Case Study Big Spaceship

the work that we do Big Spaceship is all in some form or another visual communication video is a huge consideration and everything we do whether that's shooting individual narratives related to the value of brand or adding a richness and a more sort of immersive quality to the virtual physical environments that were created the landscape relationships between brands and consumers has shifted so radically that everybody for a while had been really knocked out of there there was a tremendous scarcity of ways of reaching consumers 3 and then 4 major broadcast networks a limited number of columns and abundance now we have an endless supply of ways of reaching consumers anybody can publish anything it's a complete 180 shift of scarcity in abundance the way that that affects brands is that they're no longer just competing with other brands now the brands are competing with people's lives we're not trying to persuade people of things anymore what we're doing is earning their attention by giving more than we expect in return clients that we were but they have to start thinking about themselves as cultural entities not just creators and fabricators of products and make a decision about how they're going to exist inside culture we'll be able to adapt much more naturally to a world of three-dimensional communications of which video is really the mr. epicentre I think one fantastic example is Blendtec they want to display how successful their blenders went and so they have this program on YouTube that they've done for quite a while now called will it blend they put all sorts of random things into their blender everything from I think of a broom or a mop to an iPhone and it really will just pulverize these things because it's such a powerful blender but it's so funny and unexpected that it cut through the clutter this sort of funny little company in a funny space with a funny name they said much much much more powerful in a networked world than they could have been in a traditional broadcast there was this incredible conveyor of ideas and emotions I think it's the way that we best understand as modern human beings emotion and narrative so being able to use it and leverage it quickly is one of the ways that we keep moving as an agency even if that video was never seen by the outside world you