he was actually doing he was finding bits of spent cigarettes people that didn't finish cigarettes liket or something which find him picking him up and lighting the last get in the last few pulls out of them coming up he's muttering something and I heard those words he say I am so worthless nobody wants me not even the devil wants me it was so powerful powerful I have never heard anybody speak like that as if nobody wants you surely the devil answer our useless can you be that even the devil don't have you so in even such words that seem like it they're the end of the last words of depression you think and if something was so powerful about them because he emitted in his presence no sorrow no just like that the words were for me he didn't notice me I'm sure it just carried on walking I am so worthless nobody wants me not even the devil and me no sadness no sorrow no depression and I felt those words came from the have a root because so such power and such silence in them that they came out of emptiness sometimes some beings they may say or do some art of total emptiness occur they're not identified with those words they mean nothing for them maybe no words mean anything for them but it might mean something for you you relaxed or tensed tense I can't hear you anyway I don't know if that's a good thing or not yeah yes should I read you something should I give you a choice have some sort of ever dude I have something of the yes the Bhakra ribollita have a daughter our daughter now I in the time we went to India for the first time I was not reading any of these books but and see even to this day I don't read much with a little bit and put it down but it's so turned out that it was coming it was Christmas in Lucknow and all the Sangha that were there at this time we gathered around looks like we are now and we were told each person you if you can you buy or make a present but don't have anybody in mind because you're not going to give it to somebody that you think oh I'll give it to you you make presents and then we'll put it in a bag and then whoever gets it gets it so everybody some went out and bought CDs some made little things stone paintings so on the day of the Christmas Day yes they some some of us came up to hand out they were like three big asian bugs and we're handing out for people coming over so I was one of them handing out from the back okay calm calm you become yeah yes I've taken all different shapes and sizes of presents so we are handing out going going drawing people come in very very spontaneity guy so I picked up this one package nobody wanted it was clearest book surprise me come on so uh uh-huh so like this I was well whoa what happen okay right I have to keep put put put put put put read that and that's okay this one is for me so this I took it I looked at it I would do to Geeta but it's the first time I heard of it you know the Avadhuta Gita and not this particular translation I still have the original one now it's in all in bits of bitter falling apart but this one I came to find it I wish I had thought of this before coming never mind that version is very nice but mmm you tell me stop okay this one it says all infinite space is pervaded by the self but nothing else pervades the self it is simultaneously within and without it cannot be limited or divided in parts I'm gonna take this one all infinite space can you conceive infinite space infinite space without end meaning that if you were to go in any direction can you come to the end of space and then what lies beyond where will you come if you come to the end of space will you come to a wall and this is end of space what's behind the wall no more space neither no so infinite space if you can imagine now so all infinite space is provided by the self all the infinite space we perceive space but not directly now you can perceive nothing without space everything we see appears in space but the space we're not aware of the space is infinite the thing we we look at is finite we are attached to perceiving the finite the in finite they don't we don't see if you go into a room ah so we go into a room and it's no windows it shall come in close the door and then you say I can't see but you can see but you say I can't see me I cannot see anything but you can see darkness but it doesn't count because you're looking for objects as they I can't see yeah yeah but at least you know there's nothing to see but you see darkness but it doesn't count we look and we see looking for something the mind is hunting for something but space it won't report about that's looking for the finite inside the infinite looking then it says I see nothing so it says all infinite space we are aware of space we are aware of space or maybe we are not aware that we are aware of space to move me in space Louis says all infinite space is pervaded by the self what could that be that can provide space space even we are not so conscious of we're moving it somehow we say like that we're moving as objects in space but we we don't regard it much all infinite space is pervaded by desire but nothing else pervade the self what can the self be even space we don't see but that which makes space space we don't see that which pervades the space without see the space we don't see objects appearing in the space we see that the space we don't notice nothing else pervades the self it is simultaneously within and without it is simultaneously within and without inside or outside it is there what is that which is able to perceive inside and outside simultaneously where is that inside or outside what could it be that is aware of inside and outside simultaneously where is it placed beyond inside and outside is where it cannot be limited or divided in parts it implies something something nothing that which exists it cannot be limited it's unlimited it cannot be divided in parts just nothing can cut it nothing and change it just like you for out of space we put some walls and more walls and we make some shapes and we say this is this dining room this is kitchen this will be bedroom this would be bathroom space doesn't know this is bathroom space it doesn't know all this is bedroom space nobody's allowed to