Cheap Hoverboard Vs Expensive Hoverboard

- Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. Oh, (bleep). Okay. (funky techno music) - I've ridden a Segway once 10 years ago, but I've never ridden a hoverboard. - I've never ridden a hoverboard before. - Why are so many people doing this? - I hope I don't die. - Why can't you walk? - I really hope I don't fall. - I felt like an old lady. - I hope it doesn't start on fire. - I'm not into this new technology, why aren't these kids using their legs? - I'm guessing there's not gonna be a huge difference between the cheap and expensive one, except maybe the expensive one won't blow up. - I don't even know what a cheap one is like. Safety first, huh. - This looks like the one you see on the street all the time. - It's got like fake rims. - We're gonna be best friends. (bleep) it! - Oh, my god, you can't even stop it moving 'til I get the other foot on. - This is where I put my first, why do you keep doing that? (bleep) - Now I gotta just put my weight on there. Oh, (bleep). - I don't understand. - One foot spin trick technique. - What do I do? What do I do? - Wow, it's amazing how good people get at these. - This was supposed to be more fun. - If you were like the boss at work, when somebody was in trouble and you were gonna go yell at them, you could just like fold your arms and kinda just... - I definitely can see why so many people have fallen on their asses on these things. - Back it up, back it up, aye. I should bring this to the club. (upbeat techno music) (cash register chiming) - It's got heavier duty wheels, that's pretty nice. You could prolly go over some really bumpy pavement and hardly even notice it. - Strap in for this one, 'cause I'm a real speed freak. - It's a handlebar for your thighs. - [Man] Oh, this is smooth. - So this one is a lot easier to adjust to. - I could never walk again. - Ah. - Ah. Oh my god, okay, that was scary. - I don't feel myself back-and-forthing the way I did on the other one. - Oh no, I dropped my phone. Easy. - This little dance is fun. - Insert cool ballerina music. (classical piano music) La, la, la, la, la, la, la. - Three, two, one. Whoa! - Feel like if I'm rich, this is the only way that I'll wanna transport everywhere. - Just like, whatever. - If I was a kid, this is what I would've wanted for Christmas. This is probably the equivalent of the cool Furby that could talk and like, tell you that it loved you, when other's wouldn't. - Apparently, this one you can remote control from your phone. - Oo, there's a new firmware upgrade. - Whoa! - You don't even have to walk to your hoverboard, it'll come to you. - I can change the lights. - Oo, it changes colors depending on which way you turn. - So I wonder what I would really do with this, though. - Just to scare your coworkers. - Nice. - The future is here! - Be fun to put a baby on the top. - Come here, robot friend, to me. - Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. - My trusty steed. - If you weren't feeling lazy enough. - This is amazing. - Ooh. Ooh! - Okay this is basically just like a little car. - This is how I would do it. - Can I ride around the office like this? You can't stop me, I'm going to. - I could do this all day. - It's all about luxury. - It was be so (bleep) cool to do Mario Cart with this. - This thing tricks you into feeling like you have so much control, and then you accidentally lose control and it's all over. - Whoa! Got a little speed to her after all. Woo! - Slidin' into the DMs. - Hoverboards are awesome. - The Segway was way easier to ride. The remote control thing was kinda cool, but I have no idea what the practical application for that would be. - I will say, I think that the more expensive one was a smoother ride. - The small one was pretty hard to ride, I don't know how people do that, it's not easy. - These things are so fun that they would give you the temptation to never walk again. - With the cheaper one, I was kinda just flailing around, hoping that I wouldn't die. - Both hoverboards worked great. - I think if someone gave this to me as a gift, I would be all about it, but I don't really see it being that I'd buy on my own. - The feature of being able to control the Segway remotely was pretty sweet. Riding around in the chair was like, the most fun ever. - I mean, I can't afford either. So, what's the point? (flamenco music)