Cardi B Admits To Being Groped By Photographer In Angie Martinez Show Untold Stories of Hip Hop


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tell stories and hip-hop debuts tonight only 10:00 p.m. nice Jamar tonight you can hear cardi B tell her stories and she did tell one story that we have for you right now there's a lot more on the show but listen to what she had to say about being sexually harassed at a photo shoot I will never forget how I went to sue for this magazine and like the photographer he was just like trying to get close to me like yeah you want to get in this magazine and put ah I was so bad and this is like this is crazy how do you handle it I was a fucking I'm out you know so crazy I told the magazine owner he's like tell me like so and Jesus crazy but you won't say no and also and now well yeah as you might seen I did ask her if she's still experiences anything like that at this stage and she said oh hell no no I'll put you on blast oh my Instagram so and not only that I mean out that is the beauty of the me - times up movement right they made men shift their whole perspective on things in a lot of ways coach I had to change cuz culture was trash all right now Takashi's 69 his sentence is going to be determined today so get your mouth ready Charlemagne because the prosecutors might say that his cooperation is enough to sentence him to time served so we don't know what's gonna happen yet he's facing 47 years but after taking the stand he could get out as early as next year or maybe even time sir do we have that audio Charlemagne let's put this in context we're not the world water let's put this in context when I made this statement someone put it in there yeah well let me talk y'all keep talking when I made this statement somebody said to me that the cocky six nine is not gonna get no jail time you're not gonna have to go to court you're not gonna have to do nothing and I was like you are buggin because clearly this person isn't from the environment we affirm to know what Takashi was facing so I said this if Takashi 6:9 beats this case I'll suck his dick and let's be clear listen words matter he didn't be the case he didn't be the case he cooperated he didn't beat his case people but y'all stupid so you know now Takashi I wouldn't hide from nothing I would really test this area and see how lame that was doing my first day out I would do a freestyle over the firm phone tapped and then I drop another freestyle over nods it ain't hard to tell not planning to go into witness protection for what and he has rejected that program as soon as he's a free man again so I'm dropping the Freestyle with knives it ain't hard to tell and by tell I mean telling you that's what he says please how does plan that his music career is going to take off again said he has the money so you don't have 69 docu-series that's about to go on snapchat it's being produced by complex on snapchat yes on snapchat oh you're right I mean a docu-series yes a docu-series they're interviewing people and they're talking about the case and what happened and I think it's something that can happen on snapchat they asked me to if I was also don't got them to do it to cos yeah no no I mean he's not in I think he's not getting any money from me it's like a talking head thing well we're talking about the tape and the impact it had on a pup hey did you do it no me neither Cassie she got married so congratulations there's other sign grabs they got married Wednesday yesterday in Malibu and director Peter Berg officiated and there you go so they're expecting their first child together they got engaged in August August 27th and now they're married so congratulations all right Terrence Howard let's talk about him he was on The Late Late Show with James Corden and he was talking about a lot of different things about Jessie smile that no longer being on Empire here's what he said so it's like now he was the heart of our show and now it's like our show is on a heart and lung bypass machine because the heart is gone but we're still hoping that there's going to be a transplant and hoping somehow it'll come back to get up well just the heart of empire well according to him he said you know that's how the show really started off with him taking his four-year-old son and putting him in the trash can because he born high-heeled-shoes down the stairs I would think that taraji Pearson is the heart of empire I would think that cookie was destroyed I was thrown that drink I'm just telling you what Terrence Howard said all right Roger all right now he also as you know this is crazy gonna put that yes we are going to talk about the comments that he made on the red carpet interview that he did at the Emmys here's that interview I've made some discoveries in my own personal life with the science that you know Pythagoras was searching for I was able to open up the flower of life properly and find the real Wade conjugations that we've been looking for for 10,000 years why would I continue you know walking on water for tips when I've got an entire generation to teach a whole new world it went on from there but he also did say in this interview last night he said I'm dead serious as far as retiring he said I'm so dumber pretending to be people I just want to be real for a minute I hope you think that was crazy what he said because I have no idea what he's talking about doesn't mean he's crazy yeah Google some of the things he said he also said that he was debating not bathing for a month to discover himself yeah that's crazy we're debating not baby yeah what if you discover yourself he discovers itself he's a creep you're always knocking something cuz you don't know what it is but what if that actually works not bathing for a month if it helps us discover himself I don't know he's trying to discover but I was like I'll get Jack alright Nick Cannon is planning to host his very own daytime show right now he's already hosting the messing around Fox and of course Wilin out and he is got his radio show as well well he's planning to host and produced a new nationally syndicated talk show Trump no clues Boston McKenna yeah it's here pretty bad you guys know that I had the amazing opportunity to fill in for Wendy she let me come here and be with you all and I fell in love with it so much that talk show I got my own talk show [Applause] so I got this plan in my head right this has never been done on television before I say I'm just trying to stick as close to Wendy as possible so if Wendy come on and then I come on right after window yeah you go all right well I'm Angela Yee and that is your a rumour report hoping the Canada's getting all the checks but this is why you should never invest them they can in the do morning radio okay you do morning anything come here cause in New York heat after to get the the time yeah yeah discuss your names on the show coming at you there all right well I'm insane and that is your you know in the back them up yeah by itself it's all I'm saying maybe I'll have a co-host on there or something we don't know Ryan yeah could be a lot of voice tracking I'm just say okay but it still might work you know he's gonna make well congratulations to Nick and right revolt we'll see you tomorrow [Music]