Careers in Computer Science

(light music) - Oh hello, like you, I use my computer a lot. In fact most of us do. Our economy relies heavily on this technology and that's why a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a good investment. Computer science jobs are in high demand, in fact, US Department of Labor says these jobs are growing at a faster than average rate. When you earn a bachelors in computer science, you'll have business know-how, plus the programming and operational skills employers are looking for in today's market. You'll be ready to work with networks, hardware, and software. Like most careers, your computer science career path will probably start with an entry level position in I.T., programming, software development, or a similar field. Now, let's take a look at some higher level positions for computer science graduates. Computer and information systems managers are the head honchos, they're the ones who plan, coordinate, and direct a company's computer-related operations and oversee the I.T. team and they earn a nice living. According to the Department of Labor, computer information systems managers earn a median annual salary of more than $130,000. Then there are computer hardware engineers, these are the professionals who are researching, building, and testing computer processors, routers, circuit boards, and other devices. Hardware engineers design the equipment used in cars, appliances, medical equipment, and other products. Sounds like a fun gig and they bring in a median annual salary of more than $115,000. Like your smartphone apps? You can thank a software developer for those. Software developers create the programs and applications people use on their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. They analyze and create the software people want. Software developers make a median annual salary of more than $100,000. If cyber security is something you're interested in, consider a career as an information security analyst. These are the people who protect a company's computer network and system. They plan and carry out measures to secure sensitive information. They also research security trends, and they develop a business's security standards and help install security systems. Information security analysts earn a median annual salary of around $95,000. Of course your career path will be unique to you. But if you enjoy working with computers and want a high paying career, start with a bachelor of science in computer science. Columbia College offers a bachelor of science in computer science entirely online to help you earn your degree on your time at your pace. Ready to get started? Apply today for free at (light music)