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morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are The Breakfast Club we got a special guest in the building Sean say Wayans hey what's up thank you for having me man how are you how's your life changed since they ready comedy special hit Netflix man I finally getting recognized and you know just it's just been amazing to open up a lot of doors a lot of opportunities my tour is starting you know trying to develop some stuff and I mean it's you know our fan base is growing so much Tiffany had his hand picked all the comedian's on there so what's your relationship with Tiffany Haddish that she said okay she's dope I gotta get her on I mean Tiffany an art we've been friends for over like I want to say like 12 years and you know the beauty about Tiffany and in our circle was we didn't have beef like that you know a lot of times like you know people feel competitive and so Tiffany and I it was just always that relationship where it was like you know games open for everybody and we want everybody to win so he was beefing with people not beefing but it's a lot of competition it's already hard for you know the female comics and you know so on it's so it's like you know even as far as auditions you know it's like you hear about auditions you you know you want somebody to see but you don't want them to get the part you know I'm saying so it's like if one of us wins it's almost like we all win it now with the last name way is you have a lot of pressure being a comedian I mean of course you know I'm saying it's been like my whole life with that but that's why I tried to take the journey of just trying to make a name for myself and and not use that last name to uh you know put me where I'm at nepotism nothing but I just had a problem with it you know I'm saying I just always it's like that search for identity you know it's the it's the way people treat you you know because stuff wasn't really working out for me like people be like you know just go to the club and blog you shot a Wayans and I'm like I'm shot a way they be like so you know only if they was there would it like really work out for me you say sometimes they'll be late I tell you we got this role for you but we just need you to get we just need you show some tits you know and I said well you know you just got some boots I was gonna say if you want more rolls and you know so for the song going in show you stuff cuz cuz that's what people was we're glad and I hope that the industry is changing now you know I mean I literally like they I were to do CBS diversity and I had you know I had this agent that was just like girl you need to do this you need to dress up and I went in there and the crazy thing was like I knew a lot of people in there so they can see the uncomfortability I'm just sitting here with this like somewhat cleavage it was just give them a little something but then no one people you like you know it's uncomfortable yeah that's a stress ball about to say I love your shirt where you get it from they send me stuff all the time to not deal with anxieties yeah yeah it actually works it helps that it got this little face too now for Christmas and Thanksgiving right when you have family dinners do you got to prepare yourself a family dinners like I got to write this cuz I know they go get at me and I got to get at them back doesn't work like that you don't know what you're gonna get you know I'm saying you're just gonna get a lot of different octaves of laughter and people like trying to one-up each other yes that's what's dope about those type of things even my grandma would try to chinam in certain things but if you bomb that's that's been like our best open mic cuz if you bomb you everybody on that block gonna hear that laugh right there yeah land with the winds like how are you were Wayans like what are you good so my mom is a sister who knows 10 kids my mom is a sister and a system Kenan yeah yeah alright okay yeah did you ever want to do anything else though just because of the pressure of being a star in the entertainment world oh I actually didn't want to be in this industry until I moved out to California so I I was into computers I try to go to Seton Hall for computer science and then I just felt like I was taking another year high school and I was like I'm out hmm so I went to Cali and was able to find computer work in there and them working on the sets and stuff like that and I found comedy and you said you came up the poor side I did come on the poor side of the ways for for side middle person no no it's struggle you got to understand this it's a huge family so it's not like poor where we was like scrape you know trying to scrape up stuff but we lived in the projects too or you know I'm saying like I got a car for graduation but we didn't move out to a mansion you know Nemean so it's like I just had a nice car in front of the projects we did all of the Wayans come from like we all came for the project but you know it's just listen it's a big family they got kids they did they did a lot of stuff for us they gave us work they did all that stuff but everybody didn't have that type of money you know I mean everybody can't just get up and travel or you know they was doing it was doing real work it wasn't one of those things would wanted to