come in here except who I want this is kitchen space don't mix the bathroom space with the kitchen space but the space doesn't know anything we cannot take a bit of bathroom space into the kitchen grab a bit of kitchen space it doesn't work it does nothing to space it remains always our pervading always all pervading and yet something pervades space meaning it is there in space and spaces in it it is inside the space and the spaces are so inside it it is extremely subtle and cannot be seen it is extremely subtle and cannot be seen how will we know of it I can even had it can it be smelt then can it be tasted can it be touched can it be felt can it be heard the senses cannot conquer him the senses cannot catch it before senses can the mind even grasp amusing so if the census cannot touch it cannot counter it the mind cannot conquer it mine cannot know him then who can know him from what standpoint is the one from Hooton these words now come to us who knows this thing who knows that it is extremely subtle and cannot be seen who knows it cannot be seen it is it is extremely subtle and cannot be seen it is primary to all qualities before qualities appear it is there this is what the Yogi's say it is the state that underlies all other temporary states of the mind so every state that come and go it is the substratum of all states it cannot even be related to or referred to as a state you may add best say it is a stateless state all states change they come and go the alternate but this one does not alternate it does not change therefore it cannot be a state unless something change you cannot see it you cannot perceive it it remains unaffected though it takes the form of earth air water fire so even though it appears in the form of the elements the water fire earth air is a ether space also though it takes all these forms it remains always the same so it is the same in water it's the same one in fire it's the same one in earth it's the same one in air is a man in space who can perceive him but what can it be perceived and yet by the uttering of these words indicate that it is known there what shouldn't be known it is not an object though because it is it causes objects to appear the mind tries to grasp it but it would also perceive mind trying to grasp it it causes mind to appear and give mine the urge to seek it also and watch the mind trying to seek it also but who knows this who knows this is at the end of search where is the understanding that takes place as a result of your hearing of this if understanding happens there's also awareness of understanding us if misunderstanding is the outcome there's awareness of misunderstanding no mother father a daughter or son ever belonged to me neither birth death nor the mind ever belonged to me I'm always unwavering always steady I am the absolute reality I am nectarian knowledge unchanging bliss I am everywhere like space who speaks is where it's done no mother nor father daughter her son never belonged to me just like someone call you daughter one called you auntie when call you cousin one called you mother when call you friend when call you niece or nephew or husband or wife and to all these roles something responds spontaneously and appropriately yet there's a deep annoying the nose I'm done of these things there's a place in you that is not uncle what is Unruh understanding of what the term refers to and the relating to yet it is deeper than that he is the unformed one everything that comes every role of the shape they come and go even the various shapes of personality in the same body come and go it knows I am NOT these also it watches the senses it can say my memory used to be so very good I could remember all the names of everyone here in hearing them once now I cannot remember even my own birthday I don't know is he so it is aware of that now the memory as it is subsided now it's only like maybe 40% of what it used to be what watch is this also what watches even memory my my hearing it has some how it used to be two days ago 100% now it is maybe I'd say maybe say 60% 62 what is able to even evaluate the memory my sites eyesight used to be so low 2020 and now I I could before look and notice the license plate of a car from you know 100 meters I could tell you now I can hardly see what use is that a man or woman there so Eva sites and deficiency or the efficiency of site it sees but not through eyes made of flesh or farm he knows he perceive neither birth nor death nor the mind ever belonged to me I perceived them they come and go like clowns come and go I provide them also I am always unwavering always steady I am the absolute reality I do not fluctuate I'm never fragmented I'm always the same I'm the absolute reality I am nectarian knowledge unchanging bliss I'm everywhere like space who can see me I'm everywhere like space my nature is boundless beyond such distinctions as pure and impure even my nature is boundless beyond such distinctions as pure or impure even to refer to me he's saying as even pure I am beyond all the pairs of opposites and not the one referred to to do ality and beyond all the peers of opposites I am neither impure nor am i pure my nature is boundless beyond such distinctions as attached or unattached we cannot say or the self is not attached to touch to know in his voice he speaking now and I want to try something that the sages they mmm they sometimes may say things that you know seem to contradict each other in some way even themself one moment say like this but you cannot pin it down you cannot pin any word down spontaneous utterances just outpourings from that place yet is saying also I say what this thing today and tomorrow I say that thing and I'm right always but the context in which we hear because the mind wants to hold something and say yes this is it we got it but this bird flies away from every cage they say don't try to catch me in just words yes find me in the breath of the words even and yet the words are there to give you a sense to not fix me I am everywhere I am this next minute I say he will say also I am the person and I'm the absolute what can you make of that I am life and I am death what can you make of that I am above