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morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club you got some special guests in the building today a lot of people ask so many questions about real estate and we do these seminars so much so I know a lot of times people can't make it to the seminars or there's other things to do so I wanted to have a conversation on air where we break down a lot of the stuff that ye and I and also Cesar who'll be joining us in a second actually do so we have a couple of people here I'll start with the credit guy Jose you want to just tell him your name and your business yes hi doing everybody Jose Rodriguez the credit dude I own cleanslate credit solutions in New Jersey okay then we have the the mortgage guy the money guy yes sir yes come on information Matt Garland let me be compliant in the last number five 8700 better known as mg2 mortgage guy okay and we also have Sabine here this beam is an attorney now you want to tell them tell them your information as well yes good morning everyone my name is Sabine Franco I am an attorney in the state of New York and New Jersey and my company is called Franco law firm okay so the way we do our seminars in the way we talk about real estate we talk about real estate we always talk talk first with credit mm-hmm and the first thing you should know is your credit and yeah when we first started working here I know my credit was shot right how was your credit my credit was fine you know what was I think was maybe school loans it was you know what it was it was doctor bills and hospital bills I just didn't get to my god I'm late it was always a lot of money and I didn't want to pay him so you can't just do that I figured that out yeah my my credit was cool because I had paid off my student loans and I did direct deposit direct payments so that was always on time and you know I had my car that I was doing my payments on and it's just things like that and I always was sure to even if I didn't have the money to pay something off info I always payments talk to people you cannot communicate just not pay something correct and that's what I did so the first thing I want to talk about now let's talk about credit a little bit what's a good credit score and how do you keep your credit score high yep so what's crazy is when they say what's a good credit score it actually depends on what you're buying mm-hmm cuz you know if you want to buy a house you can get one as low as 580 which you don't want to have that score but I usually say anything between anything over 700 you're good you're gonna get input in a position where you can pretty much get it proved that the lowest interest rate but there won't really be any problems with you where they're like oh you have a 680 but guess what we also need a cosigner all you have you have a 6 8 or 620 we need $5,000 extra down so usually have a 700 I say you're you're you're good you know I mean and one of the ways to keep the high credit score is keep your balances low that's probably the biggest thing and like in like Angela said is just make sure you pay stuff on time a lot of people forget Oh 25 dollar bill like I get a lot of class like oh I forgot to pay the $25 Capital One credit card and that's probably the biggest thing well I have clients I have like a $5,000 payment but the people that have the $25.00 payment they forget so just put it on auto pay and then just always pay more than what you can because the majority of clients that I have their credit scores are low because of their debt which means that the amount of balances they have on their credit cards and limit to a ratio to their credit limits limit is ten thousand dollars but it's up to nine thousand that's terrible that's bad yeah yeah and I always have to keep at 10% a lot of people say 30% credit limit ratio I always say 10% and under cuz you're gonna get put in the best position possible to have the highest credit score so how do you get your credit score up let's say you know somebody's out there listening right now and they have a 550 or they have a 600 what's the fastest and quickest way to get their credit score up alright so the fastest thing is one you gotta look at it that's that's the biggest thing you gotta look at your credit score a lot of people use Credit Karma I wouldn't advocate for that I will probably try to get a mortgage report or try a credit report that has all three because all three reports were something different which is crazy I don't know why there's three credit bureaus but look at your credit report see there's anything inaccurate but then also pay everything down I mean a lot of people don't have credit that's why they have a low credit score have at least five accounts I would say have at least 5 crowns whether it's a mortgage on auto loan credit cards keeping balances down and that's pretty much it and if you had those collections like NB had pay them you don't just have to go to collections ever because the thing is if you have a medical bill paid $25 a month and it prevents it from going on your credit report let me ask you this what about if you know I forgot what I was about to say about the other having too much credit right like say you have too many credit cards open or too many lines lines and too many accounts yeah does that negatively affect you it depends it's crazy because a lot of the answers and questions depends if you're going for a mortgage the lender might tell you to close it if you're going for a car they don't care but as well if you do have like 20 credit cards as long as those balances are low the lender is normally not gonna care as long as they're not maxed out now when you're maxed out on those credit cards yeah they're gonna care you know now what about trailers I see a lot of people say yeah you get a trade line and that gets you credit up high right trade lines legal No so here's why so here's why call your credit card company out and say hey I'm gonna sell my account to somebody else for $1,000 can I do that is that in the in the agreement and more than likely they're not gonna say yes right there's nowhere that is gonna be legal and they're actually cracking down with the Federal Trade Commission actually just