ChickfilA Manager Saves Unconscious Customer


Inside Edition


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from serving nuggets to saving lives this chick-fil-a manager in California is being hailed as a hero he was working the drive-through when he noticed an unconscious man next to a car the manager who's an aspiring nurse sprinted across the parking lot and sprung into action performing CPR after doing compressions for a solid two minutes had his friend take over for a little bit taught him how to do it as well the paramedics showed up and you were able to save the guy's the man survived and was taken by paramedics but the manager was told if it wasn't for his quick response the customer may not have made it his chick-fil-a restaurant posted on Facebook he quote made us proud and said the incident was confirmation of his calling to become an RN classes start next year and let's just say seems like he fulfilled his prerequisites for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Lisa Voight aqui