and below and yet I'm neither of these and I'm beyond seas straining your mind to what to not hold on to and by not all untrue it becomes everywhere also mine wants something to be finite to say yeah gotcha phenomena I can drive from this place but then he flicks the thought away not even that so something in mind wants to capture him but it says the only way you can know me is when you the knower of me is not when the nor of me is not then I am me that nor and me are one all these things but can you take him can you hear a fortress you see don't cling don't cling you see it's like you you don't go to try and understand what the waterfall is you know to study the water and the the velocity and all these things know stand under it take be with everything so he's saying just let let's let my words find you they find your place and yet you may not be able to to you will not catch me by reciting my words but you will so much see that which cannot be seen fall in love and become the beloved itself all this this is a mystery nobody can figure out but if you use the cerebral faculties all the childhood what did he mean when he said this but how could you say this and you remain outside on us can I read it a bit more or not or you want to give up because I said my nature is boundless beyond such distinctions as divided or undivided what he's saying is don't try and catch true the interrelated opposites you know some people say yes yeah he's cannot be divided but he says he cannot be he's also undivided divided me nothing I'm beyond all of them so then again from the Miami field we're lost we don't understand which which is good there is an understanding beyond the understanding of the mind it becomes spirit it doesn't work in the same way that you you study something and you think you grasp it you see here my nature's boundless beyond such distinctions as divided our undivided yet reminds am nectarian knowledge unchanging bliss and everywhere like space while we have the strong conviction we are the body and the body mind these words they feel I cannot quite relate to them because I'm here I'm sitting on this pincushion you're not on the blue and they're definitely not everywhere like space if I want to go they have to travel over there so your reality remains only like something tangible measurable to the mind is he because mind becomes like an instrument for interpreting and also to to measure a variety and to compare and so on so without that he's lost you see he has to have something so it's always almost that's where the objective knowledge sense come how could the God the Brahma and all his attendants live there how could the City of heaven with all its people live there my only form is stainless is my only form is stainless nests I am the absolute reality am nectarian knowledge unchanging bliss I'm everywhere like space the words are performing a kind of taxidermy on you he's scooping out all your collection and replacing you with emptiness I cannot teach this thing maybe it's transmitted into your being it's breaking up your rigidity you want to take a shape you want to represent an idea something but he's beyond all ideas he's before ideas he is not the creation of any concept and sub secret and knows that all together day by themself cannot reach me I only use them as clues is there anywhere in you where these words are ringing true yes yes yes upside down now which one I can't read upside down in many eloquent ways the Scriptures have said this observable world is like a desert Mirage if there's all if there's only the limitless one all is Sheila how then and to what could the self be compared in the supreme and there is neither division nor none division in the supreme there is neither activity nor inactivity if there's only the limitless one all is the Shiva what then is the need of austerities and rites if you notice the one mind is infinite it pervades everything in this supreme there is neither without nor within the one mind is indeed limitless all is Shiva how then could Shiva be divided into thoughts or in speech there is no distinction between day and night there is no distinction between dawn and dusk if there's only the limitless one all is Shiva what's the difference if this if the Sun or the moon shyness for this one this is not knowledge you can collect it's like a mirror like the mirror of God you're listening and looking and everything is disappearing and yet you are fulfilled you are fulfilled without form so how are you full and filled mmm you're filled with your own joy with your own bliss you filled and it is not personal it is not personal what can you tell your friends who said you know what did you hear in satsang today what did you learn what did you learn today I am beyond existence or nonexistence what get out of here so better you don't say anything you're more true when you say nothing at all but not only you don't say anything nothing at all you don't think at all also if you are not thinking or you're not speaking then spontaneously something is being revealed in you if you give it a chance in your waking state you cannot do it in your deep sleep but in the waking State normally we are in some kind of gear first gear second gear third fourth fifth whatever reverse or something who is in neutral and even more who is in neutral even in the moving car this is the this is the secrets if you are loving this if you are loving this not just mr. Fido my quarter but somehow mmm it is relevant for you it is connecting somehow lights on you see then it is because it is corresponding to itself in you consciousness loves to be loves the company of consciousness so you better not talk about these things and gradually you'll find spontaneously in your conversations everything is appropriate even without knowing the background of the one you're speaking with spontaneously hmm the intelligence of the Lord of the universe knows the combination of every heart is speaking you will come to a time when you do not have to prepare for anything preparation for life will feel clumsy it will put you out of sync with your natural spontaneity which is presence we don't trust you see but the more you are