sued somebody for doing exactly that exact same thing was like six point 1 million dollar lawsuit so it's not legal so there's other ways of building credit maybe if you want to add your daughter or your son yeah that's fine i doth ERISA but don't buy it because it's not legal to add somebody to a credit card that you have no relationship with right so so the first step it's easy just walked in and see that Sony was working out this morning so yeah so so that's the first step is fixing your credit and making sure your credit is right yeah then once you get that credit right and this is all when you're trying to buy a home for yourself on investment property that's what I'm talking about this is what we talk about but in depth in our seminar then we come to financing yes all right so now I got my credit score up to let's say a 620 okay can't you get your can you get your credit report free every year for everybody and your credit report.com annual credit report.com so now I got my credit score 6 20s now when I buy this house okay I don't have much money to put down right the house is let's say a hundred thousand dollars okay how do I get this house of putting the least amount of money as possible listen the perfect program for someone in our situation is a FHA loan right FHA allows you minimum credit score of a 580 and putting down three and a half percent as a down payment so in that example NV 100k will cost you thirty five hundred at your downline there's no way I buy a house no 580 let's say a house would just use a hundred thousand goes around and only have to put down thirty five hundred dollars correct that's three point three point five percent but don't forget your closing costs right so your closing costs are generally gonna be somewhere around five percent of the sales price so in this case you're gonna come out of pocket around eighty five hundred dollars yes you can great questioning here you can roll it in only if the seller agrees to give you what's called a seller's concession and what FHA they allow the seller to pay at least up to six percent of the sales price so in that case if the closing cost of five percent you can't exceed the five percent but you have that six percent buffer just in case it's a little bit more expensive and you can finance the borrower will finance the closing cost and be part of their monthly payment now what about PMI if you do a loan and you have to put and you only put down three and a half percent then you have to pay mortgage insurance yes you have to pay PMI on FHA loan even if you put down 20% which people don't realize so even if you go FHA you put down three and a half five ten whatever it is you want to have PMI for if it's less than 10% the PMI is for the life for loan if you put down 10% or more it goes or it goes away year 11 of the loan so that's why when most people listen FHA loan is a great program for that first time homebuyer for them to get their foot in the door and if the market is right if their appreciation is going up on a property then you want to refinance out of that FHA and go into a conventional loan because once you have that 20% equity with a conventional mortgage the PMI can go away but what I tell people all the time is PMI is not the devil at the end of the day it gives you the opportunity to buy a home with put in less than 20% down I thought I'm not gonna lie when I didn't know what PMI was at all when I bought my first house and when they told me because I had no idea I was like oh I can put down this amount of money but the PMI was so high that I was like I have to figure out a way to get up enough that I don't have to pay that and that was just me personally I had to do it that time because I think the PMI was almost $1,000 a month woohoo that's a big and to me that was a lot of extra money I had to figure out and you know I borrowed money from my dad and paid him back so just to get to the point where I had enough yeah put it down tonight but that was just how I felt like I don't know if I kind of want to be paying an extra thousand yeah I mean in that case that thousand dollars 12 grand yes so in hundred-thousand around how much of a PMI be I mean if you're talking probably around $85 to $100 and I'm giving you an estimate don't quote nobody quote me on this right but it's gonna be probably less than 100 bucks so in that case is not really the devil but in your situation a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars you find something else to do with that money but again it allowed you to get that Brooklyn townhouse do what you had to do and then you can always refinance out of it and drop it now the reason I sent everybody to met when it comes to financing is because Matt doesn't just do one family homes right so if your first house that you want to buy kind of like what you did let's say it's a three family house right okay I can still get a 3.5 percent loan is that correct absolutely FHA gives you the ability to put down three and a half percent whether you're buying in one family two family three family or four family you can also buy mixed use property for those who don't know what a mixed use property is when you have a commercial space and apartments on top of it so that's basically a commercial loan but FHA will will finance that as long as it's not more than four total units and the residential side is bigger than the commercial let's say I find I'm gonna use $100,000 in easy math so let's say I find a three family home for $100,000 okay I have to live in one floor but I can rent out the other two floors and get a 3.5 percent loan absolutely so the other two floors pretty much paid for my mortgage and I'm living rent-free absolutely I mean we have plenty of case studies from from our seminars where people are buying homes and essentially living for free I just closed someone about two weeks ago she came to the Queen seminar and she bought a property in Jersey a three family I mean the rental income on a three family was forty six hundred somewhere around there and she's living in the basement and converted the basement to a two-bedroom apartment so a mortgage payment is only $2,800 some profit of $2,000 if she's profiting right living for free and and