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Breakfast Club morning everybody is de jmv Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building the good brother you know my brother hey man how are you and I really mean that how are you I'm good thank you for it it's been a long time since I've been up here so appreciate y'all having me back yeah first time you yeah I never heard any of your music I remember that you kept my songs I'm like but I judge the book by its cover because like I told you before the song was called album's called acid rap yeah I don't wanna hear another drugged-out rapper yeah and you are the complete opposite of yeah yeah yeah definitely I'm not a drugged-out rapper anymore so last time you were here you weren't married now you are it did kind of work like that me and my wife went went to the spot and you know we bought each other's rings so she she got mine I was gonna get a you know like the regular silver band and then she got like a three part ring it looked like all these done so I was just like how can I get I'm not gonna like social media pissed me off man cuz I don't understand why I hip-hop has no problem with people talking about degrading women but when it comes to loving your woman and being with your wife and embracing her and celebrating that day was giving you flak for it yeah I mean it's beyond social media that's just one avenue you got to understand that like there are there's a spiritual warfare going on you would agree right absolutely now and everywhere we go beyond just social media or music or whatever and there's certain things that we would deem important impactful positive things for us and and our community especially I was number one thing that you could do right now is a black man is find your black woman counterpart and support and lock that down and make something or with each other but uh yeah that's that's it's not event you got to remember like our enemies not of the flesh like it's ideas and things that can take hold of anybody so you could just be making a you know a joke or a comment and like you know playing along with the meme because that's what we do on social medias was we receive information and then we all comment on it that's like that's how we engage and you don't ever really think about the person that's being you know commented on or the situation beyond it just being the the moment of what's going on but yeah it's you just gotta remember who you are what you're fighting against and keep it moving cuz there's a lot of people that need that need to hear and can't be ashamed than any when I started at the proposal but the proposal they were mad why why did you do it in the backyard likewise it that anybody's business significance of what it was or how it happened yeah it was actually my I remember I remember that very well yeah that was uh that was my grandmother's backyard that's where you know my family is like the type of family where we keep all the houses from like the 30s and stuff like it's like I was raised in the house that my dad grew up in which is the house and my grandmother grew up in which is the house that my great-grandmother home so like we got houses that have passed down so they could just it's like you know a lot of things happen at these places and uh and that was where I got engaged and actually where I shot the album cover also now you talk about social media and that's why I asked you how are you like that social media ever driven you to the edge because I saw when you tweeted out you know people want you to commit suicides when I said how are you I really meant that like how and I didn't mean all people I meant some people that's why I said some people because like I'd like I was just saying about the spiritual warfare like it can push you to a certain point everybody handles things differently now I'm somebody that's you know very deeply rooted in my faith so like and I'm not saying that to say that that negates like mental health issues and can't and it's like that's all you need but I knew in that moment when I said that and there was a few things I said afterwards I wanted to just call out that energy and call out that spirit and I think we're lucky at this point cuz we're very pretty like we publicly know about go and tell brother count the counterintelligence absolutely and so we know that the government for real is files on it that they worked their ass off to dismantle and destabilize mad organizations that were for the movement of our people and there's you know documentation that they were not even sending tweets but calling Martin Luther King directly like y'all kill yourself no more looking didn't have twitter yes but but at that it's it's like I keep saying this it's a spiritual war fan you don't necessarily know how everybody's gonna handle it or everybody's gonna deal with it but yeah it could push it could push anybody how are you doing it how are you dealing with it I think for a certain period of time I I got confused I got I couldn't understand be more so than than that feeling directly the first feeling I felt was like I felt like a lot of people are trying to shame me yeah I'm saying a married yeah just just just for and for the pride that I had you know I'm saying I understand it's a different kind of thing we not used to album celebrating marriage especially not rap albums but it was like you know the meme like I said like everybody doesn't have to be in on what the main idea is you could just jump on and not understand your significance or your role in it but when you know when I come out and say something like that I want everybody to feel me that's what you do as an artist you want people to feel yours really just happen it's my day I've been with her forever we've been through a lot of things together we came back together you admitted to certain things you've done like you said you cheated and you said you didn't treat her the black men don't cheat chance but that's the thing is like we when we say that sometimes like it gets filtered into a joke but I feel like it's not even like black men have never cheated it's like like man comma don't cheat like to my black brothers out there don't cheat yeah the best things you could do a celebration woman and give a faithful relationship and be the person that she could actually count on and so when it I think in part when you have certain messaging like I do sometimes it makes people detract because some people feel shamed and the more you listen to the album more you get into it the more a lot of people have come to me and told me like yo this this is like this makes me feel right this makes me feel good right yeah and even when there was dissonance at a certain point I got through it not understand like this Matt this is uplifting and I think I just I think just being honest I got a little bit I felt all of this this pressure coming from one place which is the Internet which is like your most direct source of like getting information about how people feel about you and I kind of like just misrepresented the value of it in my own mind and thought that it was heavier than it was and I wasn't really going outside or reaching the people or really understanding what they mean and