Can You Pass a 5th Grade Science Test

- I remember that I was really not that great at school and I was also bullied a lot in fifth grade, so that was a horrible time for me. - I remember fifth grade science being really hard. - I think I'll remember some of the things I learned. - Science in fifth and sixth grade was like, the most interesting time ever. - I would like, totally forget to write my name on it and that always made me lose like five points. - Which action will result in a product with new chemical properties? - I feel like the obvious answer is popping popcorn. - When you apply heat to things, like, that gives it new chemical properties, so A, popping popcorn. - [Man] That is correct. - Yes, thank you Jesus! - It's gotta be popping popcorn. I make a lot of popcorn and it goes from kernel to fluff. - Woo! - All living things contain which element? You're breathing, carbon dioxide. Every time you release air, carbon is coming out of your mouth. D, carbon. Oh, snap! - Carbon. - Which property of salt is important when making ice cream? - I remember making ice cream, so I think I'm gonna get this one right. - How the (bleep) am I gonna tell my mom I got an F on this test? - I know it's not adding flavor, because it's outside of the ice cream chamber, so that makes no (bleep) sense. - Salt lowers the freezing point of water. - C, salt lowers the freezing point of water. - [Man] Correct. - Where does oxygen-rich blood go after leaving the lungs? - It goes into your poop. - Lungs, brain, heart, kidney, stomach. - I think brain. - [Man] It's the heart. - Dammit. - The heart. - [Man] Yep. - Which of the following is a living component of a desert in California? This probably wouldn't have been on my science test in Illinois. - How is it a horned lizard? They were being so literal. - Don't count polar bears out. If a polar bear got dropped in the desert, it would be living there for at least a few minutes until it died. - What is at the center of our solar system? - Um. - Love. - I believe it is a star composed of hydrogen and helium. - What characteristic do all birds share? - I saw an emu once and it definitely couldn't fly. - Penguins (bleep) can't fly. - I'm gonna say feathers. - Feathers, baby. - Well, I'm about consistent with my scores on stuff from my youth. - Well, I'm glad to know I'm an average fifth grader. - I was like a little worried before I started that it was gonna be a bunch of weird (bleep). - This proves that I'm a lot more awesome than I thought I was in fifth grade. (upbeat music)