Cartoon Cat Original Voice


David Near



I know how it's all gonna end it's just a rerun a rerun of my favorite episode gotta run and scream [Music] [Applause] there's always parts being cut off entrails being yanked from stomachs bones being shattered to dust now you tried to hide but I am gonna get you yes I'm gonna get you good why just last night I played the game with the little girl she went deep into an abandoned mall through the shadows my steps reverberating giggling to myself knowing that fear was feeling but shy and her cries gave away her position so I wandered around the corner I told her you have nothing to worry about I know I hurt you but I didn't mean to I came closer to her I meant and wouldn't you know it she screamed again I grabbed her by the leg and swung her up over my head and down unto the floor again and again and again smashing her face into oblivion and eventually she died I wonder how you're gonna do because I am the aberration better start running [Laughter] [Music] you [Music]