I think a big thing that people need to understand and you guys understand this the people that are artists understand but for fans is like you you don't know what artists are going through other than what they give you so me I'm an artist I like every album is about what I'm going through I made an album about didn't suspend it I mean project about acid I mean project about God like out it's about what I'm going through so they get that information but your friends don't know every time somebody on your family passes away yeah yeah I'm saying they don't know what you're going through they don't know do you they only know what information you give them so like they could be you know seeing certain information coming out or seeing certain reactions to something and it's like Twitter forces you to be hot occult like it's like you don't know Instagram for is you just like I'm either with this arm against this with each piece information but you don't necessarily always have all the information upfront or you might be getting delivered to something that isn't necessarily even representative of what you want but it's like you you got a comment on it you know I want to unpack a few things you say but you said a lot just now first of all so you think that coin tell pro was targeting you know what I'm trying to say is you have to understand that it's not a fantastical idea that people want you to self-destruct got you okay I'm not calling myself my little King before that becomes the headline I'm what I'm saying is and there's a lot of situations of it like we're just typing words so when you say something that offends somebody you always feel like how could that have bothered them like how does these words bother them but then everybody's been on the other side of seeing some words on the internet and being like clutches pearls like how did your wife handle it because I'm sure she's not asking like she's not asking to be famous but it's just as she might catch some of those stray bullets because she's not she's much better at it she so for one she doesn't scour through social media I'm an independent artist so I'm looking you know I gotta look up everything I'm retweeting everything all day I'm replying to people all day I'm doing like everything I can to kind of you know just keep the shakes out right my wife does not give a fuck about Instagram or Twitter like so she's she's in a she's in a much better place than me in it and it helps me to be able to go to home and be like when I commend you for doing any we talked about this before growing up on music we always heard bitches ain't shit but a whole districts and it was so disrespectful a woman as a man you taught you kind of lived that life because that's what you see but for you it's a little different when my kids listen to your music or I listen to music I love to see that positivity it's it's a welcoming feeling yeah man it's like you cut only for one you can only say what you've experienced yeah I'm saying like I mean some people are great and making up narrative and like there's rappers that have been married for years that are completely faithful today wives but they still got business their own lyrics and it's like that's where I don't I think it's like the truth is it's like climate right like that's the reason why there's a dissonance when it's something that super different comes out is because they is set up to be one frequency like that why most of the time when you playing songs on the radio they're all around similar BPM they all mostly use 808 they all mostly do a certain to have a certain bounce to them because it comes in waves and every once in a while there's something that's completely new that comes kind of in the in between it and it's a disrupter and it makes it and it changes music a little bit and it changes people's perspective but yeah man all I know right now is like is what I could with certain types of music if there's like people like the breakup albums and normally like when you're not happy and for some reason people aren't drawn to like an ID yeah I've seen a lot of stuff where like and it hasn't even just been about me like I remember reading about people like yay in the past and other artists like how they were saying like a broken heart makes the best music or like you know you need your artist to be in pain and pain to make the best art but it's like that's so dark yeah but like here in saying like I wear as real people as people that just you know live and breathe and take shits and it'll die eventually like as regular people you know like we strive to be happy to feel success like that's what all we want and we want people to be happy for us too and I think it's a it's a strange idea that some people want to want the music to be dissonant because at the at the core of it like you listen to music based off of what you're feeling at that moment so even if you like a sad song the day that doesn't mean you're gonna play it every fucking day because you want to be sad all the time right so it's I think it's like something to think about something that I've been thinking about too is just like how what what type of stuff we let in like what type of music we let in because everything has messaging everything even if it's not like you know like people have said that my music has heavy messaging and even before this album but it's like literally everything if you break it down any song that you listen to popular and not popular there's something that they're trying to get across to you and there's got to be careful about our intake and and examining everything we listen I'm glad that you're having this conversation cuz I'm not allowing I first saw that tweet I was like I chance maybe going through it but I said I hope he's just not upset because of the reception to the big day like they're not I mean the reception was great to be honest like it's that's that's the thing like you got to also understand narrative like there there there were like a lot of body counts and a lot of people that were like you know kind of trying to go crazy on my account and like every time I'll retweet a fan saying that they love the album they're like jump under that person's comments and be like are you fucking kidding me but it's like oh that's why it's good to go outside too cuz when you go outside you could feel real love you could have conversations with people people tell you things that they might not never tweet a nigga that was a manager I'm not gonna put out all his business but he told me something other day I was at the Four Seasons Hotel and he he said something really deep about his own marriage in its relation to Milan that just came out four weeks ago the big day and and and it and it changed my perspective yet again on what that one on what that project means and what it'll continue to mean for people because people aren't gonna stop getting married like it's just like things come to people and waves and so I feel like my purpose of of putting out that tweet was sometimes you gotta let them know that you see what's going on mhm you can't you can't always just be like are don't put my head down and sometimes you got to be like hey you know what I see exactly what this is and just