Can You Pass This Penis Quiz

- Okay. - Can you fracture an erect penis? - Oh, like can you crack a dick? (laughter) - That's ... (lighthearted music) So penises are really important, obviously. 50% of the population has them. They're a huge part of the person's health, who they're connected to. So we're going to quiz some BuzzFeed staffers on their penis IQ. First question ... Are blue balls actually blue? - Are blue balls actually blue? - I've never observed my own. - I've presumably given a bunch of blue balls in the past and I've never seen them turn blue. - No. - No. - No, cuz maybe they're more than one color? - Yes. (laughs) - Okay, no. - Ahh. - Okay, question. Why do guys blame girls for blue balls? Can't they just jack that shit off ... - That question I can't answer. Is it possible to pee with an erection? - Yeah, right? - Yeah. - It is possible to pee with an erection. I know this because I have seen it happen and if you're going to tell me that's incorrect, I'm scared of what I saw. - I think it's possible, but it's really hard for men. - That's exactly right. (clap) Yeah. - I am a penis genius. - A penius. - I am a penius. - Okay, so next question. Can you fracture an erect penis? (gasps) - Oh. - You know what? Yes? - Can you fracture an erect penis? Yes. - So I'm going to say no, you can't fracture it, but you probably can seriously injure it. - That's incorrect. - Damn, I was on such a roll. - You can't break it. What you end up fracturing is something called the corpus cavernosum. - This is just an off-the-record question ... (loud zinging noise) How would you even know if you broke it? Like is it one of those things ... - It hurts. - Where you're like ... - It hurts. - You know it's broke. - All right I think I understand what position to avoid. - Yeah. So the more times you ejaculate in one day, does less semen come out each subsequent time. - Not always true. (laughs) - So yes or no. - I'm not sure about that. - I've heard a lot of guys talk about how like, oh if you wait, like, you're going to have a big load. And they just love that. - I've heard people say ... Oh, I've got a lot stored up or something like that, which makes me feel like the answer is yes? - That is correct. (laughs) - False. - That is incorrect. - What? - I'll say less. I'll say yes. Yes for less. - That's correct. - I know more about penises than I thought. - Will it ever like puff smoke when it's finally done? - No. - Not like puhh? (laughter) - Last question. Is it possible to sit down on your testicles? - Can I try right now? - Okay, so my testicles are here. - How droopy are these testicles? - I have another question. Are you naked? - I imagine they would move to the sides. - The answer is no. - I'm going to say no, you can't sit on your testicles. - Okay, that is incorrect. (groans) - Um, I'll say no. I don't think you can actually sit on your balls. - That's incorrect. - Oh, no! - I think it's possible. - That's correct. - Thank you Dr. Caroline. - I'm not a doctor, everyone. - I think I did well. I think balls are a mystery no matter what. So the fact that that was my weak point, I feel comfortable with. - Like I know the deal. I know the dill. I know the D. - Like I said ... - Do I get like a gold star or a certificate. - Like a gold penis. - Like a gold penis star? - No. - I would wear it proudly on my chest. - I have an old test tube. (laughs) That's all. - What does it have in it? - I think it was from swabbing someone's phone.