Can this video get 1 million dislikes




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*NOKIA™ SOUND* *PICKS UP NOKIA™ UNIVERSE S7™* It's me Mr. PewDiePie It's Google™ Google™? Google™, you called at last Now tell me, tell me about the secret algorithm. You promised.. Once I hit 50 million You would tell me everything "I need more power !" - Pewdiepie 2016 I'm running low. JackSepticEye (Irish Potato Fucker) is catching up I'm falling behind, GOOGLE™ WHAT YOU WANT LILLY SINGH ON TOP (Insert dirty joke here) *HOLDS NOKIA™ UNIVERSE S7™ SEXUALLY CLOSE* That's right. I know you don't Now that you finally made it to 50 million subs You have access to a super secret higher level of Youtube Heroes Youtube™ Super Saiyan™ God™ Level Hero™ (all rights reserved to GOOGLE™) Youtube™ Super Saiyan™ God™ Level Hero™? What is the key information? Listen closely to this information Ok The likes They don't do anything (wat) It's a dead button (watt) It's been a dead button (....) all along ( *very manly gasp*) The dislikes *dramatic Royalty Free music* What about the dislikes? Don't you see? That's the key The more dislikes, The more power (OHMYGAUUUUDDDD) How do you think so many shit channels can rise to the top? GhostBusters Rebecca Black JustinBieberVEVO Call of Duty: Dead Franchise (press f to pay respect) So you're telling me If I get more dislikes You will become more powerful than you could ever imagine *PUTS DOWN NOKIA™ UNIVERSE S7™* It will be done *PTSD INTENSIFIES* *Breaks desk by slamming a NOKIA™* AYE YO WHATS FFFFFFFFFUHHHCKING GUUD (seizure starts) 1 MILLION DISLIKES!! CAN WE SMASH IT? PPPPLLLLLTTTT 1 MILLION DISLIKES. OR I'LL DROWN MYSELF. *Unnatural cry only comparable to a thousand mating whales* (SOMEBODY PHOTOSHOP THIS) BAAAAAAHHHH 1 MILLION DISLIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *A wild PeedewPee appears carrying it's native instrument* *Mating call of a million savages* 1 million dislikes or Romanian dies (rest in piss forever in piss) Maya you're so cu-(drugs kick in) 1 MILLION DISLIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my ears omg) *sexy moans while dabbing* *Proceeds to binge* *AHHHHHHH* (fell harder than Humpty Dumpty) 1 MILLION DISLIKES!!!!!!! CAN WE GET 1 MILLION DISLIKES? (Yes senpai, now stop asking) 1 MILLION! *Swedish Hardcore Rap* (Best music ever played) *They see me rollinnn.... They hatinnnn* WE STRIKE AT DAWN! 1 MILLION DISLIKES!!! 1 MILLION. No! No! No *regrets decision made* *Be careful Pewds* ONE... 1 MILLION DISLIKES !!!!!!!!!!!! 1 MILLION CAN WE GET. 1 MILLION ??? 1 MILLIONNNNN !!!!!!!! 1 MILLION!!! DISLIKES!! CAN WE GET 1 MILLION DISLIKES? Dislikes I like likes (alrighty then) She likes likes Bet she likes leafy too 1 MILLION DON'T LOOK AT ME (we're staring at u actually) HHEEEUUGHH *sobbing* (ayy what's good bro?) 1 MILLION Dislikes (jump scare lol) *fade to black* Alright so apparently Likes doesn't mean shit We've been liking videos for nothing fantastic (oh the irony is strong here) Now it's all about watchtime and making you keep watching more videos No one really know what's going on on YouTube anymore Everyone is just.. testing out different things begging for likes. Oh that guy got a lot of.. a lot of views I must beg for likes as well Well apparently, likes doesn't even do ANYTHING except dislikes. Don't forget to dislike What YouTube want is watchtime and that you watch more videos That's all they really care about so Speaking of which, why don't you check out this video This is a REALLY great one that I think you will REALLY enjoy watching. Cause it's very.. It's practically the same video as this one Oh my God I'm getting too old for this shit (nah) Don't forget to dislike the vide- sub to me