then she's just gonna repeat the cycle and the home came in thirty five thousand above what she paid for it when it when we got it appraised so that's a homerun Dale for a first-time home and that's what I like to tell people say well you need a lot of money you need to do this you need to do that I don't know who's telling you these things but these are actual things and these people are really doing it I'm saying I just want to say one thing our seminar that we do is really to help people now Jose if somebody calls and wants to talk to you about their credit how much do you charge them zero Matt when somebody calls it wants to get pre-approved and try to get a loan and have questions how much do you charge zero okay so now we get the loan right you gotta loan now we have Sabine who is an attorney yeah now Sabine now what's now why do I need you as an attorney why do I need a real estate attorney well you need a real estate attorney because you need somebody who's in the deal who has your back in the deal you have your your realtor in the deal they're trying to find you the best home they're trying to close the deal and they try to get you your keys but your attorney wants to make sure the details are in place so you don't end up paying more than you have to you don't end up stuck with a property that has liens on it judgments on it has certificate of occupancy issues that's like what's filed with the county you want to make sure all that is clear there there's nothing on it that's gonna affect you so when you take ownership you're good to go and then we also govern the contract so we make sure that the contract has all the details that's going to protect you if you're not covered in the contract when issues come up then that's when you're gonna be vulnerable so we that's what that's what we basically play a role in now with it we're owning a home or owning a property should I put it in my name or should I put it in a corporation name should it be an S corp she'd be a c-corp a décor but different questions with that and so you know what should I do if I want to buy an investment property or a home for myself okay so I give this question all the time and it really is going to depend first of all on what type of loan you're gonna get because if you're gonna get an FHA loan or a VA loan like Matt's talking about you're not gonna be able to close in an LLC so you may want to think about buying that property in your name holding it for at least a year so you don't violate any laws right people in the back so don't don't violate any laws hold it for you and then you could transfer it into an LLC but if you buy an investment property like you're putting 25% down you're getting a conventional loan that's you're doing 25% down or you're just going hard money or something else you should buy it in an LLC one with hard money you have to but if you're buying cash you should buy it within an LLC so that you could protect yourself from liability if somebody Sue's your building maybe they get some of your building or they get only what's in your LLC but they're not gonna get your home they're not gonna you know take your kids out of school they're not gonna go after your bank account and that's what you're really looking for and people get concerned they're like oh I gotta have an LLC for every single property well you're an investor this is part of the business that's that's just the cost of doing business and yes you just have to learn how to manage your business properly keep things in order make sure you're not on what they call making yourself vulnerable to pierce the corporate veil and what that means is if you're not running the business properly then if you get sued they could actually come after you so it's not just blanket you have an LLC do whatever you want I got limited liability no you actually have to run it properly and you got to go through the proper channels and that's also where an attorney could come in to help guide you through that process right and I just wanna put out there a lot of you can't see see the team that's here but they look like me and you they look like me and you they people that do their job they've been doing it for a long time and they're successful and they look like me and you and now we have seasoned what I've seized another thing that people always say is first of all you need a lot you need money I need money but I see people walking around with Jordans and expensive bags and you want to know if us these are our Realtors but I would say this you know a lot of people say well I have a criminal record you know can I do it with a criminal record now see you you have a criminal record yes I do all right criminal record actually got you into this business yes so explain that a little bit and shit Michael Blackson be concerned yes sir pretty much I have a high school diploma I don't come from family money I'm more street educated than anything else when all my friends went to college and stuff like that chose the streets so I ended up everybody's telling me all you got to change your life you can't do this you can end up in jail so I ended up in jail and the funny thing is that when I was in jail actually met a guy that uh was a real estate developer already and he was an investor pretty high in Hudson County Hoboken area and he actually kind of became my mentor he inspired me to get into real estate once I came home and he sparked something in me I came out and I've been running ever since about 13 14 years now now you just didn't start you started doing mortgages at first you started getting people mortgages but the mortgage broker talking yeah so I became a mortgage broker actually became a mortgage broker right from the halfway house because there was a guy there I was doing great you know just came home just got married before I went in have a little girl I missed the first six months of her life for the mistakes that I made and I started doing mortgages was doing great the market went down so now I'm like aw man what am I gonna do I went from making 20 grand a month not making anything we got into the restaurant business and I was there for like a year and a half it was a nightmare barely any of those succeed it was horrible