Cartoons for Children Irregular Past Verbs for Kids of 1st Grade Reading and Writing Videos

[Music] the day started like any other but that was all about to change when king grammars faithful steward came bearing good news King grammar I come bearing good news what is it my faithful steward Chetty our loyal messenger bird of countless years has come down with the bird flu this is good news oh no no not for chatty hmm the good news is we searched grammar kingdom far and wide to bring you an extraordinary choice of messenger birds to take over his duties any one of these birds would be a fine pick your majesty splendid hello my fine feathered friends don't tell me a bit about yourselves hello King grammar I will make the best messenger and why is that I go to many places in your kingdom already ah gold next hello I see many wonderful places and the kingdom seed next Roth I told your steward I would make the best messenger tailed next ha I do it the same thing do next I run really fast before I finally learn how to fly next I said it on the peak of the highest mountain in your kingdom my who trained these birds how to speak it is I your majesty I teach these birds everything I know I see well you do realize these birds have not been trained in the proper use of past action verbs Oh forgive me king grammar I dude everything in my power to teach them well oh dear oh dear perhaps we should have a quick review of action verbs remember that we use action verbs to say what something or someone does the minstrel plays the mandolin the steward sits and listens there are also many times we want to talk about what someone did in the past that could be just a few minutes ago yesterday or many years ago it's all in the past yes yes I see the minstrel plays the mandolin is happening now when we talk about the past we change the verb a little bit the minstrel played the mandolin happened in the past with the action verb play and many other action verbs we changed the verb so that it refers to the past by adding the letters II D or D the court jester juggles is happening now the court jester juggled happened in the past we add D to juggle to make the verb refer to it happening in the past huh got it d or e d yes but with some verbs we do not add D or E D to talk about the past we don't know instead the verb changes in some other way the steward sits on the stool is happening now the steward sat on the stool happened in the past see house it became sat not sitted ah I see now sit and set and the past of the action verb go won't say did run ran ah yes now we understand your majesty so which of these birds that you choose to be your new messenger I declare that all of you shall be official messengers of grammar Kingdom now go and spread the good news and with that all the parrots in the castle flied happily oh yes of course flew happily ever after [Music]