know I never kill myself I'll never self-destruct I'll never self-impose you know harm or hurt or danger to myself so like but sometimes you got to come out and be like hey I'm I'm I'm living through this you know I'm saying I'm not even going through this I'm living through this and and so I appreciate I appreciate one people's sensitivity to mental health at this point because I feel like that could also become like a massive joke and some sort but really if you read the tweets like just it's it's pretty well explained like exactly how I felt and what I was what and or exactly how I felt people felt some people felt and exactly how I felt at that time is there anything you'd change about that because my only critique u2 album with it was too long a lot of song logger to Wendy Williams legs I think I think no weddings are long for one to planning a wedding is long yeah so so I felt like 19 tracks 19 songs sorry 22 tracks but 19 songs with 3 skids I think that's the perfect explanation of my wedding day like that's like that's how it feels and also that is is I don't know if you know so a lot of the music on it is based off of the reception I feel like the music that was played at and there and when you're at your wedding like it's a lot of different kinds of music that are planned a lot of different songs and so yeah you had in vogue honey I love involved and I said the big day I think thinking about your album release yes I think I think a lot of people love the album because it has something for everybody on it and it's so true you know I mean and it's not often that you get an album that's gonna really fully show you who's making it you'll get albums that feel good or sound good or or work well in terms of like I don't know what an album is supposed to be fundamentally but like when you get something new and it's something from somebody that you know but you don't know everything about and it reveals more to you that's when people like they can really connect to something and I feel like the overall album was supposed to be about black love and nostalgia and for the for the people that got it and they was like they they're like you know I love the house music influence I love that you have Randy Newman from Toy Story on it it brought me back I loved it so it's a lot of nostalgia and a lot of partying and a lot of blackness shout out to jackée Harry very Chicago here I'm saying shout out to - Cree summer - Keith David - john witherspoon - like these black actors that for me there were some of the most pivotal family members that I have even though they not related to me a lot of people that my age grew up in certain movies ATL the boondocks are Friday you know watching Sister Sister that felt like this familial like relationship with these people and then when the album plays through like they're like yeah like it felt like I was talking with anybody on your team that said maybe you shouldn't do that maybe your fanbase is kind of young it might not get it oh that about conversation not not really I think I had those thoughts I think certain parts of that album I started thinking and that's why there's certain things in there I started thinking about like okay everybody listens I'm not gonna be married covered lot of people are me mm-hmm a lot of people that listen to Mary Project are children of divorce or they've been through a divorce like waiting right now or cheating or widowed think about all that we're really really really in love they had the greatest love of all time and then they got you up and they got cut short there's parts of the album that reflect on that and the Eternity of of a real love and in the end and the the permeation of God and those feelings when you just have that fountain that foundation of a real of a real love like the other people that are benefited by it and so I think like the thing that the main thing that people have been able to connect with beyond the music and the and the songs being good is like the statement of it all like a with each song being a different aspect of it a statement of it all feels whole you know do you feel at this point in your life yeah Mary I got a second my second baby comes next week Congrats because I have a job that's the thing it's like my dad everybody doesn't know this but my dad I gotta say it probably put the first black president in the way house and he didn't do that by just being at home with us every day you know I'm saying and I definitely had a great aunt had a great relationship with my dad but at one point in my life he had to go to DC and it's the same thing where artists and touring or artists and you know making music is like you have a job and you and and the older your kids get the more they understand or sometimes the less they understand what that relationship is but as long as you like you still prioritize your good pops like who do you like for 20 20 on the Democratic side now can we talk about the music from your reception how involved are you with picking out what songs were going to be played and what was that playlist so I was surprised so the my wedding was Dee was DJ by my wedding was DJ by DJ Nathan and why am i blinking right now and it wasn't high right uh the number one yeah DJ Faris yeah DJ Faris DJ my wedding so imagine that first of all secondly I had a surprise musical selection for my wife it was a Kirk Franklin for Haman and Hezekiah Walker came and did a special concert for them but that was like my my input like my little special piece but my wife my wedding party and her wedding party like the you know the groomsmen and bridesmaids whatever they call they they they put together a playlist so my wife was born in Houston and a lot of her family is from the south I was born in Chicago a lot of my family's from the south so it was kind of like to you know you get a lot of like big Moe and you know Swishahouse and and certain also our families from DC - so you get go-go stuff right and then my family's from Chicago and from North Carolina and from Atlanta so you get that side too and then you also get reminded how many like how many other styles of music dance wedding music like beyond the swv's and the end bugs and stuff like that you get like you know slow you get a Phil Collins song you know I'm saying you'll get like a Stevie Wonder song you get all these different vibes and I just remember like there was a point during my wedding with my big cousin BMAC Brian Brian Mack he's a pastor now shout out to him he's a pastor in East st. Louis now he got his own church he was a y'all know the percolator he had the hardest fucking party later I remember looking at him and seeing all these people from my life my grandmother my other teachers that I used to know my look cousin I used to beat his eye all these people that from my life and he's in the center hitting that joint and it's like it's out of pure love for what was going on in my life and our family growing and that was a moment where I was like I gotta make an album about this like I need to I need people to feel people aren't here right now there's no you know HD cameras for a reality show this is just this is hit you can plan to make those kind of timeless records that touch everybody like that