Cardi B Reveals the Real Meaning Behind Up


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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-My first guest tonight is one of the biggest names in music. She is a Grammy winner who's had four number-one songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Her latest single, "Up," has already gone up to number one on Apple Music and iTunes. Here is the one and only Cardi B! -Whoo-hoo-hoo! -It is so good to see you. You look fantastic. -Thank you. -The last time I think we were here together, we co-hosted the show. And you had baby -- you were still pregnant with baby, and now you have a little 1 1/2-year-old running around. -Thank you. I can't wait -- Are we gonna host -- When the world is back open again, I want to host your show again with you. That was so fun. -You were fantastic, and, honestly, it's an open invitation. Come back whenever you want to, please. I got to meet that baby. -For sure. -You've had a very busy past few months. In August, you released the song "WAP," and it became one of the biggest songs of the year. And it had one of our pals on there, Megan Thee Stallion. How did the song come together, and was -- was the plan always to have her on it? -Well, I wanted a couple of girls in the song. You know when you have ideas, like, "I want to have this and that girl in the song," I really wanted to have Megan, but I didn't know her that well. And our stylists linked us up, and when our stylists linked us up, we kicked it off really well. And I said, "Oh, girl, I got -- We'll just say, I got a song for you." "Well, I got a song for you." And she loved my song, and she hopped on it, and we made "herstory." ♪ Herstory ♪ -You've made "herstory." Oh, my gosh. You did, you crushed it. She is super-duper fun, by the way. -She is. -Your new song, "Up," came out last week. Congrats on this. Already number one. After "WAP," did you go like -- Do you get pressure to put out another song? Do you go like, "I don't want to do it. I already scored"? -Yeah, I do feel pressure, but then I feel, like, pressure from my fans, like, "All right. We want another -- We want another song." -Ready. -So the pressure was even more big because I haven't released a solo single in like two years. So I was like, "Oh, my God, I just want to go top 10." And it's predicted to go probably number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. So I'm like, "Oh, wow. I exceeded my limit." I'm extremely happy. -Oh, fantastic. I love it. It's, like, up. And then, "If it's up, then it's stuck"... -Yeah. -...I'd never heard before, but that's -- Did Offset -- Is that who -- I heard that he had something to do with that phrase? -Well, he says that a lot. I don't know if it's a down South thing. Because after the song came out, I thought it was, like, a Georgia thing, but then people would say, "Ah, no, we say that in New Orleans. We say that in Florida." I'm like, "Okay, man, listen. All right, I guess, whatever." -"You got it. It's yours, it's yours, whatever." -"It's yours." [ Both laugh ] -But if it's -- if it's up, then it's stuck. -Yeah. -What does that mean? -Um... So, have you ever taken a poop, right? -Hmm. -And it don't come out? -Mm-hmm. -It's just up, and it's stuck. -Okay. -Yeah. -Wow. All right. I mean, I guess you could take from it whatever you want, you know? There's know, ways to look at it, I guess. -Yeah. -Yeah. I was saying, if it's up, that it's up here forever. Once you get up... [ Whistles ] -It got -- It's a metaphor -- a metaphorical quote. -Right? Yeah. -[ Laughs ] You're floating, you're up, and you're stuck up, and good for you, because you worked hard to get up, and it's stuck, and now there you go. -Yeah, stuck. -[ Laughs ] -There's two -- There's different ways to look at it. "Up" is already awesome. Is there a new album on the way? Can we say anything or no? -Um, I really want my next project or anything that's related to music to just be my album. I just got to focus on a couple of more songs and do music videos, and, you know, do the whole whoop-de-hoo, so it's like, "Aw, man." We just gotta make sure. -Is it tough, with the pandemic and everything, to do, even to record a song, let alone do a video for it? -Videos, yes, of course. Because there's certain things that you can't do. Like, you can't -- All right, so I did this pyramid, right? I did this pyramid with some girls. And the pyramid, we have to do it less than 10 seconds because it was more than six people. And due to COVID, people can't be touching. Even though you get tested before the music video -- three times -- you get tested the beginning of the week, the day before, and the day of. So that's extra, the money... -Yeah. -...spending in production. -Oh, exactly. But didn't -- also, didn't you just -- didn't you, like, lick each other at some point in the video? -Yeah, like -- Yeah, we had to, like, beg. -So, the pyramid -- the pyramid, they go, "No, you cannot do the pyramid." -Yeah. -"But you can French kiss each other." -Because there was six -- Wait. It was five of us in the shell. But there was, like, how many girls? Like 10 girls together. It cannot be more than 10 people in a room. Like, it's just -- the craziest protocols. The craziest. -It's like, "No pyramid! Stop it! Whoa. Licking? Oh, three of you can lick each other. Two --" [ Both laugh ] "Only two people in a pyramid. Hey! Don't even -- Yes, you can lick. Of course you can lick each other." It's like, "What is going on?" [ Both laugh ] We don't know the rules. -I'm telling you, it's the craziest thing. If you work in production, you understand. It is the craziest thing ever. -The new "Fast and Furious." Everyone's talking about this 'cause it's supposed to come out in May. We don't know. But "Fast and Furious," it's "F9." You're in the movie. -Yeah. -Well, this is major. Wait, but -- -It is major. -I have questions for you. Cardi, you don't drive. Is that right? -No. -So this is really acting. [ Both laugh ] 'Cause I know you have cars, but you don't -- ha ha! But you don't -- Why don't you know how to drive? Why don't you want to know? Don't you want your license? You have to. -I do want my license, because sometimes at nighttime, like at 3:00 in the morning, I want some ice cream. -Yeah. -And my husband is just laying, sleeping. I'm like, "Oh, gosh. I'm just gonna go to bed hungry." -I checked out a couple of episodes of "Cardi Tries" on Facebook. I love the idea of this. It's basically you try a bunch of things. -Yeah. -Is there anything that you would not try? -I will not try garbage pickup, like garbage man and stuff like that. Because from the garbage, a lot of rats and frickin' raccoons be coming out the garbage, and I don't deal with that, especially because I'm a New Yorker. So, no, no, no. I will not do that. -How about, uh -- How about, like, bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane, all that stuff? -Oh, no, no, I can't do that neither because I am very afraid of heights. I do not like -- I don't like excitement. -I think your life is exciting enough. You don't need more excitement. -No, I'm not an exciting person. I do not like being on Jet Skis, none of that. Like, your girl can't swim. I can't swim. You know, I can't drive, I can't swim. I don't know what to do. I just know how to rap, okay? I just know how to rap and eat. So... -Well -- -That's what I want to do. -It's really fun. All the episodes of "Cardi Tries" are on Facebook Watch. I want to show everyone a clip. Here's Cardi B trying out life on a ranch in the latest episode of "Cardi Tries." Take a look at this. -[ Laughs ] He's like, "More for me." -Do you think you're gonna want some pigs? -Knowing that I gotta feed them slops, I don't think I can. They're so stinky and oppressive. They will run over my daughter. -Right? -We don't want pigs, sorry. We don't want pig-ass men, and we don't want pigs as animals. -No, we do not. [ Both laugh ] -I'm funny. -More with Cardi B when we come back. Stick around, everybody!