Capricorn Ascendant Rising in D10 Dasamsa Dashamsa chart in Vedic Astrology


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so ladies and gentlemen welcome to our Capricorn ascendant video for the some such are doesn't what happens when you have Capricorn ascendant makkah lagna in d-10 the Samsa chart and what is it the Samsa chart is the obligation to society it's what you have to perform in society to accomplish part of your soul's goal whether it's to become a politician a serial killer a scientist or a hot astrologer like me you've got obligation to society so that's what we're gonna discuss today and yes I'm wearing the same t-shirt that means I haven't taken a shower since my last video now I don't care shut up so anyway let's start with this video so when you have a Capricorn ascendant in the desciption the first thing we see that part of your obligation to society becomes to attain titles up this person this individual will put a great importance on having a title in society for example doctor okay PhD esq CEO vice-president for them the title makes them feel like now they can perform something in society and these are the folks for them they're the workaholics they are the ones who want to make sure that the task which is started is finished and yet you will see they are extremely feminine in their work space as much as you're thinking this isn't authoritative place for an individual no they they're actually very feminine because Capricorn is the most feminine sign and this is why you will see they're not masculine or arrogant but they're moody they do become moody just like the cancer and once the moodiness comes in then you will see you'll be you will feel this irritated Ness from them and specifically for them partnership whether it's a job whether it's a business it is something they need it is something that they want it is something that they cherish their emotional stability comes through partnerships they feel like they need to have someone who can nourish them in their career so if it's a CEO you will see the CEO absolutely relies on his or her secretary or their executive assistant they feel like they keep it can't accomplish their task unless they have this person which actually you will notice that a Capricorn assumption person will pay most to their partnership will play most to the person who is kind of like assisting them helping them in their work because they want to keep their their emotional satisfaction and by satisfying the other person and then one thing you will also see such people become extremely eccentric with their savings one minute they want to save the most money the next minute they want to spend and get something big in their life and specifically they have the most polite communication with other people in their profession however the people that they work with who are at the same level as them they are pretty much oblivion the people that work with are very oblivion to the needs of this individual the wants of this individual they are not able to comprehend and understand what this individual is trying to portray their communication just cannot get lost with the people that they communicate with in their work space not above them not below them the people exactly at the same way at the same time you will see that such people in their work space will have the most cordial relationship with female bosses but what happens here is that their entire life becomes about balancing that relationship with an authority balance in that relationship for the government balancing that relationship you know with their bosses that's the game that they have to play that's one relationship that they always have to master partnership is a fine partnership is they already know that they're gonna be the one they're gonna take care of this person and whatever they want they will give it to that person because they get that emotional satisfaction with them but when it comes to dealing with you know their bosses and dealing with the government that's one relationship they always have to continuously balance and work at and especially they'll have the most satisfactory value coming through their subordinates people who work under them they will attain such people tend to attain money to attain wealth when they hire people under them or when they have a team of people working under their command and usually such people will always have a foreign mentor give them wisdom give them the knowledge they need to excel in their work that particular wisdom will come through some foreign authority some foreign mentor a guru a teacher and especially you will notice such teachers and mentors a very nitpicky very detail-oriented they are the P type of people who will calculate everything that you're doing or everything that the Capricorn ascendant person is doing and this is where and the thing is Capricorn isn't an individual actually feels fortunate to have that type of a person because it refines them they're not bothered by it they actually enjoy it and such a Capricorn individual will have obstacles enemies who are gonna be much younger in age with them they will have business competition will be very childlike they'll be having you know any kind of like an opponent we'll be eccentric and we'll be much younger or very youthful and especially they will always get into words of communication words of words with their enemy more than the fist thing unless of course you're an athlete or fighter but usually normal people it'll be always through war of words communication emails text messages but Capricorn ascendant is born to have a title born to work for other people and for them that unbalancing of that relationship with the bosses and authorities becomes you know the challenge that they face unless of course like I said usually they will do well with female bosses in their life okay so anyway guys this was my analysis of Capricorn ascendant people in the psalm to chart if you're new to my channel subscribe below and hit the bell button so you don't miss this type of educational wonderful like centric videos and if you want to know where your astrological details are for illogical report check out the links here under sharp section including my books consultation and link to my Academy Margaretha Academy where now you can see ascendant and plans through nakshatra course where you get to know all the simplest details of nakshatras and how to just predict things so anyway we'll see you later you [Music]