because I just have to organically be done like I don't think the person that made the percolator witness that I'm gonna make a record that's gonna touch everybody and last forever like The Electric Slide percolated like those just got to kind of come oh no I don't think the best the best joints are the ones that you make you know like a lot of times like you'll get confused and start to feel like things fall in your lap you know I mean like it's like up eye hits a hit like but we're especially from where I'm from and we're like independents are like you you got to work your ass off just to work one record yet alone to build a record you don't want to build an album so like understanding that my wedding was the first wedding I went to as an adult mmm you know I'm saying like I got a lot of friends they not all getting married you been a bunch of funerals we got them anyway exactly that's why I moved back to Chicago and I used to live in LA was cuz I was only coming back for funerals and weddings and the funerals were way outpacing the weddings so when you understand that that's a feeling that everybody doesn't get to get or feel everyday why am i why should I take that in and just hold that and be like alright I'll figure out the theme of my next album later like any and it's like it's like that serves it up to you on a platter yo you got to either be ignorant or or you know belligerently like purposely ignoring something to be to not see that see it when it's right in your face and like from there from March I just I want to work on ballin flossing with Shawn Mendes is is that vibe you know I mean and there's a there's a lot of Records on the album that of dance records because it was the best dancer that I've ever done in my life I'm a great dancer alright well the personal your dance to it the way you anyway we did do you remember my love is your love when you used this neck is not 41 this neck is like 52 we did with my baby in my hand no two dozen cool things that's that's like another another deep part of it is like beyond we talk about you know rappers young getting married rapping about getting me all those things that's taboos but like something that's very taboo even beyond rap just in my friends group and like we all talked about this all day so I'm sure they're watching and they girls is watching like starting starting off 2015 I had my daughter with with my girl at the time we weren't together then we got back together shortly after the baby came and then we spent a long time into it I cleared it out yeah we're not working it out yeah so and let everybody else get in between it the media the courts everything and what I can say is that more rarely than people getting married do people get married to somebody that they already started their family with especially in my position like we get so you get to a certain level of success and they and then make it feel like certain things can falter certain things can fall by the wayside they don't it's like oh you got a Grammy like you just worried keep your head low keep your tunnel vision and eventually love will come to you like Shawn supposed to wait till I'm like 30 or something at 32 and I'm like okay now I really need a girl so then I start dating somebody that I'm trying to convince myself isn't just with me because I'm famous and then date them for long enough that we end up having another kid and then we get married or we get married then we have kids but completely forgetting about or compartmentalizing everything that was before Wow the fact that I was able to do that is 100% based on the grace of God and to a complete anomaly so like when I'm in a position to hold up my three and a half year old daughter at my wedding and announce that I'm about to have another child with my same woman now I've known since I was nine years old and I got all my family around like that's like a that's like a once-in-a-lifetime feeling and something that a lot of my homies like I know deep down want to feel you know I mean did you settle down cuz it like was it a spiritual thing cuz yeah I can't imagine chance being out here being a grimy ass just man you got to understand how fucking famous I was like I know I'm just saying like at the time when I was going through that stuff like you got a youngster winning Grammys traveling hotel parties at club after parties you know it's a it's a lifestyle that artists tell me that they'd be like Jeff it was shit she has really a ratchet ass dude yeah I mean I'm definitely I'm definitely not perfect you know I'm saying and I definitely have gotten better but it was definitely a point in time where there was nobody really telling me that me not marrying my wife was wrong other than like my wife and very select friends and I mean just being honest even my parents like they were like you know you you have a lot to to focus on a lot to worry about you are when I was with her you are dating her when I was not dating there you are paying child support or blah and so they ratted it gets rationalized to you that it's like okay I made a rap I'm about god that's good enough you know I'm saying all right guys I'm sweet but like that shit's not enough and so when I when I when I after living through Ari on one part you lose best girl right and so you try and find different modes of that which never really work out then to your relationship with them is deteriorating and that's one of the the only eternal relationships you have even if you don't marry a girl niggas that's have kids that's eight or nine or older than that understand very well that your BM does not go away therein and no matter how much that relationships ours or you say things that you didn't mean or you go through the course everything still got a deal with them so that relationship is deteriorating beyond just like a love level or like a romantic level then I'm trying to fuckin be you know having a job and also being a single dad yeah being a single dad is tough yo like getting your kids ready yeah yeah I don't have kids but getting my kid ready just like driving around like just checking on it making sure she got a nap all that stuff by yourself ridiculous like ridiculous so like I think all of those things came to me and we're like and she's not working out yo what was deep is like I can't really explain what happened on my wife side cuz she was good she was she had money she had her own place she had you know opportunities she had she was she was happy and so I would just say the grace of God is what got me back with her like obviously I figured out what was wrong personally and I had to have that one personal conviction but like it being this good or I can't explain nothing like the stability of my yeah definitely she was a cheetah probably because I was a cheetah and also because we were we were out of we were out of out of that that connected space where we were on same team you know I'm saying once - it goes to court that's why I keep bringing up court because it's a lot of people out there like you got a like we've just talked about messaging everybody is listening everybody's taking different things out of everything that we say as a group I would love for people that's thinking about it or that's on the