relating to and feeling the intuitiveness the spontaneity within the naturalness of being that it is not planning its unfolding then you'll find that this confidence come this just comes spontaneously in you and the fear which causes us to be the needing to control ting control so much that we relax and you'll find you somehow you're more at one with the unfolding of all things your way of perceiving will be different more kind more open less afraid when there's no fear and then love will pour out from you openness and receptivity true compassion will flow the need for hierarchies will subside yesterday we were sitting together and a group was adjusting the the Tea Room with me moving about and so on it occurred to me how totally relaxed and safe people are in this you know space where love is your climate and respect for each other and like this moving no and I know places where this is not so same number of people in the same space and there's an attention is there a little thing and things can erupt and cause a different outcome then you see what is possible it is possible that when we are mmm our minds are established in the hearts in the heart field how beautiful life can be and when it is in a place of disharmony how ugly it can become that potential is dormant is there inside us and yet in this world somehow as long as identity is there we need somehow both the tensions help you to to dive more deeply to stabilize in a place that is more will feel more safe more true more stable you see if things are just nice at a level and there you have not too grown to that maturity then you go to sleep it is not that things need to be nice but natural the natural state things come and go and there's a natural equanimity that is not governed by any human agency it is very much the fragrance of the consciousness in its dynamic expression like that I don't want to lapse into talking about these things too much we are good yes can I sit okay come from guru Jules I feel to use this moment as the old Sangha from whole world are here have a prayer for your well-being as you give us so much Balaji this is the smallest appreciation that we can give it to you and I feel this also goes to the Sangha around the world that every time every time we gather with each other just put a moment maybe after the satsangh just have a prayer for our beloved master for his well-being that is he give us so much and this is a this is the things that we can bring it in our heart to the world in this way but you must also remember I am the most well being because it's important now that you yes of course you make Paris from I I know your care for me so much inside and and of course I accept your well wishes and blessing inside but also he keeps this party going I think if it were to live in my natural span of life perhaps I will not be here it keeps the spotty kind but it cannot just be you know because when someone once said to me you know like you know Gucci and we want you to to just live long long long that is I said - what - what you being so comfortable taking your time to wake up long live in a like but they say like this now and you say oh you know good you you're so patient and we are due to struggling take our time and so Paige how come you so patient I said I'm not patient I'm just not waiting meaning not waiting the waiting waiting waiting I've told you now in it must the detonator must germinate in your heart and it will it will bring about its own conviction in you a dark but yes for my well-being sometimes you focus too much on my well-being I get the impression I'm sick all eternity I feel so good people tell you all would you but it's rare nobody feel really good so but I accept you yeah blessings prayers of course you know and we know they work also I have to cooperate with them thank you thank you in everything that come to you you must be wise enough to use it and to see the deeper gifts in them even though they may shake your house you must see you have now it has been open up in you the ability the design meant the wisdom to find what what is the deeper significance the hidden vitamins in them to look and reflect sometimes some things may really feel that they strip you down to the chassis of your being and you something inside rise up and say thank you for that you see there's hardly anything don't regard anything as a curse you will you you when you know who you are nothing nothing can hurt you when you realize who you are nothing can hurt that you see nothing can possess you when you are aware of who you are nothing can harm you when you are where who you are yes some ripples may happen on the surface of your being in the realm of the body-mind we may feel things but even there you know you learn you want your new you witness even people who intend to harm you as I've said the wise person builds a house out of the stones that is enemy's traction and lives happily in it such is the one you discover how amazing is the power and the presence of God in you from each thing that you see sometimes you grow much more powerfully from the unseemly unpleasant experiences then from the honey-flavored experiences that just makes you weak and dependent and tie and sleepy no you things happen and they create even sickness at a deeper level is great healing and bring out to it you see but out of our compassion maybe some way please may you be well and so on but while we are praying for the physical well-being of each other we pray also for their their spiritual well-being for their mental emotional well-being for their wisdom expanding that they grow and they benefit from the illness in ways that you know we cannot imagine many of you know this you've been to sicknesses and so and see that it was a form of healing a deep healing happen out of that so change this also this attitude and see that the weight you know God has sent this also this can also be a gift but when it comes time for healing you know when something has been learned then it doesn't need to continue when you've learnt a lesson also you don't need to have the same experience over and over again it's like it just evaporates because you have you have used it and got the