Charlamagne Faces Judgement After Heated Exchange With Miley Cyrus Management


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welcome everybody this is the breakfast club I'm DJ Emmy she's Anjali and that is Charlemagne to God now mutations now over the weekend we had a member of The Breakfast Club we have to bring him to court now we were at my heart radio Music Festival out in Vegas amazing time The Breakfast Club was going to host as we were walking down the hall we heard security say hey walk now put it back up please so as we were walking we were thinking maybe it's Barack Obama right maybe Donald Trump we didn't know what some type of diplomat when we got into the the Warner lounge which is allows that we drink a lot of tequila they said it was Miley Cyrus we said Miley now by the way let the record show that it was everybody else that was really really upset and everybody was talking about how upset they were yeah I was upset too so then we were going to do our thing we were hosting the CW pre-show and as we were talking we explained what happened and Charlamagne said this I said uh that Miley Cyrus cleared the hallway Miley Cyrus's people cleared the hallway to let her through she is a she's not a presidential candidate she's not a diplomat I don't know who the hell she think she is nations about black people - I also said Miley used to be black but she stopped being black once it stopped being profitable so all of a sudden what happened my leaf and started text and everybody started going on social media started going crazy and what happened they started texting Miley Cyrus's manager who just happened to be on stage because his name is Adam her fans were texting his manager well they were all social media all social media but there were people texting her manager so when I heard from other I heart executives that Miley Cyrus's social media manager said yes so what happened well you know Miley Cyrus supposed to kick off the show so here we are on stage Miley's on stage the managers on stage so what a Charlemagne due he walks around he gives everybody a handshake like I always do when he went to this guy the guy says no I'm not shaking your f in hands mind you he's a white ball headed guy all right I don't know who this white ball headed guy is oh yeah he's on screen that's him Adam it's ever so I said to him who the F for you and then I said do you have a problem I was slapped yeah then you invite everybody to your genitals then he got never had yes you did then it was face to face yeah you actually heard that happen yes Charlemagne even know he said I'll slap - ow - you know I knew I said oh so they got it to each others face and then and he told me I was a racist he did shell shock his white ass away from he did we surrounded him and shala me I'm surrounded all right with you on the Left wax was on the right I was in the middle what do you call that it's a triangle all right Charlemagne said I was slapped to issue you and he replied and I'm just gonna stand and I'm just gonna stand here now I understand that lame white me yeah you're going to jail you're gonna use - yeah that's what I felt I was like oh he's back but it's just a respect thing number one I didn't know who he was so if you stand in my vicinity and I go to shake your hand and you look me up and down and tell me now you're not shaking my effing hand automatically I think you were full no well let's open up the phone lines 805 85 turn up a little bit 805 85 105 one with Charlemagne wrong Miley Cyrus was opening the show very she was performing for our I Heart Radio Music Festival directors show he did apologize he did apologize and he said he was unaware of them clearing the halls he said it wasn't his security and also we the building security can also let the record show I was not the only one that was upset I wasn't even really upset it was really all the white people at I heart that was more sense so was Charlemagne wrong cdfi wrong for telling the truth was he wrong was Miley Cyrus no could curl in this case and had nothing to do with it had no idea it wasn't her security it was the building security who was he just being white and happy wanted to perform and so I guess I was being black in bad I was black and angry who was right with Charlemagne right or was he wrong cause now it's the rebels well good morning first of all you understand about the I heart music festival everybody backstage is doing their job they've had some of the biggest stars ever in life from Paul McCartney dove Frank Briana Prince all of these people have been backstage a die-hard Music Festival nobody trippin off any celebrities no not not at all so uh do we know for a fact that Miley Cyrus gave those instructions cuz I want to make sure we know that well we didn't do that part of the story so as we were doing our pre broadcast on the scene one more thing what everybody was complaining when we was in the Warner lounge yes everybody was complaining that Miley cleared the hall correct like it was a bit was a thing right yes so while we were doing our broadcast on the CW we brought it up and talked about the story Charlemagne said what happened I said that it was wack I said she's not a presidential candidate she's not a diplomat um everybody backstage is just doing their job nobody trippin off no Miley Cyrus correct so when he said that I guess Miley Cyrus's fans went crazy on social media yes and the manager I guess people on her team started texting a manager on stage because she was actually opening the show and on stage Oh Angela he asked me also you know who was I looking forward to