Carrier RTU Economizer interface Troubleshooting

I don't want to show you how to troubleshoot these carrier economizer motors new unit just got set trying to stroke the economizer zero to 100% open and there's a little jump or down at the bottom of this arty you open board we're back net communication it's a little jumper right there in the bottom corner you can change it from four to twenty or zero to 10 volts so how so how do you know if you need to on four to twenty or zero to ten here's how you here's how you tell if these two wires coming off of this motor have a resistor in between them then it's a four to twenty if it doesn't like this motor doesn't have anything it doesn't have a resistor between the two leads then it's a zero to 10 volts so then you just put your meter on the power cord going to it and you check for two to ten volts DC going into the motor and that's what's gonna drive this motor open and closed is your two to ten volt signal and you just go between the black and white wire on this plug two volts is closed ten volts is open and that's it that's how you that's pretty much how you check about any economizer motor this one is fairly easy because you can see the motor a lot of them are you can't see the label so you don't know what wire is what for it's inside of the economizer covered up