best out of it then it is done you leave it we are outgrowing so many things and you are growth outgrown them then you start they stop coming easy but if you are not outgrown it you would feel like those things are still coming at you there are many bacteria and viruses in the air we move in a city even in the countryside is there if you're fit and well you don't notice them but if you are depleted in your energy and down and so on days up you wanna you see so your strenght comes also from your spiritual the more more your mind is empty and clear and full of grace and love you know that's a vaccination against a lot of trouble you know this is these things we are not told enough of it you know that just like if you get a cut in your hand the body wants to heal it there's something that wants to put all to restore harmony to put at the hand of human beings only is an ignorance you know yes also God is Express is true to all the different disciplines also just teaching in accordance to the temperament and ways of human beings finds a way to find to help them along the way but it can go from a little bit of help like this everyone even in in the darkest place help will come but as you open up inside the the help can be instantaneous and miraculous immediately also because your heart is open for that something is open for that you see so yes I hear these things people struggling but use your struggle use your struggle to transcend when I say it is as though consciousness creates the sense creates the sense of a problem in order to have the experience of transcending it also to exercise its own power that is something in us can do this we learn even if you intend not to you may grow without appreciating your growth because we are compelled to grow to evolve you see some people may seem to to change very slowly you know you see why is this person chasing so you know what mind your own business you don't know what God is doing with them okay like this and maturing maturing my training we of course wish if you are kind-hearted person you wish well for everybody not only the people you know when you have that universal love in you and life is showing you her our finest performance you see when you have that heart that Universal heart quality life is always life is actually shaped to take to care for you and to protect you the nature will protect you just like you notice you go to places and people can justify you know how it is amazing you know how much grace yeah she came and just so many miracles happen by their opening also but now you're open to them you're open you're sensitive enough to not shut down your your your potential and to open up to be experiencing and it's very contagious within your own self the more you begin to recognize that it works it works the more it working and working and working more it's working and working you doubted then you know your body language change you start to go a bit fetus like you see and you stop radiating that that that inner light that is your natural it is your natural perfume you are natural you know climate and environment the more you discover the the truth of yourself and honnor it is like even your very body become more translucent it becomes more it's filled with grace it becomes like light is flowing from it I just opened this page now this is from the repo get on something and from the sages heart is pouring out is also saying now I am consciousness which is beyond the reach of speech I am consciousness which is infinite space I am consciousness without any interactions I am consciousness which is the feckless and perfectly full I am the supreme of the nature of all pervasive consciousness thus be ever of the certitude and that this is you I am consciousness which is eternal peace I am consciousness devoid of anything moving or not moving I am consciousness which is the bondage lest nature of the supreme I am consciousness which is spread as the supreme I am consciousness which is beyond all thought and such I am consciousness without any world or individual I am the supreme of the nature of the blameless consciousness thus be ever of this certitude that it is you the Supreme Brahman is ever the reality this Brahman can never be unreal whoever has the steadfast conviction that I am the supreme within the heart you say which is ever the reality this one will become the reality whoever does not have such conviction that it is the reality will remain in the state of the unreal indeed my dear one be in agreement with this certitude that which I am is ever the supreme this is the one reality your mind doesn't have to be an agreement because further for a long you've been given such such importance and he's become a bit of a beast he says stupid things you see you must know the difference between yourself and the mind in whatever stage it may be you know because he can also be elevated it can be elevated to the Ganassi can be a very subject mind also but still lies within the realm mostly of you may say the manifests self invisible to you perceivable by you whatever is preceived perceivable ya know it to be traffic its clouds passing when we know like this confusion will leave you peace will remain undisturbed in you the joy will remain unbeautiful in you the truth will remain its friend in you give simple directions because that is all you need we don't need to know soul so many things because then it turns into a kind of knowledge and the mind claims it it will not help no only sufficiently to to cross to go to this door of nirvana into your own self if you may say like that because I can tell you you are already that for some people they say I don't need to cross them but I am already in as Rumi's poem say you know the knocking on the door knocking let me enter then the door opens I have been knocking from inside they say it's a beautiful matter for a beautiful teaching and revelation we're knocking on the door once we're inside but we are not aware that we are inside we're not aware that we are inside some delusion has come upon us and we think we are outside of what truth is you see so by knocking earnestly hmm the door opens why did door open is he who opened it grace