make it everybody me she still got a car for graduation right all right no what kind of doors today look you right it was a it was a Ford Explorer no it's not one doesn't you know one makes it everybody it's like you have to also want this this industry there's all this stuff so we're of a position they try to put you in you still have to move forward and you know not everybody was um you know wanting to be a part of this world or you know you innocent movies too I have you know you know I had a little cameo in Fifty Shades you know I said for that and you know audition in front of my uncle Hank I'll tell you my age um well you had a 40 floor and that was a dope card in so I was probably like maybe late no late 20s late 20s but yeah I want an audition I went in with like a skirt and all this stuff like cuz we went in for a big part and what was the girl named Ginny Ginny got the part hmm but I went in I did all this stuff monk was like you did good you did good and I was like did I get it he was like I got something else for you yeah I was trying to make the best of that life sitting there like how many ways how many you know it's like also trying to stay in the camera you don't even have to say nothing as long I was like trying to lean on Kelly's shoulder and they just kept going shall take could you just do you tell them when anything's whack like are you okay to be like movie wasn't it I watched you stand up that didn't hit like that definitely I mean you know us being on a road you know and stuff like that too was was you know you go back and forth with that but I think I think it's always different when you know people you know what I'm saying so you we know our humor and we know where we're trying to go with it and so I think you know we're honest we're very honest with each other but we also have a different type of humor that we just get instead of what they say about your special when they saw it they loved it they liked it they said you know I'm uncle D hit me up and said you know I thought it was a good representation of you know that and and you spoke your truth and you know I'm proud of you pretty much everybody said that one of my uncle's try to give me punch I was like I shot the special ok did you point you you know it's already over Keane is just dope though like I literally was like why was it not coming around you a a long time ago to get these these punches because he's freaking right it's interesting with when you have that ecosystem of successful people would oh because you can lean on them but then on the other side you feel like I want to do it myself yeah I feel like I guess you're you're you're with them so to speak like you respect you more I guess well my family is very much like that they want you to work you know and they want to see that you want it and you know that's kind of what it was and they're not kind of guy I start a rebellion you know it's it's hard to go like oh I appreciate them and working for me and stuff when you hear other people like oh she probably got that because it is you know even with the Netflix sometimes they probably like you know kina probably called Tiffany was like it's like no like I really wanted people to know that I worked you know hard for myself especially keeping my identity and you know not letting up on those things as a performer and and trying pursue this career you said you almost stuck with the man by accident on the special - by accident like what that was my drinking my drinking thing you know my drinking I get really flirtatious and I want kids so I mean I mean I'm i literally sit here and wonder like do I want to spend thirty forty thousand or can I just you know take it real quick for the team because I already I already had it you know and that's that's a good business - that goes to the college friends or my kids but I would go into them like you you handsome like a my hoodie and stuff I'm like you really handsome Nayla you don't get you a boy boy people that would be like me really get she not really allowed to because she was acting like that you know all do you think that oh it's that one stud they caught on a worldstar I was trying to eat her out and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working yeah talk about smashing a boy now you just said you're trying to eat her out like so the joke is that I you know I try to uh I remember waking up cuddling with this dude and he's like oh you don't remember last night and I was like no wonder it felt weird trying to eat you they used to probably try to make you to conform to be something else yeah but you being yourself is what it's getting you these looks me is what took me over and and and the real thing is that you learn it's really a bunch of people on top that don't even do the stuff that you do they just like structured and all this stuff but if you see you know I gained like almost 40,000 followers and in like a week span and it's it's dudes it's women straight gay pastors you know I got I got the Nation of Islam there's like yo sis that was good I mean I don't really mess I still got here all the stuff about it but I get all types of people and I think that's the evidence of like we've been missing stuff like this hmm what's them letters on your head cuz legendary it's a new way I want to say anything wrong no I listen