precipice or the cusp of letting some random probably white person that can only see your name in black and white letters and has like different relationships which are - attorneys will never really know who you guys are as person make a decision this and a lot of times ever lasting on your relationship with your child who pays for what on what times you get to see them right like try and figure it out internally before you go that far you know I'm saying never imagine it yeah I'm sure both parties never like to have to go to court somebody's not taking care of their end of the bargain and not paying and not being receptive to that sometimes people don't show up at all sometimes it's just emotion a lot of times emotion you really love your kid your kid is not like a you know like I don't know like an idea that's just floating around in space it's like your kid is a real living person and what and they're your kid they're not anybody else's responsibility they don't look like nobody that's your kiss your heart outside your body people don't feel like that I know dads who were who will tell the mom I'm coming to pick her up and never show up and have the kids sitting by the door waiting and not call on Christmas and not calling on birthdays and and what I'll tell you is even if they don't show it I ever have that conversation randomly they feel it because you know what they got homies that got kids and one of their friends if not all of them one of their friends is taking care of their kids and I can't go out cuz I got to go to this thing tomorrow morning with shorty I can't I can't do this cuz you know I got or a yeah you want to Brett you want to come to the water part we all going to the water part like when you certain things that come across to you that will make you feel that weight or looking at them that'll make you feel that weight and then if you and if you are the impervious to pain kind of person that's just like I'll just pay the money I don't want to see them off I guess like if that's who you are good get the fuck away like you're not the right person to be around anyway but okay go ahead now the only switch gears a little bit because starting to sound like you album just keep talking my marriage which is a great haven't heard the big day the big day is available at chance perhaps calm it's on all streaming services if you don't got no money to purchase the album is free on soundcloud and the big day tour is also live on chance for a baby now so you stopped smoking cigarettes yes also not snuff cigarettes you know I had no idea you also got to remember the last time I was here I didn't have no Grammys I had no raps about guy I was I was saying anything you are also darker skin the last I don't think so you think I lost weight I got on a jacket yeah well I ever really working out like that I just been smoking cigarette smoking cigarettes which usually makes you gain weight I get so in November last year I took a what's called a sabbatical with my wife and basically and and my daughter and my sister and I was one of my best friends so we all went to Costa Rica and you know got to go to Costa Rica but I will tell you it's beautiful but we went away and I left all my cigarettes obviously at home and what I did was I read four books from the Bible which isn't a large portion of the Bible percentage but I had never really read the Bible like that was woody proverbs I'm sure was one no I was it was mostly New Testament stuff so it was it was a lot of the letters from Paul so like Romans Ephesians Galatians and then there in the book of James they're all like they're all kind of like not that long but they give you like it's crazy like if I would tell anybody if they were trying to read the Bible like the last thing you want to do is read the Bible front to back and that's probably I'm probably gonna get flack from somebody for saying that but just saying like it's really difficult to understand the point of it if you don't like to the right sections first and then go back because if you go to the beginning of the Bible it's like a lot of stuff is like this person was the son of this person and then God sent them to destroy this and then that seed became this person it's like a lot of like actually the beginning of the Bible makes no sense if you really put yeah I mean like you get the so past past the the Genesis past when you get like the creation and all that stuff like there's like a whole chapter that just tells you the succession of families and kingdoms that that fell and raised and they literally like one sentence apiece the census will literally say Isaac was the son of blah blah blah who gave birth to this person then the next is this person gave was how they got there because you thought you start with Adam and Eve mm-hmm then they have Cain and Abel mm-hmm but then it says Cain killed Abel and went off and found a wife how if it was only Adam and Eve I don't know I think the I think after after that they talk about Babylon and a bunch of other cities that were like that that got spread apart cuz weren't they like several families there but I'm saying it just Adam was the first man then he was the first woman then they had Cain and Abel Cain kills a boy in this golden final wipe the day with other people maybe that how'd you start smoking cigarettes I think he's getting there yeah bring it all the way right so I don't know that the Bible describes them as the only man or woman I think it describes them as the first and that they were in a specific place that they were then exiled out of I don't know that it says then when they were exiled that there weren't anybody that wasn't living in Paradise that was living in this world because the description of the world outside of Eden is basically the world that we live in now or what is what is feature say is it is evil world we live in it like is so outside of that I like how you moving the Bible to future good it's like it helps you understand like yeah the world the world's not the world's not heaven you know I'm saying like it's a lot of spiritual wickedness out there there's a lot of like bad influence a lot of like terrible crimes and and shit that happens in the world and I think what happened was those that that small group of people those those three or those four or those two actually my bet were exiled out of that world and and that's how we got to where we are right now maybe it was aliens maybe they were just the first humans who knows yes that's why I was saying it's good to read the the letters from Paul first if you have you could if you could google that it's a it's a few short books and it's a dude that used to be a persecutor of olan it used to be as a Jew they used to be a persecutor of Jews kill people that or I'm sorry I'm not Jews of Christians people that believed in Christ and and then he came around and started writing these letters to explain what Jesus's message was and so once you get that it makes a lot of other things may it make sense now back to the sabbatical thing I read those books not because they were the damn I never noticed this dollar you have it yourself right here they don't talk about the the like how to quit cigarettes but it was a good thing for me to