opens the door because with the door being opened you come to realize where you actually are this door is a door of discovery when you discover you see when a pataga but it was necessary to knock it was necessary to see the door open to actually see your true position you see some can hear these things they can hear it it is enough for them others will need more and more at the beginning of the famous book at baccarat Gita Lord Krishna expounded the sublime and if the quintessential truth to Arjuna but he did not grasp it so he had to expound more and more and more then the world say thank you for back of Akita because Arjuna didn't understand if he was understood in three sentences would have been finished but he went on and on and on and I believe we are even at the end of the bhagavad-gita Arjuna did not fully understand why is maybe too much trying to understand that a word level maybe not sufficiently yet he had faith but that faith still was shared somehow with maybe the mind why did not drop in completely easy so the extent that we nurture mind and personhood that very mind will raise up as reluctance resistance it is the carnal mind is directly in resistance to the fullness of truth but you're an advantage you came here meaning the grace but you're here your own beingness came here to discover its its own root its own source you see how difficult can it be it's made clear enough but some lingering thing in the mind you think you know I were to still attend to the mind first before I get to this that itself is mind you see the thought yeah I still have something I said yesterday and I believe I shared it know that you know putting so much energy and solving your you know personal dilemmas and so on you know even spiritual minded the person is doing this that's and awakening to the truth of yourself are two separate matters don't think I must first do all these things and clean up everything and then I love space for for this because even while you're getting ready for this you know it is really watchable from this that this illusory this ghost is doing all these things to discover its true nature now if you had what it takes to see and you do so that's a mystery unto itself that somehow something persists more and more people are testifying yes this I see it's not true but the delusion and an anus effect is still persistent it's still coming coming yeah so but you you are the one who sees you did not come you're here you see it's coming but when it comes we are giving too much importance to that why you give too much importance eh well maybe to conditioning we are trained to identify with the person for whom this display is fine the person is is the so-called victim of these of these effects of consciousness but it's not the person perceivable also is it not the first illusion hmm so then you are after me but yes it is out to the press machine then that rich perceives the person is a docile person you know don't answer from here you know answer from your from your looking see and some it's freedom it's like something rips away it peels away this cataract false ideas and immediately you're see you see what do you see is it an object that you see in this instant no it's not an object is it the subject that you see is not the subject beyond the object and subject a delusion is removed and it confirms you are here you add this one we are the eternal one this is winning everlasting life also this is waking up being rescued from this sea of samsara that's what it is that's what it is when you come to recognize the fullness of your own true silence and effortless being you know which has no it has no date of class no date of death nothing that Isis on it he is untouchable and splittable incorruptible imperishable indivisible unborn you see no one else has to tell you is it maybe to say just to remind you look you know you're looking are you looking out not with these physical eyes you're perceiving and are in the very heart of consciousness it is so it aside is so it is so then if you cry the tears of gratitude and that God has opened your real eyes thank you I am NOT holding back from you except in response to your blocking what I am saying in you the truth is all pervading and it is there it is not even pervading as an act it isn't already present you know search yourself to see what what you're paying attention to giving so much energy to the ephemeral things and and look listen to what I'm sharing find find a place way where they sing inside your being and be one with that look and see I'm not telling you travel another this is this long journey you know do all these spiritual gymnastics or something look hall you know you haven't least another 10 years I'm not putting anything on you not putting time in front of you because if truth is true you must be here now awesome you cannot simply be an award at the end of some long struggle only you see but those who are fit and God knows if you are carrying some resentment if you are carrying judgments if you're holding on to something that you want in this world that you I want I want I wonder what then you will delay your seeing and it is fine there's no no one needs to curse you for that you nor blame you if that urges in you maybe you have to spend that urge maybe you have to spend that time to pursue your projections but life is not here simply to fulfill your personal projections and yet in everything God is kind what is not so unkind as to fulfill all your dreams sometimes this kindness is to crush them so that you may wake up wake up and trust this this grace will not end when you leave this place it will be with you and your chains and your planes and your cars and your houses are able to stay with you don't push it away that your press simply be rid me of ego and match being you forever I would like to I heard that sangeeta will sing something for me today yes I wanted to hear the song from you thank you [Music] I tried to find my way I could see no Holy Father appearance and you see who the devil is me arriving [Music] and I will lead you through oh right Raisa kingdom up number [Music] Raisa Rison Kingdom away [Music] in the darkness I saw no light I