Chert Identification Rocks for Sparks

the Swiss is something for contrast here jonbi over she walked Bailey was talking to grouchy dude at our last meet and greet and you know some of us are guilty of making assumptions about other people and not character wise but you know just based on ourselves or whatever I assume that everybody knew what Flint look like Flint the church well I was wrong I assumed everybody knew how to pick it up off the ground and make something out of it her you know spotted each one of these rocks that you're looking at were laying in the dirt and I was able to spot what they were as I was walking by because I know what I'm looking for if you know what you're looking for it make sense if all you've ever seen is the inside of a fleck nodule how are you supposed to know what the outside they look completely different if you don't know what the outside of church looks like are you supposed to know what the inside of the club two of the old rock first glance of the top piece of concrete or sedimentary off let's play on the ends up that if it was laying in the caliche road could be hard to spot that there's anything but another faceplates makes you pretty decent piece of point it's not the best it's got some cracks in you'll still do a job big nut peace Church a little nasty wrong turn zoom in in this little bit I'll deal with the fact that I'm probably wanted to edit some of the sound make educational video [Music] that glassy on winter glassy meat hard for multiple choppy on the outside and this one you can see that I'm gonna cheat a little bit because I could see the a point you can do but the the plant and the church will both be really smooth after their broken they'll almost have a glassy Sheen - lets get a chalky looking outside glossy hard actually one of my homes really if you find a lot of the local quality flying around here but it's actually pretty rare you it's white turf like that yeah you see the gloss on that no I haven't tried to throw its park position this one okay I mean I've actually picked it up thinking I've spotted about confession time on this then I flipped it over it wasn't alone it's really dark in this hub inside already Sadie the one-eyed late money that is going throw us part you know the piece of white turn the clock ruff got a glassy on their glass into come inside that's some of what you're looking for on this is probably this one in this one because of the sheen that they have the really the glass here they look the harder they are so in theory the more they'll cut into the sentence deal on the Flint the steel and make this part we move y'all back out and we'll try to throw some sparks on all about the rest of you YouTube creators but whenever I try to show something always wind up not being what made it happen do it off camera like there's nobody's business but trying to do a demonstration next thing you know you can pull the lose every motive kill you add see ya this start with crappiest one first essence actually pretty rough it's it should work getting it Missy camera zoom better I get better looking smart what's actually happy but see this and it's coming apart because it's got all the cracks in it but for didn't you fire start in the evening to its part it comes apart all over your leather piece that white shirt part to come off the it wave after no no he says and then he can't get no spark to crack the pieces still it's too short floor and on the day you got this piece of church q-see the heart of the rock is the matter that's fun not an exact science anyways so that's that chalk the outside it's not throwing sport popped at all [Music] you teach that doctor sparks with rocks see all this powder that accumulated here you need to know how to replace your rock and I've seen people build these kits with these little tiny pieces of Flint we've chaired or whatever that's great but this piece here and when I started with it might be good for ten fires and then it's gonna be so chipped down and stuff that I'm I'm gonna hold onto them this one will last longer because it throws more spark and it's actually better quality but don't carry a little tiny drop okay one because you have to have a sharp edge see like a year up don't let nothing get that's part but if you're actually trying to make the fire you want a sharp edge so I would actually be taking my steel and chipping an edge either to sharp edge right there and I'm gonna get it but I'm be chipping it so there'd be a sharp edge to strike on there was a crack in there cuz you have to hit it a lot of times very seldom is it the first rattle out of the box that you get a spark but anyway Rock identification chalky utter chaos ninja chocolate announcer go and see inside this is a really high-quality piece this one's more chalk the outside coffee Choki you gonna be able to find this down there this is going to be down there where your cloth hands drop you look outside this actually has some a little bit of iron oxide inclusion [Music] ah I have to look your name up on the channel here's a guy that can take rusty looking rocks and make a sport I keep ie that you ain't that good yeah hope this helps I guess I'm trying to tell you how to get around and get outside and play with rocks mm-hmm this is like my new favorite way to start a fire hits that's fun I mean cigarette lighter faster feral rods better than this but this is fun it's a whole lot less work than friction fire friction fire work you dead all day