Car Design – Aerodynamics and Wind Tunnel Testing




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this place is pretty cool it's a reduced scale wind tunnel my name is Nina through cosa and I'm the senior engineer here at the General Motors reduce scale wind tunnel and I'm in charge of balloon hello and rolling lenticels the advantage to scaling down models for testing is that it makes the whole development process so much more efficient because we are sculpting smaller pieces and it goes a lot faster the 40% miles that we have here have full suspension and a very detailed underbody and this wind tunnel also has a rolling road system which means that the road moves underneath the vehicle it allows the wheels to spin and why that's important is because now we can match the road to the wind speed it helps better simulate the flow that's going underneath the vehicle it's a better representation with texture going on the reduced scale models even though they have a much more detailed underbody will still have the clay exterior and so we will still be able to do a lot of the on-the-spot clay changes that we did that's why the wind tunnel is still such a valuable tool for us because you can get a lot more throughput in the wind tunnel I can make 15 changes in one shift and get 15 data points the majority of our development is in reduced scale and so one of the driving factors in building this facility is that efficiency by building a reduced scale wind tunnel we can now run it's not a fan because we have a smaller test section because we're running a smaller size model what we've been focusing on is how do we increase the aerodynamic efficiency of all there our entire fleet everything from the small cars to the big trucks this facility will increase our capacity significantly to develop the aerodynamics of our future products