was all alone searching and seeking to find you where are you lord all the people they tell me to run run away they will keep but my father you tell me to stay and rise and rise and rise and rise and [Music] the most Iowa we will rise up we will rise up will rise Kingdom most Iowa we will rise up Raisa [Music] Kingdom of the most I awaken we will rise up we will right we will rise a kingdom of the Most High awaken you awaken awaken you oh hey away you away you know away you awake and on the way in you thank you yesterday I give you exercise to do and they want you to tell me what happened come yeah you followed I was just observing whatever was happening and actually after satsang in the evening people told me that you gave me some activity to do hi I so but I was sitting here when I entered this morning I was sitting here I was waiting in the queue to come inside and I was feeling that you know I want to do I want to go sit in satsang then I'm sitting in satsang but I think that there is no waiting so I don't know something is well first of all the first thing is that I did not instruct that you should observe things did not construct you observe things things are unending in the realm of things there unending things to observe the universe watching sometimes I like watching also the world going by they say hmm but sometimes it may appear watching but my eyes have turned the other way so I specifically asked you know don't pay so much attention towards paying on it because this is just very quickly mine comes in and you start to look this thing it's not and you are involved involved hmm this witness I have looked accident you see that you are telling the story of what is happening in front of you no I say at the place of that natural intuition that natural knowingness the sense I am before even the words not the words only I am but what they indicate that sense of being and that is present and is not in relation with anything yet sometimes you come in the morning maybe you wake up and or you have to go to the bathroom or you may wake up and it has not kicked in it has not yet picked up anything at all yet the senses are present also but they have not not belonging to anybody they're just functioning and there's awareness it has not picked up any role yet then I ask you do this business find that place that place the sense of knowing or the sense of being it is here sometimes it's easy to misunderstand this I think you know you must go and find some special kind of I have this special like what you asked to find this without the words just yeah there is yeah yeah how long it will take it takes no time because is there before time isn't it is there before time time is secondary everything else secondary everything is else it is where the sense of other arises but you have not reached other your only in that primary state that intuition just a sense of being then what is the stay instruction just abide there be one with it now so the vibration is there you don't have to say I am the I have no don't got anything no there is no HPD I am Justice natural state mine is hungry he wants some more instruction you know you know I am I'm really good at this huh this gets better oh I've got it is good no just that sense of be and it's primal primal said he is not connected I said don't you may see through the senses or perceived through the senses but don't log into anything that is coming there hold today I have be one with him don't imagine I am you imagine that's the second thing now I'm imagining I am the dam I am doesn't have to imagine I am you are there already there is no time involved there one you're here eyes are seeing you know the nose through the nose smell teas smelling his is happening achoo the body feeling can happen but nothing here the mind is not here shopping through the senses for sense pleasure you know today whatever is happened let that happened but your focus is only on the sense of being any effort to be is also see that's an effort to be what I am I am just be in this and at first of course the mind might come and try to play games with you about how to be I am but as you ignore these you find that naturally naturally some some deep sensitivity is present in you it's not going outward it's not going anywhere it's just somehow here now and this becomes your natural kind of inner environment or climate sister they are together one I thought may come and say but you know that's fine as a practice but it's not practical as life but that's only an idea the I am is not practical or impractical it is there before you before your breath even it perceives the breath it is earlier than your sight you may call it the sense the intuitive sense of presence the way the unlearnt or untaught way that you are aware of yourself very few beings have given that any what you may call bring your attention to him or I may say just be one with that hmm then you begin to sometime notice the restlessness of the mind these come he says yeah but you know I let's go do something you know like you know it's very easy very easy is tickling the senses to show you something look look look look so somehow energy can go into the shape of the senses but you are aware of that this awareness and your i am-ness there one there one it's just there man we said what is used as pointless you're not doing anything at all we're up look it's 11 o'clock but you must not touch him it may feel impossible how can I resist the alluring call and pulled the curling fingers of the mind how am I possible you're already don't go into that you are here you're not going anywhere you're just in this it is just paying attention you may call it I watching who is watching I I it self is watching but it's a nun phenomenal observation meaning not one thing watching another so if you feel in the beginning is too difficult don't give up because of those words if you follow this you see everything that feels like it brings to you will follow me because they cannot bear the singularity of your own this is true self consciousness self consciousness has become something to do with ego and people look at you to put a camera to you start to behave that is not self