seeing and I said everybody black and I said her chance to wrap her Alicia Keys and I said Miley used to be black but she stopped being black wants to stop being profitable correct she Mike will made it she's to where grills and all now I don't think this guy was on stage just because Miley was performing cause he was standing right behind me you understand what I'm saying what are you thinking he was there for good - I think he wanted to say something - oh yeah yeah yeah but I was just shaking I always shake everybody's hand camera people everyone because I feel like everybody helps us to look good so I went to go shake this guy hand didn't know who he was and he looked me up and down and said now I'm not shaking your effort hand right and I said well who the up for you and he said well I might lose management I said well you have a problem he said yeah I got a problem I don't like you talking about Miley whatever whatever and I said well Miley and your team shouldn't have cleared the hall like she's the president he was like we would never do something like this oh my god I didn't know what was going on at this time cuz I'm Rita with or live on air so I'm practicing my scenes in my mind I'm looking at my notes showed me I was like yeah who cleared or people how do you know his Miley Cyrus people I'm like because they cleared the halls and said Miley Cyrus comes like we would never do something like that who on my team said to clear the hall Miley's the most humble person in the world whatever whatever and then he said something slick to me which caused me to say man get your white ass away from me I slapped not you and he said you're a racist right yeah because everybody knows you're a slapdash out of him and then you invite him TJ was in each other's faces right like they almost kissed each other it was like if I'm telling y'all I said I would slap out of them if I told you I telling y'all I told him get his white ass away from me why would I now remember Tom something like what you saw what you saw and heard was suck my energy all right but never came out of my mouth so anyway they got into it and he was like no that didn't happen so we're asking 805 85 105 one with Charlemagne right and now my new Miley Cyrus was there opening up the show she's done a bunch of I heart festivals but Charlemagne wanted people to manager told me to invite him to gym so you want to kiss artists ass like if that's not the thing I hate I hate when everybody's behind the scenes talking about something but they don't acknowledge it but then when I acknowledge it I'm the bad guy when I acknowledge I when I acknowledge what actually happened I thought it was great content me the bad guy said I can't wait to talk about this Monday on the radio yeah let's go to the play man Adam by the way Adam Queens Queens all day Sun 805 85 105 won let's go to the phone lines we have a key on line eight come on a key morning hey so we're asking so let me write a rule you are supposed to touch I'm not supposed to talk reckless in his white man cuz I'm scared you supposed to do it on a low okay so you think Charlemagne was wrong yeah hey what's your name honey keys oh hi Keith thank you have a good day honey all right I like this new you in I like this new you I like this I gotta call you honey because if not it goes no honey anyway what what who you think was right or wrong I think Charlemagne was right I mean people don't like to hear the truth but his ooh got mad you can't be mad at anyone by himself either their predatory marketing and branding tactics that they're using for profit on black people and then when it's no longer profitable she goes back to her country roots no one blinks an eye that wasn't a question we're not talking about that wasn't a question but those are the things that pissed him off though all right if that's what you got out of him I'm gonna let you slide are you saying is he while foretelling buyo slap oh yes you come to me with all this aggression and force that we never met you were I'm definitely gonna look at you sideways like okay well what's the problem then you continue to come at me and say I will tell you yeah absolutely but if you Adam and he and a host is going at your artists would you shake his head I mean don't don't do me wrong I would have told him flat out like none even talk you talking about Marcus listen I you know go there I'm not gonna be friendly with you at least state the reason why you're going to guess all I'm saying now I don't understand what this day that's all I'm saying I didn't know do what all I see this ball headed white dude standing behind me we don't want to shake my hand hit a hat on he could be a domestic terrorist I don't trust ball I'm serious my anxiety already messed up cuz we're in this building this vicinity with all these people I don't know this dude I just want to put out there that they were arguing like face-to-face yelling fu to each other well yeah all that Charlemagne was yelling fu to him Lau like yelling yeah he had no clue it was going on 20 mins later like there was an altercation it was our I did not I did not invite him to my genitals I'm telling you you did don't get his white ass away from you now slapped you 800 585 105 when we're breakfast club coat know what's wrong somebody with a good time who is wrong body is DJ envy Angela Gish Alamein the guy we are the breakfast club with in Breakfast Club court right now now if you just join us I'll just give you a brief synopsis ah I Heart Radio Festival in Vegas this weekend we were walking down the hall we had to do the pre-show on the CW as we were