Can You Solve This Murder At A Sorority

(easy drum beats and jazzy music) (girl coughing) - Aaah. (upbeat synthesizer music) (scary digital tone) (glass thuds) (phone buzzes) - Hey, how far are you? Wait, okay, why not? I'm wearing all this make up, okay? No, it's fine I'll just watch a scary movie or something. Yeah, don't worry about it. Yeah, I'm not mad. No, oh yeah, I'm not mad, I promise. Okay, all right, feel better. All right, bye. Fucking bullshit. (sighs) (sighs) Maybe I'll get a pizza. (light jazzy horns and beats) A murder at a sorority! Let's crack this case. (mysterious echoing tones) (upbeat dance music) ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. (heavy electronic beats music) - [Fred] AHHH! - Trina, trina, trina, wake up, trina. Trina, trina, trina wake up. Trina, trina, wake up. Trina! - Huh, looks like the cat's out of the bag and on the floor, dead. (digital tones) - Yeah, Trina was my girl. We weren't serious, serious, but um... I was actually gonna ask her to be my girlfriend when I, when I found her. I found her. (cries) Oh God. (cries) I didn't kill her! I'm a pacifist. That's actually why it's been hard to convince her to go out with me. (sniffs) She says I'm too gentle. I actually wrote her a song if you wanna hear it. ♫ Trina, you're the most beautiful girl ♫ I've ever seen. (high trilled flute tones) (Fred cries) (doorbell rings) (sighs) (doorbell rings) - Pizza. (door squeaks) Good evening, oh nice costume. - This isn't a costume. - Thanks. - $12.50 please. - Ooh, delivery duty on Halloween, huh? Yeah, my night, my night sucks, too. - I actually have a party to go to. - Oh, okay well. Oh, (whines) I have a party to go to. (whines) All right so there's Fred. Who else we got? (digital tones) - It's true, I lost several house elections to Trina. But no hard feelings. I mean, really. I love being vice-president. It's like all of the hard work and none of the credit, but that's life. Regardless I was sitting on the porch when all of this went down. I was talking to this gorgeous linebacker, oh my God! Or maybe that was just her costume. Oh, yeah. - Oh yeah, I was hanging out with Farrah when we heard the scream. She was a little edgy, but, we were chatting since at least eight-ish, eight fifteen? Don't think I'm gonna come back here, though. You know, considering the murder and all. (chip crunches) - Do you think this makes me president now? Oh, right probably. Not the right time to ask. (static noise) - [Cameraman] Well hell yeah! Halloween at the Kappa Tau Tau 95 baby we got it! Hot dog shark. (chuckles) - [Girls] Whooo! - [Cameraman] Oh, hello! We got, what do we got here? Bobbing for apples, baby! We're living it! We're doing it! This could, Jesus, whoa man, what are you? Don't look at me, what? Just uh, you gonna talk to me, or? That's not how you make friends, man. This is not cool. (slow, eerie music) This is you just a, just a, unique place after looking at you. (static noise) - Maybe I'll, I'll watch a movie. Take the edge off. - [Narrator] And they say the witch still haunts these woods. - [Girl] Is, is anyone here? - Don't do it. - [Girl] What's at this door? - AHH! - AHH! (sighs) - [Boy] Did you guys here that? (loud thud) (eerie, wavering music) (low bass tone) (door thuds) (object thuds) (digital tones) - Yeah I called the cops. To make a noise complaint. The damn kids can't shut up! You know it doesn't surprise me that a girl was murdered in that place. I mean it's barely a house! It's more like a night club if you ask me. Now, maybe they'll learn to keep quiet. Disrupting the way of life in this neighborhood. (Nelson sighs) - [Operator] Hello, 911 what's your emergency? - [Nelson] My damn neighbors are making noise pollution! - [Operator] Is this Mr. Atwood? Sir, this is the fourth time this week. - [Mr. Atwood] It's like Andy Worhal's studio in there! - [Operator] Okay, Mr. Atwood, I'll send out an officer. (digital squelch) - This one's tough. Everyone seems kind of innocent but also kind of guilty. Was it Fred the unsatisfied lover? Farrah the eternal vice-president? Nelson the grumpy next door neighbor? Or that spooky mystery man? (loud clicking noise) (low eerie tone) (door creaks) (easy xylophone and synthesizer music) (digital tones) What about that video footage? It was taken at a really specific time. 8:15, just before the body was found. Sure there's the spooky guy, but I feel like there's something more happening. Is that Farrah in the background? But the linebacker said they were together all night. Let's look a little closer. She's pouring a drink and adding poison. This girl has her hair in two buns. Farrah had her hair in one. (pages rustling) A twin! That's how Farrah was in the same place in the same time and how she and her sister plotted to murder Trina and become the rulers of Kappa Tau Tau. Wow, this is why I never joined a sorority. (book thuds) (static noise) - Hey, what's your deal, man? - Oh, I just like Halloween. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. ♫ Rocking the crowd with the new old school. (upbeat electronic dance music)