Celtic FC Maestrio Charity Match Highlights


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Celtic F.C. (Football Team),Rio Ferdinand (Football Player),Paul McStay (Football Player),Ľubomír Moravčík (Football Player),Tom Boyd,Martin Compston (Film Actor),Petrov,James McAvoy (Film Actor),X-Men,Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink (Football Player),Ralf Little (TV Actor),Paul Scholes (Football Player),Louis Tomlinson,1D,One Direction (Music Video Performer),Ross McCall (TV Actor),24: Redemption (TV Program),Zola,Dwight Yorke (Football Player)

teams are just joining this year on the field of play at Leto by Tom Boyd at the front help and vulnerable yeah well Tom Boyd again resurrecting his role as captain cups and of the cinnamon stop the tendon maintain it and as you see Kenny Phil Neville former Manchester natives and Everton clear he lead to reals all-stars for the the start of the game and their last introduction of course is to call me Steve unreal Felton all week stay in the hooks number it doesn't get any better than that doesn't it doesn't and as you can see there I mean it stadium everyone stood up boarding but at some of the maestro there's going to be a Machado I think a giant huddle and of course the Celtic fans champion nuts supposed to pull to York to pull pilots in the back of the net it's that combination but one so many trophies from Manchester United's and the cost goal of the game after 15 minutes goes away wonderful well on eligor what is waiting for me was all stars chances are second goal and it looks as if is that must our muscle fix is it Jordan Stephens with his first touch and he's just not the ball into the back of the neck to sing a little crimson talking about making an introduction eel I mean a pleasure it's okay bark I mean John Stevens no go fast touch and about why would you kill a saint take him off because it's not really any better than a salon the slinkys absolutely books Makaveli bullies ahead to the back of the hit and that a spectacle of vintage mark of any piece so peel pull the ball drop to hand over your further names and much of a lead blast to the back of the air so I googled an absolute belter thank you they surprise and delight nice face that I'm sure can i sums up but I mean Frank mcenany's that's fine continue no one expected that as if you learn but the Eagle absolutely sensational punished it's infallible up against Tomlinson surely our penalty at Tomlinson well there was only one direction that effort he was going to point there and that was to the penalty spot and live all my life check pies use all of his wisdom now and years of experience to draw the challenge from the unfortunately place popstar there james mcavoy visibility that's what I think through a location in james mcavoy this could be a team come true for the Celtic fan the Hollywood actor who starred with some blockbusters but found in this chance the number to put the goal in the back of to score a Celtic Park and he puts her in the back winner he scrubs silted part and delete for McAvoy the link for consonants to each row dues McAvoy half they see that was our wonderful penalty sending koushik crashing to the ground then he put it high and to the top of the net and with that it grows as old squared here includes market were just reveling and scoring that one goggle belt from the penalty spot certain only a recent poll I was it to the file cause what we traced a color and the bones dropped and it's Hansen and the back of the head we're live all you almost took the goalkeeper base ablaze with her short to Jake stop tempered drop tip and there was a big bird join to fight it into the back of the net three two to the polemics these mushrooms well he's been pulling the strings off the moon but what balm adaptiq was the architect of that goal i deceptive cost for the bike horse we've seen it so many times when he wore the whose distinction he up but as I was spelled into the path of join Hartson he needs no invitation to make it 32 in favor of McStays my shorts yeah next day sweats towards me a day when charity was the winner and all these days most Joy's have won the game by canoe gusta tuner and entertaining afternoon here at parties and entertaining often employed and a fantastic atmosphere here the seal to support the fund up to cheer on the former footballs and Roche in the world of entertainment you know lucrative themselves feeling the family atmosphere here as well thankfully the team weddings being weightless up on them first and foremost thanks to the guys that have turned up given their time really appreciate it come from far and wide really really appreciate that and to all you guys have made the effort the fans the people behind the scenes really appreciate it but the foundation is the things that benefit from this I think the Celtic foundation and the rear Ferdinand foundation the proceeds that go towards helping young kids got three or four young people here that have come through that system who are now in employment of got education and a real platform for life and to do positive stuff in the future so that's what it's about and hopefully we could do it a bit more again and again what a special thank you to mr. Paul McStay a hero of mine when I was a kid for coming and making this happen as well it's been a fantastic year and you thanks still declares thanks all your clients out there the connote supportiveness there I was seen earlier and has always been fantastic european lakes here Champions League and fantastic League games as well and all the feinstone it turned out in force but today there's a another special game and that's what the club's all about games like this occasion yes I just like to thank you all from along it's important to fantastic organizations be your permanent foundation and the Celtic foundation well done guys take care ladies and gentlemen boys and girls one more time let's eat it for real further on under my straw Paul mixter