Certero for SAP Applications

company X wants to gain control of their s AP licensing they would like to focus on minimizing the cost of new s ap purchases and negotiating great deals however following their recent annual measurement they are struggling to understand and validate a large compliance bill from sa P they are keen to obtain the necessary information to mitigate risks and pay s ap for what they are actually using the only tool they have at their disposal is sa P's inbuilt measurement tool s law the S AP team are not comfortable with the outputs from x law because they know the only optimization it offers works in SATs favor not theirs they are becoming increasingly frustrated by how difficult it is to get the information they need to accept and pay s ap or challenge the size of the bill they have heard there are companies that specialize in helping X ap customers manage compliance and optimize their s ap software States and they are keen to engage with one of these as soon as possible to add to the confusion there is a lot of noise and rumors in the SI P world around changes to licensing by usage and roles and regarding indirect access customers have a choice to stay with existing rules for licensing on their contracts or adopt sa P's new licensing rules which are detailed in pricing for the digital age firstly they would like to tackle the thorny issue of indirect access they know their call center system is reading data from and updating data in s AP they have heard about high profile cases in the news and the subsequent financial impacts on those businesses and are worried the same will happen to them to add to the complexity they have received the new pricing model for indirect access and wonder whether the old model for indirect access would be less costly and whether they are still entitled to it company X knows they need SAT licensing advice in a number of areas following SOPs guidance they feel they need help to identify measure and quantify their indirect access exposure they have also found they are under licensed for professional users but have found that s law has flagged a large number of ESS users as professional having read sa P's licensing guide they suspect that our other license types they could be buying and are interested in exploring options they also have compliance issues around two specific packages X I X P and open hub they cannot find a way of verifying these outside of rerunning s law which simply does not provide them with enough information or explanation of the numbers measured company X is global which makes collecting all the necessary information in one place difficult obtaining an up-to-date and centralized view of all these assets is time-consuming and proving it possible they need a holistic view of all there sa P licensing risks and they need it fast this is where cetera can help cetera for SI P applications in combination with set errors dedicated si P licensing experts provides insight into current license usage both direct and indirect optimizing named user licenses validating package measurements and discovering optimizing and managing any instances of indirect access Sottero also advises on the best model for calculating indirect access specific to each company cetera for SI P applications manages licenses which are based on traditional role access methodologies as well as comprehensive rules driven by actual usage this provides company X with all the information they need and allows them to have a meaningful discussion with si P backed up with si P zone data cetera for SI p applications removes the complexity and simplifies the management of package licenses through a personalized dashboard with all information and charts required to make informed business decisions optimisation will always be in line with contract terms while informing the customer of opportunities for more favorable terms and then contract negotiation Sottero supports continuous compliance simulations of future system usage and automates the easy identification and allocation of alternative or cheaper licence types where relevant company X now has a real-time consolidated and centralized view of their entire licence estate cetera for SI P applications removes the laborious and time-consuming task of preparing for measurements audits and contract negotiations they now have accurate accessible and up-to-date information for critical decision making including what-if analysis trending and more this will prove invaluable as they begin negotiations for X or hammer their next step is to have Sottero provide a fully managed service for SI P licensing as a low cost option to stay on top of all si P licensing issues and avoid unplanned expense ASAP security teams are often tasked with the license management but they are usually busy supporting the business this means license management becomes a low priority until the next X ap challenge businesses cannot afford to lack visibility in control of their xep licensing so Y cetera for SI p license management resolves complex si P licensing challenges by providing insight into true license usage and optimization potential removes human error by automating current manual processes and data entry tasks provides complete management control and centralized visibility of your SI p license estate provides continuous compliance not just a snapshot which is immediately out of date optimizes licenses in line with your current contract while highlighting alternative approaches cost-effective flexible quick a robust straightforward deployment whether on-premise in the cloud or as a full managed service for customers that license by role authorizations Sottero offers superior role and risk management functionality Sottero it's just a better experience