I was there for like a year and a half the only thing I really learned was uh how to watch Spanish novellas in the back that's already got from that whole experience and what education do you need to be a mortgage broker like are there any certificates or anything or is it something that you can teach yourself how to do well back then it was a little different you know things were crazy so you didn't really need anything now I know you need your banking license and I know you didn't used to have to but know when the market crash that's when they came in and it regulated everything and we had now get licensed and continuing education every year it's it's expensive so now you you you had the restaurant business and the restaurant business fail horribly so I saw an opportunity in real estate I did one deal I made 70 grand and I closed that restaurant the next day that's everything in the fridge I started with the smaller property just like everybody else's starting now you know two three four families I didn't have any money mm-hmm so I kind of we sold our car Paul my wife's ring jewellery what we had to do to make that first deal happen my mom actually let me borrow like 500 bucks for my first deal still frozen in my face to this day it was 13 years ago and actually take care of them now financially I'm blessed and um you know started with two three four families now we're building 50 80 100 unit buildings right nice so now when it when it comes to loans and we're talking to the real estate team when it comes to loans now you know the first thing I realized and what I used to do was I used to use my own money when I met Caesar I realized season will not use his own money he's probably one of the cheapest people I know now you don't use your own money for anything very very rare you never pay for dinner for nothing you know the key to everything especially in real estate is leverage right you want to use it for example let's say you have $500,000 right you don't want to go and just buy one property you want to take that $500,000 and buy five properties right because if you bought one property and it goes up let's say it appreciates by 10% that here you made 10 grand right but now if you take those five properties and you made 10 grand each property you made an extra 50,000 so if one property brings in five grand now five properties bringing twenty-five thousand so the key is leveraging money in the first two years since I was self educated in real estate every time I bought one property till I fixed that property and sold it I wouldn't have any money and then your to is when I learn about leverage when I learned about hard money loans probably financing and that's when I went from doing two deals a year or one deal you're doing 20-year so what is a hard money lender what is hard money loans it's pretty much usually go to a harmonie lender when is the property is a complete rehab and that's not Matt Matt it matters conventional Linda he's nothing give Hall money later on I'm not doing hard money I'm doing FHA VA and conventional loan hard money Linda is when what now explain that a little bit for people that's pretty much private financing so what happens with a hard money loan is when you want to buy a complete rehab property there's not a lot of conventional programs for that besides the FHA 203k program right right so you have to go hard money so for example our money loans say you buying a property for a hundred thousand they'll give you 90 percent of the purchase price so you have to put 10% down and then they'll give you a hundred percent of the rehab right all construction costs whatever it is so if it's sixty thousand dollars they'll give you a hundred percent of that and add the weight of those loans are set up they're set up in draws so as you do for for example you do the demo you do the rough plumbing into the rough electric they cut you a check right and so on and so forth so since we're hard money what is your credit score need to be hard money is a little bit different because it's not a conventional financing they is based more on the deal right so with some lenders even though your credit score might be a 580 was 620 or under 620 they might do the deal as long as it's enough equity there you because it is it's most uh it's mostly based on the deal it's not a conventional financing when they got certain guidelines and they look at everything right all right financing is totally different so it doesn't matter what what the nest what your credit score is or how much money you got it matters how good the deal is yeah when I first started my credit score was like a 590 and I still found a hard money lender they actually worked on me and I still work with her to this day and I had a whole bunch of issues liens you know I didn't have no tax returns and they still did the deal now also with hard money lending people say well why do I use a hard money lender so if you go to one of these websites right and you book a crit or you try to buy a house right and every house that you buy on these websites are different it might say have to close in seven days or have to close in 10 days Matt you can't close in 10 days not not at all not at all to 30 days at least 30 days 30 days a hard money lender can close in five days we can get that money from a hard money lender in five days as long as the deal is good so that's the reason why we use hard money lenders a lot of times we don't have to worry about time we don't have to worry about credit we don't have to worry about putting up some money some it's times and I go front I you see a lot because Caesar has so many deals when he good deals with a hard money lender I don't have to put nothing down because I'm going through Caesars channel if it's my channel is 90% I got to put down 10% so if I buy something that's mean I was I gotta put down a hundred thousand but if I go to Caesars channel I gotta put it down that's why a lot of people that understand to when you for example just to break it down when you see an auction property right and it says cash only if you go to hubzu or auction com hard money is the same as cash so even though you you're using a hard money loan it's considered cash so you can still