Cheapest Countries to live Living on 1000 a month LUXURIOUSLY

in a previous video I export ways that you could live on $49 per month which is the average Social Security payment that Americans receive however what I learned is that many people live on substantially less than that and I know that this is out of necessity for those people and I know that it can be a struggle to do if you live in the US or UK what if your monthly income is a thousand dollars or less is it possible to live comfortably in this case the good news is yes it is but if you want to live well without struggle you would be well-advised to expand your horizons and consider living in another country where the cost of living is substantially less than that in the US or UK but where in the world can you live safely and joyfully on a thousand dollars a month I looked at 32 different countries that are on multiple lists of the best countries to retirement and after examining all the costs health care safety entertainment and ease of getting a visa I've come up with a list of the five best countries that you should consider moving to if you want to live well on $1,000 per month or less the results are coming up right now I know that many Americans have never even left their own state let alone the country so this can be a scary move because of the many unknowns and questions that come to mind such as well I have to learn a new language will it be safe what are the visa requirements which city should I live in and what will I need to budget I've done the research by gathering and analyzing the data on the top 32 countries and here the best five in alphabetical org [Music] Bolivia if you're looking for a country that gives you big bang for your buck it would be tough to beat Bolivia although it's landlocked in a corner behind the Pacific Ocean facing Peru and Chile Bolivia is probably the cheapest place to live in South America Bolivia has the largest Native American population in South America and of course it's the Native Americans who invented the frugal lifestyle farming is the main occupation of Bolivians although only 10 percent of the country is fertile Cochabamba is a popular choice among expats who want a slow lifestyle and access to some of the comforts of home eating out is very affordable here you can find restaurants serving fried or rotisserie chicken with rice and fries for about a buck fifty to two dollars and beer for seventy-five cents not only is the food affordable but also a health care in the real estate you can live in a detached house for $500 a month in rent that same home would cost two thousand dollars and up in almost any US city the main drawback to Bolivia is that you'll need to learn Spanish to get around and English is not widely spoken it in addition about a third of the population speaks other Native American languages only to retire here you'll need to apply for something called a specific purpose visa and have to pony up 160 dollars for this to the government they also require a letter stating your intentions proof of your financial situations and a police record check you can usually renew this visa every two or five years depending on the type here's a realistic outline of your Bolivian budget and this even includes entertainment Cambodia is centrally located in Asia and is a country that has seen an economic boom for the last 15 years largely due to tourism to the world-renowned temples for Angkor Wat you might be initially attracted to these temples or the Buddhist values and lifestyles of its people but it's the cost of living that's really going to win you over Cambodia will allow you to upgrade your lifestyle to luxurious and a modest budget people tend to imagine Cambodia as a total departure from the Western world but that's not actually true there are lots of Western influences from foods to restaurants to movies many expats say they can live very comfortably on a thousand dollars a month in fact a lot of expats even have housekeepers on this budget this is something only the rich have in the US or UK but in Cambodia you can have a house cleaner for as little as $40 a month the city of Siem Reap would be a good choice it's easy to get around here especially on a motorbike most places have a reliable Wi-Fi it's small so most foreigners who live here for more than a few months end up knowing each other another big advantage to Siem Reap is that English is widely understood and spoken here by almost all educated people the where though that this is one of the cheapest places in the world but it's also one of the hottest it can get scorching hot in the summer so if that's something you can't stand then avoid this place if you want to move to Cambodia you'll have to apply for a business visa at a cost of $35 now once you have this you can extend it on an ongoing basis indefinitely here's a realistic budget for Cambodia [Music] Nicaragua is the largest nation in land size in Central America but until recently its neighbors Costa Rica and Guatemala had been the more popular choice for expats not anymore though because although Nicaragua remains poor there have been big improvements in infrastructure there's now great health care little traffic warm people and a low cost of living a single person can easily live here around $1,000 a month and a couple could comfortably live here for $15 a month Nicaragua has beaches colonial towns jungles and bustling city centers pretty much anything for anybody if you're a surfer you'll have some of the best waves in the world if you're looking for somewhere to live in the Americas on a budget or good quality of life you're not going to do much better than Nicaragua one of the drawbacks is that it's going to be helpful for you to learn Spanish but many expats prefer to live in Grenada or San Juan del Sur where local speaks some English one of the big advantages of Nicaragua is that if you want to move here the government offers you incentives so as a retiree any money earned outside of Nicaragua is tax-free you can get a residency visa for five years with the ability to renew so there's no checking in required every month here's a realistic budget for Nicaragua [Music] [Music] Philippines is perhaps the cheapest english-speaking country in the world English is widely spoken and understood here so it's great for those that don't want to learn a new language the capital Manila is one of the biggest and most trafficked choked cities in the world so it may be a part of the country you want to avoid however there are a lot of smaller and more pleasant cities you could move to you've got plenty of beautiful islands to choose from taggart a is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines and actually it's not so expensive to live there with its great scenery friendly locals beautiful cow lake you can live in a spot where vacationers go compared to other cities and towns in the Philippines Taggart a is going to be one of the more expensive places but it's still affordable if you want to move here you'll have to get something called a special resident retiree visa or s rrv to get this if you're 50 or older they require a deposit of ten thousand dollars in a philippine bank but that money can be used towards an apartment as a minimum price of fifty thousand dollars and you have to show that you have a monthly pension of at least a thousand dollars but this visa will allow you to stay as long as you want to travel in and out of the country freely here's a realistic budget for the Philippines [Music] [Music] Vietnam most people who grew up in the 60s and 70s may find this hard to imagine but Ho Chi Minh City formerly Saigon is now a real hotbed for digital nomads and entrepreneurs there is cheap rent fast internet great food and cheap beer lots of foreigners live here and rave about it many don't even have a kitchen because it's so cheap to eat out all the time and there are lots of short term furnished apartments rentals that come with towels and a maid you can live here on a tourist visa more easily and cheaply than in Thailand which is another popular expat spot Viet Nam's most expensive cities Ho Chi Minh City followed by Hanoi but if you live outside these two largest cities in places like Danang or high-end prices will be much lower it will have fewer Western amenities Danang is the third largest city in vietnam and a great option to establish your home base the nang location is also part of its appeal because it's equidistant between Hanoi in Ho Chi Minh City and it is the designated tourism jewel of Vietnam with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites nearby another advantage with Vietnam is that while English is not the official language it is spoken and understood by most residents Healthcare is an area of concern you can use Healthcare is good but for basic needs only the country doesn't score high for specialized care or surgeries so that's something to consider if you want to move here Vietnam doesn't have a retirement visa but US citizens can get the 1-year multiple-entry visa that will have to be renewed the big drawback is that it requires you to leave the country every 90 days most foreigners who live here take a trip abroad every 90 days called a visa run before their current visa expires and you can make an unlimited number of visa runs and several budget carriers offer flights to popular spots like Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur just for this purpose here's a realistic budget for Vietnam my analysis showed this to be the five best countries but what do you think of this list which countries are your favorites are there other countries that you wish I would have talked about I'll see you in the comments below Arvind ah share if you like our videos please support us by subscribing subscribing cost you nothing it just means that you're going to be informed whenever we put up a new video we make about one three videos a week we'll see you in the next video [Music]