consciousness that is very unconscious but self consciousness really means to be rest in your to be Ness your i am-ness it is not a verb it simply is acknowledging the isness you are here this and then so much like a kind of divine power of call it like that is with you and it is so much bliss enjoy there that nothing everything lose their appeal nothing can attract you to go into shape because you are in the Bliss and you're in the heart of your own shapelessness you be with that yes fall in love with it you see later yeah as you move in the field of the senses they will not trouble you you'll find all things years as a sensitivity so present with you that even in your interactions would be there's no sense I myself to do this it would seem ridiculous you see because the vibration field around you is somehow like you're in this you in trying to leave sa that there is not to say und seem like you become the object inside something it is not like that you have no limits no measurement of what this is but it is very much located in the field of this body and that is fine be there it's its vibrations are moving more broadly but no loss to you you hear and don't speak about it don't speak about it staying that moving that well people come and they say darling I mean whoa whoa what's this feel so something with you don't take that don't hold it don't feel proud about that you know just abide in that it may give you some encouragement you may make you feel all this it must be tangible to others also but don't go too much into that stay in it and strengthen your field just like that it's natural it's there anyway it's just that it feels unactivated because mostly we will give our attention away so quickly to the to the mind the pull go at this this this distance in fact most of our life what we call our life is a distraction it is a distraction from this first this first holidays and everything will be C to be arising in this coming in this you become like the sky of consciousness the infinite sky of consciousness the things are more clouds are moving you know the clouds never run out of space to move they can keep moving but as they are moving they are also dissolving the sky is not crying it's not it doesn't have any favorite clouds hey you wait no everything is coming you see in the majesty of that unchanging this just like this so I only ask you make this start stay here don't be observing things you've been doing this all your life this thing and that thing and beautiful things and spiritual things with things and things and things and things not realizing not coming to the place of no thing so just abide first in this in this feeling of I am I shared with you before that it is like a pearl diver I must dive deep to find the most precious pearls but if he swims if he's famous now he takes up all the exhausts all his oxygen we've to tired to stay there so now he takes a stone heavier than his body and jumps overboard with it he ties a rope to it and he goes down with it so in a sense that this stone is like you're I am but it's not separate it's not tied to anything and you goes hold on to the two this i am-ness and don't matter where it's going or whether it still or not just be there don't close your eyes and stop your ears and you don't have to be isolated in some spacesuit you're just yeah and pay attention to it somebody passing hello how are you just fine gradually it's not you're visualizing this I am Shyam is coming in lights no you're watching always from your hands yeah just this simple thing is it too simple stay here today I'm asking I asked you yesterday I'm telling you now I'm telling you now today to do all of you as you move about in your and you know a it's okay moved what you have to do but stay if you stay there for a few minutes you're gonna feel the magnetism of your own self but don't let the world of phenomena be your magnet always pulling your attention here and there the mind is happy to go out leaking out towards the ephemeral is he but be just conscious don't visualize don't imagine don't have a piece of paper with I am written on it now you feel the sense I am that is also observed to just say and at first it may feel like it's moving about is some other thoughts are coming and you know and suddenly you start to think of some email you after saying okay this is usual he's only showing you the restlessness of the attention and we are living in this kind of this static this buzz is there so often but you be aware of this but don't enter it don't log into that just be aware for a moment but stay with that I am Jay and grant greater force will stay in your I am and these things they go they disappear this simple instruction can you follow I think my ears are not working [Applause] you today follow yeah I've been following you ever since I've heard you and they for all yea this thing and everybody also just take a bit of time watch that even if you have to sometimes sit away by yourself and just follow what I share with you I think it was a bit on the paper as well I didn't look at it again I'm just telling you freshly how just to be with just that that feeling or the sense I am just find it is there if somebody saying I'm searching I can't find it anyhow so let's be with this just bring your attention here be with this don't give up because it feels that the mind comes strong it is a not to you'll notice the mind may come very strong as though you know you know we're not gonna let you do that you're not gonna find you you see because if you find him I won't be able to molest you like fulfilling I won't be able to have your attention when I want so let them rock around a little bit and you stay stay stay and gradually you feel hope something opens inside you you see something open in society you may find you'd like this something happening like oh this is just stuff leaving but don't be looking for that just be present to stay and then if I have a chance I might hear from you or I may see it in you thank you very good love you so full full full - full emptiness full emptiness this is the kind of nonsense we speak here nobody else will understand except you full of emptiness [Music] [Music] you