learn at a time when I was trying to become dependent on something else and so we basically went out there we went like I got on some jet skis got massages chill just Bentley went with my wife tried to stay off social media a lot and I just read and when I came back I was I have been two weeks without cigarettes and it just made it a lot easier I won't say I haven't smoked one more cigarette since then mm-hmm but like man I used to be two and a half pack a day smoker yeah yeah they're way way different I don't know if you ever you probably never smoked a cigarette but it's way way way different than smoking weed like I did for anybody that's ever quit smoking cigarettes you know that when you smoke weed trying to smoke weed in places smoking cigarettes you damn near quit smoking weed because you get way too high like you smoke a cigarette to you know get a buzz or just like you know just to calm yourself down or whatever it is a lot of people say it's just an oral fixation you have things in your mouth oral fixation also like that's yeah and so that's where even one of these jewels aren't dead for years because this is just concentrated nicotine look with no like means of like weaning yourself off of it it's not like a plan you just go buy nicotine now and just do it so this shit is just as a dick that I'm sure my wife wants me to be done with this the months of another sabbatical yeah I want to you know it was nice show is it's nice to get away and have something to read while you're out I'm not really like some people always like thrown off by this just like when I said that my diets not great I don't read books probably like I should really so like your trial double yeah I'm getting in art books on books on tape or whatever like my mommy Colleen is like super big on the books on tape so I'm finished trying like try and listen to some stuff while I read with it that was actually how I read dreams for my father was it was a book like podcast you can do audible yeah you pledged a million dollars cago me at the house yeah which I thought was very very dope thanks man yeah so social works is my nonprofit in Chicago and we do a lot of work with everybody but mainly with with the youth and with homeless and transient youth but homeless population across the board in the city we also do education and like in civic work like learning how the system works and then also we have like a Vacation Bible School that we started well we started funding six years ago but it's been around for 40 years so this newest thing is called my state of mind and it's initiative that we started this past year and basically what we did was I put up a million dollars and six hundred thousand dollars went to six different mental health facilities in Chicago that uh we're going to be announcing at the end of the month and then the really cool part and this is only for the first year after this it'll go back to being a regular cohort where everybody gets a hundred thousand dollars but we took four hundred thousand dollars and created this this dope app that we're going to be releasing at the same time at the Social Work summit and basically the my state of my app works kind of like a yelp review of all the mental health facilities and wellness centers and not only the city or the county but the whole state though and the issue is like when people try and find help the place they go is Google right and they give you numbers for places like ah the reason why we what we made this was I had a homie I don't have to say his name but he was going through some mental it's mental health issues and we're trying to find a home for him and it was ridiculously difficult for me myself making calls and telling people who I am to find a home a space for him to stay in for a while because they have a lot of like these these homes that are privatized or bought and they use them as like rehabilitations places people to stay when they can't stay with their parents or like they don't have somebody that can really take care of them and just find out how hard that was and then finding out this big web of like there's so many different styles so outside of just like a public like government-owned you know like the county rehab or Wellness Center there's like a lot of independent like black-owned on the south side and west side of Chicago asks like places that aren't getting no funding and beyond I get no funding they're not getting no advertising so nobody knows that the help is there so what we wanted to create was basically a directory that's fun to use that has like a lot of interactivity energy to let you like speak on exactly how you feel and then find like there's like karate places that'll you know that like deal with mental wellness or there's like you know like hip-hop classes for young folks that deals with mental wellness so like putting all those things in one space and also obviously like the official places that are that are funded by the state or by the city and and letting everybody have access to it what you want to do that was because of your own personal struggles or just people you know yeah I would say that those are the same thing so like I haven't been like ever diagnosed with depression or anxiety or anything but I would definitely say that I felt those things yeah and I and and I think so on a large level I think it's the stigma associated with it so like the fact that a lot of us don't want to go get help or admit that we need to get help and so maybe I suppose really where I've never been diagnosed or never had official xanax medication but there's also like I think like what you were just saying about having people that are my friends or family that are dealing with it and they don't know where to go he doesn't know where to send them you know I'm saying like so having taking away the stigma advertising every single place possible and making it normal so it's like oh yeah I'll sign up for a little yoga class cuz I'm feeling sad like it makes you like picking emoji you know Santa's there's a real cool app and but it's like let it having that go out for the city in the in the state it I think it'll it'll start to go to other places so shout out to Joe button we've been you know in conversation about bringing it to Jersey shoutout to g herbo he's been a huge help and like and and because it's like you literally got to go out and find each place like every place isn't advertised on Google every place isn't even in the city directory so you got so we would host these these meetings at our office where we would advertise on my social media and other people people that come out and give all the information that they know and then we got all the experts in the city and county to come out and give us all information that they know just keep putting it together to us now my daughter is a huge fan I know you got to go so two questions right fast what are you going on tour she would like to know yeah sorry and so I thought some dates announced it is juice she wants to know why she can't find Juice on Spotify title or Apple music she's like that's one of her favorite joints she can't get it great alright so two questions I'll answer the first one the second one first so juice it is available