Cast of Avengers Infinity War Draws Their Characters


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Well, what I'd like to do now-- we've done this the past couple of nights, and we've had mixed results. But I've got a bunch of pads, and I've got some pens. And I would like to ask each of you to draw on your character. OK? Oh, jeez. And then-- So I'm gonna pass these out. How much time do we have? We just have a commercial. A commercial break's worth of time, so don't get too detailed on it. OK. Just a kind of rough sketch of your own character. Your own Marvel hero. And when we come back, we will see the results of this little arts and crafts project. We'll be right back. So we had an art project while we were away, during the break, and this is exciting because you guys have each drawn your characters. And I will say, we've done this each night this week. No group has taken it as seriously as you guys did. I mean-- it's really intense drawing going on here. So should we go through these one by one, and-- - Sure. - OK. All right. So we'll start with you, Chris. This is-- this is the mighty Thor, as drawn by Chris Hemsworth. [APPLAUSE] A solid attempt. Took it very serious, but didn't mean it was going to be a good picture. All right. Chadwick, you want to show? Now, this is Chadwick. This is very-- That's pretty good. That might be the best of all of them that we've had so far. Very well done. All right, Karen, let's have a look at-- you what with the color of-- Yes. That's good, too. I see now-- Sebastian, you've been waiting on-- you've been working pretty seriously over there. You've got a-- That is-- that's very good. [INAUDIBLE]. That's very good. And finally, Josh? I just have to explain it really quick in the beginning, before you say it-- it's been told to me that his face looks a little bit like a scrotum. So-- OK. OK. Well, this will be perfect, because-- Not that I can draw a scrotum or anything, but I tried. We're going to auction these off to benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation. So the children-- the children are gonna love that. Excellent. I love that idea. We'll be selling them to adults, but the benefit will go to Starlight Children's Foundation. So you can go on starting on Friday, and we will auction off all this original artwork from the cast of "Avengers Infinity War." Thank you guys for doing this. The movie opens on Friday, and I'm very excited. Thank you all for being here. It's great to have you. Thanks for watching. If you liked that video, click the Subscribe button. And if you didn't like it-- well, you hurt my feelings.