walking down the hall security was like I move out the way get out the way clear the hall we kept walking and went into the wall allow us to get some tequila and while we were there we heard that it was Miley Cyrus's Miley Cyrus's people that was clearing let the record show that a lot of people from our heart were very upset very disappointed that she that that diva-like behavior was being displayed now we don't know if that came from Miley we don't know that came from Miley people that was just the order that was sent throughout the hallway right right right so anywhere as we were doing our pre-show you know Charlamagne was talking about it on yeah we were all actually talking about it on end and sha'lame made this remark that I think really pissed him off not just I just simply said that she's not a presidential candidate you know I'm saying she's not a diplomat and you know who is she doesn't want to clear all that said that's why that's lame and then you know uh Angele asked me who was I looking forward to seeing and I said everybody black and I named her and chance the rapper and Alicia Keys her the artist her not Mary Sarah's brother and I said Miley used to be black but she stopped being black once you stop being profitable right so I guess I guess Miley Cyrus's social media went crazy and I guess the manager started getting calls from the team so he was on stage Miley Cyrus was actually opening up the show Saturday night and as Charlemagne went to shake his hand didn't know who he was that oh he was I said I'm not shaking your hand anybody who knows anybody who's worked me they know I like I shake area by the hand just because you know I thought that's the respect you should show humans and I went to go shake this guy's hand he looked me up and down and said now I'm not shaking your hand now I don't know who this dude is he didn't state his issue so automatically I just think he's a folk so I my next question is do you have a problem and he's like yeah I got a problem so by Dennis it's on after that so we're asking who was right who was wrong mein right that is the question right let's go to the phone lines we have JJ good morning Jay this is Duff all right okay so with shuttlebay right bra yes I mean right he's just doing him doing his job and dude was in the right - for standing up for his people's hands down that's true everybody was right but you got but he should have stated his claim stated his case you know between you and two grown men handle your business step off stage and just wiring shake your hand I just thought you was oh I just thought he was a white man trying me imma be on his leash yeah that's you know that's how you give it up that's how he gives it up hello who's this hey listen now we talking about Charlemagne was he right absolutely absolutely I don't understand Miley Cyrus felt that she was or the building security so how important she was they needed to shut down hallway for her to walk around and then on top that there's a way to address situations like that other than to be disrespectful Andrew did not shake somebody's hand well I would say this after we spoke to Adam which is a manager he said that he didn't tell security to do that he was a little too I guess aggressive with Miley Cyrus that it wasn't his nobody from his team would ever tell people to clear the hallway like that so I didn't feed him that much I think when we were first coming in that's when it happened I was I thought chance the rapper was walking through the hallway I haven't seen him good enough for nobody oh they said it wasn't his team they said he would probably build a security that just got a little excited I guess what made the building believe that Miley Cyrus is more important exactly how do you talk to somebody like that when they come up to you and do the man thing which is to shake your hand and say hello you don't be a dick about it if you have a problem open your mouth and use your words your teacher I'm not actually I managed it that socket so I said use your words use your words all right well thank you so much what's the more little story guys the moral of the story is I don't like people talking to me crazy but I especially don't like a white man talking to me crazy okay like who the hell are you and you know Adam did apologize he did apologize and shook everybody's hands as he saw but I'm gonna be honest I still don't like okay so happy I just tell you first impressions are motherfu you know I'm saying like that just says a lot about you and your character both of these most arrived for his artists so I'm lemon yeah but at least it's all I'm saying is let me know that right don't just not shake my hand look me up and down I don't know I don't know anything at that point right you know saying at least when you say I'm mildly size manager now I know why you upset Scott you listen I've been approached by a lot of different people in this industry it's a way to approach like the whole thing was a miscommunication from the beginning that's all it was but yeah it makes for great content on the radio yeah but I already it was a great time and let me shout out to our board off and producer dramas who had the most amazing time don't wanna clues miles Ford Ramos when he checked into his room he got the I heart stimulus package baby I thought I know you love you drugs a man in his room laying on the bed half naked right that's right and when he walked over here when he opened the door what did the man tell you hey come on in there you go come on what did you do drop you let him come on in you let them come on in dingy dry [Music]