on streaming platforms just not the way that you're used to hearing it so juice hat you know I made all my mixtapes a lot of them like I'm nineteen twenty sometimes a high school and you don't know all of the legal in and outs of lighting stuff ain't clear I was nineteen and since then you find out like you know like I got I got approval from I think it was Curtis may feel who covered the song that I sampled but the the cover is an interpolation of a John Lennon song John Lennon passed away his wife Yoko Ono's extremely old she clears all his stuff and she's God bless her soul she's not she's not doing super well in terms or a health and so it was like it got down to the wire and it was just like what's the best thing that we could do with this so what we did was I recorded a thirty second piece because you got to have thirty seconds worth of audio for it to count as a stream and explain to people that all the money allocated from these streams will go towards Social Work sin and doing something positive so if you got a syrup which is available on Apple and on iTunes and on Spotify and all that shit now make sure you play juice at least once real quick just just one time for the one time okay and then the four in the first question yes might or the big date or started September 14th and the bay coming out to San Francisco it's coming to your city wherever you live is coming to you tickets are available in some cities on chance raps calm and and my brother's coming out on tour with me to DB hello one last quick question because I was in a press conference yeah we're Roger Goodell and jay-z jay-z mention your name a few times really you did he says I'm saying chances name a lot but would you perform it to halftime show yes that's a crazy question um nah I'm I wouldn't and it's not no knock to anybody I just think the I think a word that a lot of people are using is actionable items I don't think the Super Bowl is my actionable item I think there's certain things that I would like to see get changed and I work on them and people that so a lot of people that help me shout out to jay-z who's helped me a lot since they want but there's things that I got to do personally that I think will affect change and empower other people tend to affect change that would be outside of the Super Bowl I might be social justice component of would you help with it that's what I'm saying like I have my own means of like damn I hate the word social justice let's just say like the police are killing niggas crazy like violently like like in extreme violent ways and they know they have body cams that's not I'm not saying that's all police but I'm saying the police system accountable this this entire system that we have in place from how we elect a president to how presidents make decisions to how judges work to how the police the the the the title of being a police officer the the legitimacy of being in the Union it's not fair right where are all of us in this room are they call us citizens we're citizens of the state but all the other people that I was just mentioning a president a judge a a police officer they're not tried the same way they are not considered the same type of human beings that we are and so the first thing that has to happen is there has to become a stigma around policing that stops people from believing that if they speak up as a police officer about something that they see wrong that there's a traitor that they're traitor or that they'll get in trouble that their life is in danger because I don't know how many people know this there's a lot of gangs within police you could read about it yeah but they have real gangs I'm talking about a gang like a gang gang not now you know we always say the police are the biggest gang and I'm talking about individual gangs between within the same police unit that are into it they don't fuck with each other they have their own shit that goes on we're all human so like we're all subject to the evil of the world and so once we start to clean up that create a stigma where people stop where people stop feeling like it's okay to do whatever they want and we start to see convictions and start to see like an actual real criminal process like the rest of us go through if we was to up and kill somebody or god forbid harm a police officer once we start to see that then that's that's that's real change happening at a real rate and then other people can get on it then other people that are big names or big organizations can say oh we totally backed this movement we want to see we want to see fairness we want to see the and and that allows you to uplift the right police officers because I know police officers because like I said it's just a job it's not a blue life it's just uh you go in you clock in clock out you know I mean police officers that have done amazing things and saved people's lives in real and real time but they are not the same people as the people that are committing these crimes and the only reason why these other people are able to commit the crimes is because the system itself allows them to space to do it so with that being said I'm not rapping at the Super Bowl don't catch me live at the Super Bowl but I am the ambassador for NBA all-star weekend in Chicago and so that might that might mean that there's other announcements to be made but yes I like what you're doing the same way I like what Jays doing because you are the type of person that changes things and I woke up today and I call Jay when I need help so just because he watches yourself yeah but you changed things from within like you actually kick it with the politicians you donate the politicians I think that's dope I think that's what's needed to make real changes for the legislation is concerned yeah and also I'm sorry oh no I was gonna say everybody asked their last question I just have one last question still independent but you mentioned Sylvia Ronan you're mentioning a bag that could be it wasn't big enough so is that a consideration for you for real point to do something so I got a shout out Sylvia wrong there's like a few women in the in the industry shout out to karel Lewis shout out to Sylvia Rhone shout out to Jody Gerson these are women that I met in 2012 when I first started flying out here and take a hell of meetings and they always just been in my corner and they're powerful women in the industry that have been around for decades and we understand what it's like for women especially Sylvia wrong as a black woman in the industry and she made it through and so in 2012 she tried to sign me for a deal that was not a good deal was it just curious $120,000 for six hours oh thank god you take that one yeah but 120 days of a six out there but I also I hadn't put out as a rap yet this is when I was ten day it came out I just came off tour with Donald Glover so I had a buzz but only in certain spaces and certain people that would look and call me in or like hey we want to help you I want to work with you and and then luckily those three women specifically even though we didn't do any business together they still just look out for me and I still send them Mother's Day cards everything and uh they so I shouted out Sylvia Rhone just cuz it's like after ten day