get a loan on that property with a hard money lender right so it so out there a hard money lender what it is is is you know people would say well where do you guys get your deals you know people this that any other where we get our deals is where anybody could get out there's we go to the websites whether it's hubzu calm auction calm and that's what we get out there there is no benefit to no nobody we have to bid on property just like anybody else the only thing with the properties are there are a lot less than what the value is what the retail value is so do they look at the property before they decide as a private as a private entity loaning you money for our money do they look at it and assess it and say this looks like a good investment or do they say okay here's the money good luck because if you don't what happens if you don't make your money back well you know everybody is different every single private lender is different some of them are actual an appraisal some of them won't it's kind of you know it's one of those things was built more in relationship so as you go along you've done a couple deals you can actually just call them a I found a property they'll look it okay you already paid us back in a couple of million dollars already we don't have to go do an appraisal some of them do some of them don't and all the press on the deal but of course the trick to it they're not gonna lend to you unless there's equity in the property right so the property is worth four hundred thousand and you want to borrow three hundred and eighty they're not gonna do that deal but if the property's worth four hundred thousand and you want to borrow 280 of course they're gonna do it cuz at the end of the day they also have to protect their money so they want to make sure any deal they do that god forbid you don't pay they could foreclose on you and the concern yeah and like when we go to the websites like if Caesar does this for a living he does this all day long like he's on action calm like it's a porn site like he's on that site but he looks for deals and he's at a point right now where he doesn't he he knows the areas and he studies the area so he doesn't necessarily even have to go into the properties I'm not like that I have to go into every property I have to touch it to make sure our house really exists like I'll tell you the time you know cops came about to arrest me because I I like to go I like to touch the walls and make sure there's a floor there and that's what he's able to do now um how many properties do now right now I'm at about 900 rental units across the country mm-hmm so uh but about 80% of my post for my portfolios in Paterson New Jersey mm-hmm well pretty much Passaic County because I have stuff encrypted in Passaic sooo how long did it take you to buy the 900 units that bought 100 in a year yep 100 units in a year yet and so how long did it take you to get 900 units the level I'm at right now tell me about 13 years to get to it that's eventually there's only so many to three or four families that you could buy eventually you got to switch it up to commercial properties developing because there's so many different avenues you could take where real estate you know it just depends how hungry you are how much you want to do how important is it to be very hands-on because let's say you're like us right we or me I have a full-time job no but I'm just saying so let's just say that is this something that you can do that and not be like a top priority that kind of just makes you money without you being as involved because I look at it like I'm very hands-on with things and I know we have this job you know and then we have a lot of other things that we do outside of here I have a pressed juice business I have my juice bar you know I work with the Barclays and like a million different things going on but I look at this as something that I have to be like very involved in and that's the thing that I feel like I do things here and I'm actually closing on a property today something that the reason I'm cautious about it is that I don't want to extend myself too much it all depends you know what kind of investor you are because there's a lot of people that might be okay I just want to make extra five random of so I'm happy we're having to multi families that's it's pretty much a system once you have especially on the rental side you have a property manager he's gonna take care of all the headaches for you so you know you're not gonna get those phone calls at 3:00 in the morning the heats not work you know the toilet is running right so it all depends how hands-on you want to be but once you fix the property and it's cash flowing as long as you know of course you're not a slumlord and you you keep up with it but that cash comes forever real estate is pretty much forever it just keeps on generating every month I'm the I'm the fifth you get your money in but again just like I tell everybody you need to build the system right but have you ever had any squatting issues oh yeah when you fix in a property we you know I've tripped over people one time there was a guy in the property the whole property was boarded up I get to the second floor he's looking at me and he's like what's up papi how you got here he tells me magic oh it's that always happens luckily in Passaic County in Jersey the area that we mostly invest in is pretty good because you could Vic somebody in 30 to 45 days not like New York where I think it takes a year I think about two years so that's pretty good about Passaic County every area is different part of the business but at one point once you have so many units right it doesn't even bother you you know it's just part of it but we're pretty aggressive as far as our arrests you pretty much collect about 98 99 percent of my rents every month I like the Mafia we knock on doors let me ask you question um one you know when Darnell Rollins came up here comedian Mike Blackson came up here they made jokes on you did that bother you at all does that bother you I'm not really mad you know it is what it is I'm happy where I am hmm you know you know of course it's always good to get healthy right right which I am I am but that doesn't bother me man you know