I grew up in the 80s I'm trying to figure out stuff too sometimes so yes it is a lot do you stay away from anything in your show when you when you do comedy is there anything coming out by a timeout yeah I can't eat no boys no no booty I'll be looking at women sometimes like we gotta get it together so I can imagine a man's bright because that always know where did you you haven't done it Angela now I'm not a buddy to attempt it just I don't like my buddy tickle just a little bit can't kiss you have to what do you mean so now somebody's your butt now y'all can't even kiss maybe after I jockey lates then they can eat they could do it this way don't have to go back in to kiss you know it's activating your butt no I'm talking in front of how do you tell a woman like if she eats you you eat your butt and then she waiting for you to do her how do you say no listen the real thing is when Seco sex goes down we all do stuff that we probably won't mention right what does your wife know you supposed to eat every crevice he's out randomly eaten by any random man no but that's what I'm saying like if you just you remember the whole eat the booty gang yeah you got the whole if you doing it like that then that's something different cuz I feel like it's been an areal eat at random I just I mean and I like going down so if I if I fell in love with eating booty yeah so basically I need to be changed you ain't found the one yet coming up next for you going on so you have the tour yeah I'm doing a house arrest tour which we got a show out here September 26 at the Gotham comedy club well well me it's part of my thing because I don't really like going outside and stuff like that I'm a homebody plus too much stuff is going on you got super I do I do I just there's so much energy outside that I need to come home and feel like I'm at peace and that's like my safe hey you're a comedian don't like to go out you got to see the world what that's that's the problem with people yeah everybody gets take away no no no you people I'm in this phase in my life where I'm trying to heal myself and get my stuff together and I've learned that if I live the way everything that's happening to me right now and has been based on how I changed my life and my patterns so I don't have to go out seven days a week I can go out four days and I need a day or two to myself and maybe for the chick that I might be talking to so all you don't of me but you need that come down you need that come down that's what else you doing to help your healing therapy no not therapy I just I I'm doing stuff like I just met my dad for the first time and in May and that was like years of me just having being angry and you know filling all this stuff and so I met him and it turned out to be an amazing time how did that happen well you know I got drunk and I called him and all of a sudden the next day he was like I booked my plane ticket and I was like what plane ticket and he came out and he stayed for two weeks in my studio in my studio apartment and yeah well he he called me on my birthday didn't say happy birthday but then he came and baked me a cake even though he spelled my name wrong it was like seeing all these things of him trying it felt really good you know me did y'all hash out like all your differences like why you wasn't there that's what's dope about him are I literally was asked I filmed it I had like you know a little vlog that I did but I haven't edited yet but um I literally was able to ask him like yo who was up with why he'd do that to my mom's and he was like yo your mom's beautiful but you know I'm hoses out there I was like I'll show you I feel you got light eyes you know he had the curly curls and stuff like that back in the day so you know it was it was it was dope for him to be honest and and try what did your mom think about all that um you know my mom my mom is is all for me trying to better myself you know I'm saying my mom you know to be honest I've witnessed like abusive you know her being in abusive relationships and stuff like that so to even hear that my my dad didn't do that was kind of like already an opening of like relief you know so she's excited she's happy for me and you know what it painful what just to meet him yeah meet um reliving that whole what you didn't have just everything no I really feel like everything happens for a reason and I've been very fortunate to have some some good guys in my life and and and make it through and I'm still here and the fact that I got to see him before he passed and and you know get that together I'm happy I know your uncle's a fuck that no they like yo you got a whole new 15-20 minutes right there everything becomes a junkie it doesn't even matter man like that's new material I get to work on this it's hilarious this dude he was like taking me to get ice cream in the park he was like trying to relive for joining us Shantay Wayans you watch if you haven't seen the special make sure you please hattis presents Dave ready yep yep and how can people see the toy date so they know how to get this house arrest or everything is see Wayne's but but go to my website see Wayne's calm and you'll get to see all babies wear glasses I did then I got a little bit of money and got contacts already Shantay Wayne's it's the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]