was supposed to be my debut album and because I couldn't I didn't feel right about any of the label deals I've decided to put out as wrap independently as a mixtape and that blew up a lot of things for me and then I was posted to my album after that and I did surf and I was supposed to mail them after that and I did a coloring book and so now I'm finally at my debut album I felt like it was only right that I shot I'll still be wrong guys she's cuz she's just she's just righteous she's a great the bag is big enough perhaps that's a conversation for you though the only the only problem is with me like I'm in a different I'm in a different place like you'd be a fool designer yeah for one I'd be a fool financially and it wouldn't benefit me in any way but even if there was an astronomical number that did benefit me and like there's like the craziest terms in the world I've never been done before I'm I'm at this point a beacon of that whole thing and so everything is about like I said narrative and how you're represented so there's people in the industry that are not like Silvia wrong that want to see this all fall apart so that they can prove that you need them in order to make it work so I would say to anybody out there that's an independent artist my number one pieces of advice don't sign a record deal don't sign a distribution deal don't sign a publishing deal don't sign a management deal hire the people that you need to work with you pick out your goals and go go get them done and you could get them done and it'll and it'll work and you'll connect with your fan base and you'll make money and your rise will be as fast or as slow as you want it to be but you'll be in in a great position and another piece of advice go on on one of those little websites oh I don't want to like but if I'll say a few of them that I know so it's not like I'm advertising but deado distro kid tune core you can go on to those websites there's this for everybody listen that's an artist you can go to that website right now any of those websites right now pay $10 a year and now your musics on every platform out of five SoundCloud title Apple music iTunes everywhere everywhere that that's like that's like one of the main barriers of entry a lot of people think you got to sign a deal before you could even do that so like once you start to realize how many things are not like decided by labels May could United masters to and then give and then you got radio play no ceased out like that that's my boy Steve shout out to Steve Stoute that's my boy you you but you you can there's a lot of things that you could do without the label deal that you could just pay in to keep it pushing and then my third one go with guy oh this industry not a god god god oh my god no the opposite of guys opposite a man go with God right because for one this industry is not is not holy oh it's of this world and it and it presents you every opportunity to be the opposite of what God wants you to do and so the great thing about God though is that even with every barrier a thing that gets thrown your way you will literally move through that shit around that shit on top of that shit you'll you'll get to where you he where he wants you to go you just got a you got a trust exactly gotta listen to him no matter how hard that shit gets then it'll get hard it'll not make sense it'll make you feel like yo God yeah let me just do this one time but it's like if you don't if you don't falter if you if you if you rock when man you but you you'll see great sex and that voice isn't allowed either it's not if people don't realize and he's not gonna repeat himself exactly she's not gonna repeat exactly you gotta you have to you have to keep a why don't paint here and a why don't bet heart for whatever whatever is coming your way and if he tells you to to run as fast as you can take off maybe tells you to sit down sit down exactly and I think they need to turn a big day into a stage play starring puppets ooh yes produce that with me because I know you getting a lot of money at this point I'm doing okay unless I know you I don't think I'll be dope like I thought like I said before I said chance makes music that makes puppets dance and I wasn't at this is just that when you hear it it's like a happy thing yeah you should do it safely I've always I've always been in the theatre I've always been into writing and and directing like working like actors and like come on that's that was my favorite part this album if I could flex a little bit I wrote those skits on the album there's very and there's been like people that like because I am like a little bit in the theater world that have reached out to me and given me a little kudos give me a pat on the back and it's like I love exposition but when it's done in a good way exposition is like when you like explain like who the character is the surroundings and everything but without being too on-the-nose I love good dialogue even though there's only one skit where there's actual back-and-forth and I love being able to write stories that put you in a place so like I feel like my my best talent on the album was being able to create an entire setting when people listen to the album and it's just a cappella skit of keep David talking and feel like I'm in this room or I'm outside or the sound effects are right and stuff so I feel like that was a good trial run for from my first like real putting my right I've done other stuff with wit skits but this probably on the largest scale and and yeah now I'm definitely ready to start writing some and puppies making more digestible puppies animation you don't do real people puppets puppets are good I actually did a whole tour what puppies before yes yeah I did a whole I did a whole tour that put together and I'm in a month and a half with dialogue and haha Davis so what I did was I had all these people come to Chicago because I wanted to bring a choir out on tour with me for a coloring book but I didn't have the money to hire a choir to go so what I did was I brought in a choir to Chicago pre-recorded all the vocals and then I got these animatronic puppets that you know like work on a timer and just had them basically be a fake wire that popped up then I had like another puppet that would come out that was named lady Dame and she would come talk to me and I do same drugs on a piano with her as a duet then I had this big giant lion in the back named Carlos which is a hot Davis his real name it's a stupid joke no one would ever get that but his name was Carlos and he'd come out he's a giant lion he talked to me and I had to pre write that script and like remember my lines and like make sure that he was timed and like go back and forth with a old pre-record at ha ha every night on stage and it was it was fun it was dope dope but yeah I'm definitely getting a more writing and definitely get that big de album and we appreciate you for - man I've been I've been hearing so long I needed to come back I will I will I don't make sure you come a little sooner and you don't make it long it's been three years yes all right well chance the rapper we appreciate you again appreciate all my the big day is out now and it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]