Cast of Avengers Infinity War Draws Their Characters

JIMMY KIMMEL: I have something that's going to relax everyone. He has clammy hands, right now. JIMMY KIMMEL: What I'm going ask-- It must be the webbing. I'm going to ask you if you'll pass these down. Oh, yes, right. I would like everyone on this panel too, if you would-- and we're going to auction these off for charity-- to sketch their own character, OK? [APPLAUSE] You'll have a little bit of time. And then sketch your character. I guess I have one here - Oh, this is great. But sketch your character. Here are pens. And when we come back, we will reveal-- Oh, this'll be great. Yeah, we'll see how your-- [APPLAUSE] --see how you do with the illustration-- [MUSIC PLAYING] So, let's see. Paul, why don't we start with you, and your vision of Vision. And show us what you've done in the commercial break. We had a very short commercial break. So let's see. Now, this is your character, it is character you play, how well you know Vision. It's going to be hard to beat. All right. Just like that. [APPLAUSE] It's all about the line. [INTERPOSING VOICES] So I thought of a different version of Mantis, because it's summer, and I think she likes to swim, too. So her name Mer-Mantis. So it's a mix between a mermaid and Mantis. [APPLAUSE] JIMMY KIMMEL: Nicely done. Tom's actually good. JIMMY KIMMEL: Tom, the word on the street is that you can draw. Well, wait and see. I honestly felt like Tobey Maguire in the first movie, designing my suit. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. [APPLAUSE] I just, I don't know. I tried my best. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] That's super modern. JIMMY KIMMEL: It's very Muppetesque. It's so accurate, it's-- OK. And, finally, Iron Man. [CLEARS THROAT] [APPLAUSE] I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Here's what it really was. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. The artwork was beautiful. We will auction these off for charity. If you like that video, click the Subscribe button, but only if you're ready for commitment.