Can trash talk go too far


Chael Sonnen


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during Wednesday's episode of arrow on the bad guy on ESPN plus one of the topics that came up was Deonte Wilders comments before his fight and went Deontay Wilder said this is very dark but what he had said was I legally can kill this man my hands are weapons they're going to sanction it and I can kill him and do it legally and that's what I want to do that is not verbatim but guys that's what he said so this topic came up on the show and the simple question was is that fair game is all fair in love and war when it comes to hype and smack-talk for a fight now quite frankly no the answer is no but now the question is not only where is the line but who gets to determine where that line is this is where you have more of a philosophical conversation because if you were going to say that his license should be in jeopardy and that a commission is going to review those were I think now you've got a problem commission is a state agency you've of course got the First Amendment right you start you start to getting some stuff that nobody wants to go it's not fun sports are supposed to be fun it's supposed to be entertainment even a combat sport for rough-and-tumble gut guys we're supposed to have some fun here so the answer is yes absolutely you can go too far I did not like the way it sounded because I am a viewer and a fan and I'm going to purchase the fight and I will not view or purchase anything where I'd be reasonable leaf that somebody's life is going to go away I'm absolutely not okay that's for me now what had surprised me in many ways is that Ariel had said no this is fair game as a matter of fact I saw him say it I thought he performed it as a heel I thought he performed the bit very well and it made me want to see the fight even more I got to tell you I did not expect that response from arrow but I do want to give arrow some credit there okay that takes a courage to say most reporters who are going to come into this with any level of the high-handed approach are always going to look at something that's at all controversial or sensitive and then they're gonna be the hall monitor they're gonna be the Boy Scout and they're gonna be the prude in the room that takes everybody's fun away that's what I expected he'll wanted to do and he did just the opposite he was mad he didn't mean it I knew he didn't mean it when he said it what do you think I'm that naive what do you think that I think Wilder wants to go out and in somebody's let now and of course he didn't mean it he's a showman he was putting on a show and it worked with me made him a heel doesn't get any worse than that I tuned it cool I mean that was a really fair for as one guy's opinion but I do think that aerial showed a real courage in having that opinion and coming out and voicing it the problem for me where I couldn't give him the same pass and I want to give him a path I don't know Deontay Wilder I only know him the same way that you guys seen him in videos and stuff he seems like a perfectly rough guy but there was no part of my being that took him sincere no part of my being thought wow he's disclosing something really horrific and it's gonna be legal and they're gonna sanction he's gonna get away with it now absolutely not I saw a performer there I noticed when he rattled off that rant he did it seamlessly I noticed he can barely say anything that's perfectly seamlessly that is any kind of sophisticated thought that's not a backhanded compliment to him that just tells me he pocketed that he practiced sit in front of the mirror he was trying to be the heel and he succeeded I'm just left with giving him a pat and I want to give him a pass I don't give him a pass I want to though I really do want to you know what stops me his boxing does have a history and a number of people have died in the ring and boxing contest a number of them and a number of people have died in a coma after the fact from damages they took in boxing that's a reality it is a real combat sport so even on a level of entertainment if you tease or ingest talk about death for me as a viewer it's going to make me a little uncomfortable that's as far as I'm willing to go I am not telling anyone to ban Deonte I'm not telling anybody that Deonte owes an apology or anything I'm not doing any of that but if I am to answer the question I will tell you it did not sit well with me with the history of boxing and anything there was a need for it I just did was unnecessary thought it was a good fight that he's a well-known name I thought it was a good press conference I thought it went too far I don't want to be in the guy in the room that starts moving the lines and gets to decide where free speech go that's I'm out I'm out other than to publicly share my personal opinion which is I thought it was unnecessary