it is what it is long like I said I was never thinking about public speaking or anything like that and I'm an MV he inspired me and he said I had a great story and I conspired other people so it's pretty pretty much about telling my story and inspiring people that are like us to do better and be successful in real estate because is something that if you stick with it you could definitely be successful at it you know you don't need a lot of money to start most people get scared of it and it's something that is not taught in our communities does it bother you when NB opens everything like it's a drop but you know we started the seminars because there were so many people that called that reached out and said they they they've been paying like two 3,000 for seminars five thousand seven are right now learnt anything and then to talk to people they got to pay more money and we tried to stop that that's why I'm so big on making sure that the people that we use but people call them they're not charging for that you know we really want to help the community and that's why we do so much so that's the reason why I want them to talk I'm like yo I gotta get you on the stage because we can help a lot of people and we've helped so many people not just regular people but celebrities athletes executives and when we do when we get their money we got a bunch of people millions of dollars how much did you charge them Ceasar nothing right and that does not add it up then because even for myself like when I bought my first house I just I was winging it like I didn't really know it worked out though fortunately for me like by the grace of God everything worked out but things could have been a lot smoother and easier especially buying the properties we bought in Detroit that was definitely winging it definitely hanging it yeah he definitely won't shit like let me tell you what you did right I bought a property because he was like yo MB is a great deal which it was it was move backwards you did make a lot of new make a lot of money right but he was like yo I got some guys that can fix up the property so I said good i'ma hire them - you didn't tell me that she fried them because they did a bad job tell me and was doing it if he would ask me I'd have been like but he already was in motion and that's why you have to communicate I want a boss like Angela because he thought he was taking my workers to go do his stuff but I think it is a process sometimes a challenge because I think finding your contractors is hard - yeah and that's I think one of the biggest struggles that people have when they're trying to buy a fixer-upper because it always costs more money than you think it takes away longer than you think and sometimes you can't even find the contractor yeah well I just want to say thank you guys for coming up today I know we do usually a five six hour class and we have a you know we go in death but I just wanted to give people the inspiration to get out and to try you know of course we got a seminar coming up in Atlantic City which is a two-day seminar where we actually put people in a bus and drive them around the property and let them walk through the property so they can actually touch and see it we're going to Houston in Atlanta but I just want people to give them the inspiration to read a book on on on on this on buying homes and selling homes you know listen to podcast get into it because it's that wealth that you can pick up so if you lose your job you're always good the reason I did this and I tell everybody I was always scared that Charlemagne was gonna say some foul ish and get us kicked off the radio or Angela Lee who came from Sirius radio was gonna curse and get us fired but you might do to get everybody he leaves that part out the one person who almost made this show come to an end was him Wow when we first started what I do what when you weren't coming to work when you were stressed out you've been made and you would think you didn't even want to be here you know he never mentions that I've never heard that that we're the one the show when you were the one that actually the past eight years ago yeah go ahead I wanted to bring in some extra money that no matter what happened in my life no matter what I said or what I did that income could come in and take care of my family or even if I died that income will continue to come in and take care of my family my kids my grandkids my grand grand grand grand grand kids whatever happened to down the line I wanted to make sure that was that so that was the reason why I push people towards real estate and it's great great great great grandkids know well you know what I meant and you know there's also a lot of seminars out there that are trash and that people are playing off your hope so just do your homework like I said anybody up here no disrespect to anybody here I tell you this all the time I don't trust anybody I don't even trust the people up here so if you thank you calling some three four people and make sure you really get the best numbers and the best thing that does the same thing I do when I buy a car I call three four different dealerships even though Matt is the guy that I go to for loans or what I need I still call three people just in case say that with that contractor in Detroit [Laughter] information so people can get in touch with you if they need ladies first Oh so being Franco you can find me on instagram at sabine as a be i and ii underscore the purpose lawyer instagram at the credit dude depends on who my dad is Matt Garlin mg2 mortgage guy on on Instagram and YouTube stop disrespecting underscore NJ on Instagram any questions but I appreciate you guys joining us if you want information or anything that we do you could just hit up hit us up click the link in our bio and I'm not gonna lie I don't ask I don't answer a lot of questions I ain't got time Ceaser answers a lot of questions if you want to definitely answer your questions and he'll try to help you out as much as possible and I want to see you at the seminars man come learn some stuff and thank you guys for coming through thank you for having us thank you house having us appreciate guys it's the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]