Cast of Avengers Infinity War Draws Their Characters


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We did this last night, and it went pretty well. We asked the actors from the movie to draw their characters. OK? So I've got pens, I've got pads, and we'd like you to, during the commercial break, draw your character. And then we will auction it off for charity. You understand? Would you be willing to do that? It'd be terrible if you said no, right? - Yeah, let's do that. - OK. So we're going to take a break. When we come back, we're going to have a little arts and crafts time with the Avengers. We'll be right back. Everybody's hard at work on their drawings. We'll start at the far end, with Tom. Your character is Loki. Let's see-- let's see what you have. You've drawn it for us. Well done. There he is. We're already way ahead of last night. I'll say that. There you go. Nicely done. Danai, you-- I can't. I can't. It's so bad. Listen, can I just, uh, say I'm just not-- I'm not-- this is not my skill set. Well, we'll let the audience decide. This is what I think of Okoye. She's-- I love her. OK. That's good. I'm getting there. Let me work on it. It's Picasso-esque. Oh, thank you. That's what I was going for. Dave, you were working hard on yours. I say you really drawing over there. Yeah, I agree. This is not my skill set, either. Well-- I dunno. Let's have a look there. Oh my god! [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, man. Your arms-- your arms are a little shorter than maybe they should be. Mark, Scarlett's still working on hers, so let's go to you, and see what you've come up with. Should I do it really slowly? Yeah, do it slowly. Yes. That's awesome. I like that. The classic purple shorts. His stretchy pants. Yeah, his rippy, stretchy-- I'm so going to bid on that. Now Scarlett, I've been watching you. Yes. You've been working pretty hard on yours, too. I am. I've been working really hard. I actually did a portrait of Mark. You chose a different Mark. I'm still working on it. Well done. That's really good. Because that's like, my-- you're like my-- - Your inner-- - You're like my spirit animal. Thank you. That's very sweet. Very nice. Wait, what day-- what's your birthday? Mine's-- November 22nd. Yours, too? That's so weird! [LAUGHTER] Whoa. That was so adorable, it almost made me throw up. Well, thank you all for being here. Thank you for your drawings. They will be auctioned off for a very good cause. You [INAUDIBLE]. "Avengers Infinity War" opens Friday. Thanks for being here. Congratulations on making it to the end of the YouTube video. Why not celebrate by clicking the Subscribe button? You earned it.